Saturday, October 31, 2020

I spent today on the mend.  

My headache and nausea were mostly gone and I had a small appetite, though I still slept away the afternoon.  With a little luck I'll be back to normal tomorrow.

 Yesterday was, as expected, a wasted day.  

My afternoon was spent in bed, dozing.  By dinner time I still hadn't eaten anything, but "forced" myself to eat a bowl of chicken noodle soup for dinner.  Afterward I dozed on the couch catching some of the Robin Williams documentary Come Inside My Mind. 

This intimate portrait examines the career, life, artistry and legacy of one of the world's most beloved and inventive comedians. Told largely through Robin's own voice, using a wealth of never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with his closest confidants, the film examines his extraordinary career and reveals the spark of madness that drove him.

Alex went duck hunting yesterday with a friend, and they got ten, of different varieties.  I felt sorry for the ducks - but no doubt will enjoy the duck feast Alex will provide for us.  

Despite so much sleep yesterday afternoon and evening, I did manage to sleep much of the night.  My headache, now on Day 3, has receded considerably, and the nausea has also backed off.  

Yesterday I had advised Alex I wouldn't be joining him after all for the Breast Cancer Walk this morning ~

freeing him up to do the entire hike to the top with his friends.


I was surprised that when he checked in on me this morning he was at home, having skipped the hike himself.  He'd mentioned a bike thing happening mid-morning today, and timing between the two events was going to be tight.

He then popped over here to deliver a bottle of water Gabby had treated with electrolytes.  It's a nice fruity flavor, so I shouldn't have much difficulty sipping away on it.  Yesterday I knew I needed to keep hydrated, yet it was still difficult for me to get down more than a couple of sips of water at a time.

Obviously I have NO plans for today.  

We rarely get trick-or-treaters (and this year will keep the porch light off) but I'm guessing we should have something on hand just in case Ben & Estera bring their kiddos over to show off their costumes. 

This was Alex's "I'm 12 days old" attire.

 Tom made a grocery run yesterday 

but I don't know if he thought to grab some candy.

Friday, October 30, 2020

 I did wake up early again 

but at least I seemed to have dozed on/off between 4-6 this morning. 

 Unfortunately yesterday's headache is still with me, making me a bit queasy.  

On the plus side, food doesn't sound all that appealing today.

Have done a little yardwork this morning, but in truth 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

On this morning's run to the hardware store I scored the last small tublet of cement crack filler, and tomorrow plan to begin filling in various spaces that I've carefully cleaned out.  

On the way home I swung by the tire place to get aired up.  With all the windows rolled down Brownie easily was able to supervise the entire procedure, and (as a bonus) get a pet from the guy doing it. 

After I'd detailed the car interior the other day, the dirty windows (nose prints inside, water spots outside) looked even worse by comparison.  So when we got home I parked in the driveway and swiftly took care of that.

My new wallet is now filled, though it was a bit of a struggle to slip my credit cards into the tight slots.  No doubt they'll loosen up in time, but I expect to have to fight with them for a while.

Recently I noticed that the nearby Panini restaurant I liked so much (at Bell & 35th) sadly had closed.  Inside my wallet was a gift card from there that has about $10 remaining on it, which of course now I won't get to use.

Before tossing the old wallet I did a final check of all the nooks and crannies of my old wallet, and found the MIA feather earring!

I badly needed to update the emergency info paper I keep in my wallet (it had all sorts of hand-written corrections) which was easy to do.  But GUESS what happened when I attempted to print it...

After a couple of unsuccessful tries I got Alex to take a look.  His first suggestion was to bring the laptop into the room where the printer is (which didn't help) and then turn printer off and then on again (which also didn't help.) 


Alex spent a while on trying various things before he discovered the actual problem: my laptop wasn't connected to the Internet.  That had never occurred to me since I'd JUST been on it.

Now the printing is complete, 
and the updated Emergency Info now tucked into my wallet.

Tom took advantage of the beautiful day to do more weed-eating.
It sure makes a huge difference!

 Up at 4:30 today...

so again had to wait a few hours for it to get light enough to soak (chatted with Mom while I did that) and then do some yardwork.  

I still haven't 'found time' <g> to go through my stack of pants in order to see what will fit now that I've shed ten pounds, but when getting dressed this morning I pulled out a favorite pair of black jeans. Though that pair has been 'dormant' for a while, I have been dreaming of the day I could wear it again...

And today that 'dream' came true!

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Cheri asking for a favor since she was housebound with a bad leg: buying a birthday gift for her niece.  According to the e-mail she'd tried to do it on-line but hadn't been successful, and we communicated back and forth via e-mail.  

At least I thought it was her - but when I called last evening to confirm the details (before laying out $ for a pricey purchase today) it turned out her mail had been hacked; dozens of people in her address book had gotten that message.  

I was relieved hear that she is just fine, and wonder about the scam.  
How would a hacker benefit if I go buy some gift cards at a store?

She ended up spending considerable time on the phone yesterday trying to discover how and by whom she'd been hacked ("because what else do I have to do, right")  But she did note the positive side of the situation, that she had heard from many people, all concerned out her leg issues. 

She was especially appreciative of the many offers of help from those with whom she hadn't been in contact for some time.

Now that the hardware store will be open I can pop over and pick up a tub of cement crack filler. It's cool enough for Brownie to ride shotgun (and remain in the car while I pop in) but he still doesn't get to drive.

Then when we get home I can transfer stuff into my new wallet, which was just delivered a minute ago.   It's a little larger than my old one, so everything should fit!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

 I was working out front when Alex was leaving for the gym at 2:00.  He offered to hike when he got home, but I'd gotten really tired and told him I'd pass - and ended up crawling into bed and taking a nap. 

We are both cold. 

So soup was very welcome at dinner.  

Currently I'm on the heating pad (while wearing a sweater and socks)

and Tom has crawled into bed to get warm and read.

 It got chilly in the house last night, and I was sorry I didn't have a blanket on the bed.  Then when I got up at 5:00 this morning the thermostat showed that it was only in the mid-60s inside - so I needed to turn on the heat (!) for a bit to take off the chill.

Later, when I started up the car to head to the dentist, 
the "check tire pressure" message popped up. 

Today's appointment to have a crown made went well; 
the only 'real' pain I experienced was when it was time to pay.   

None of my other teeth are currently on the dentist's "watch" list, which means I shouldn't need another crown in the foreseeable future.  (And no, that is NOT a challenge to the Universe! <g>)

I did make a run to Costco, but that foray was not terribly successful.  First it turned out that Alex, the primary on the account, needs to be there to add Tom/me to the account despite the paperwork I had with me.  

Then the only TP available (and they had an entire aisle of it) was a wide variety, which likely won't fit on our TP holders.

No word from Alex about a possible hike this afternoon.

But just it case a hike ends up on the agenda, I should go make some lunch!