Monday, January 31, 2022

 Got my iPhone this afternoon (Alex went along to help) and am on my way to being able to use it. Took my first selfie in truck on the way home.

Of course I still need help with some of the basics

and wish Alex had patience with me...  

 At PT I was able to up the speed on the treadmill a bit; 2.1 mph was okay, but at 2.2 the limp made a comeback so I had to drop back.  My hope is to notch up the speed each week. I also doubled the time, from 10 to 20 minutes, so it was nice to have fewer exercises to do overall.

I'm making progress on the quilt.  Since I'm planning a 6" border all the way around that will add another foot to the length.  Maybe I don't need another row after all?  Will have to measure Tom later.

In a bit off to Verizon to (MAYBE?) finally get my iPhone.  

Sunday, January 30, 2022

 JoAn and I had a delightful day at the Wickenburg quilt show yesterday.  She certainly enjoyed my stories, but when I asked for some of hers, she said mine were better.  

One the drive home I shared the one about the horse trailer incident - and it was a LONG time before she stopped laughing at that one. 

Naturally I took lots of quilt pix (I'll post some at the end) and while I bought my usual $20 of tickets for the various baskets, the third time was not the charm.  I didn't win anything.

There was one quilt that would be perfect 

for some jellyrolls I've been saving.

Drafting the pattern is certainly do-able - which is what I told Jan, a woman who was also admiring the quilt but wondering if she could figure it out herself from a photo.  

So it was a bonus when I found Linda (name tags are so helpful) manning the consignment booth up on the stage. (While I wasn't planning to buy anything yesterday <G> I still "needed' to stroll past all the tables of goodies after I'd viewed the show.)

It was stroke of luck I noticed that my new friend Jan was also browsing up on the stage, so I instructed Linda "don't go anywhere" <g> and brought Jan over. The Mossy Radiation pattern is from an old magazine, and while that's not available anymore Linda's going to e-mail a copy of the pattern to Jan and me.

On one of the tables were bags stuffed full of scraps, and which were a bargain even at their original prices.  But when it turned out everything had been marked down to half-price (I understand how the ladies wanted to avoid schlepping things back home) how could I pass up the three that caught my eye?  

'Strips and Rectangles' were originally $5 

and the 'Small Scraps' had started out at $2 and $3.

So for $5 I now have more goodies to sort through (just when I'd finally gotten all my tubs of scraps sorted!)  Obviously I do need additional tubs...

I also like the red zig zap strip border on this quilt, so that could show up on one of mine down the road. Do have to admit that I was not that thrilled with some of the colors she used; the yellow just doesn't seem to go with the turquoise.  And that was exactly what Jan, who was also checking out that quilt, muttered under her breath.  She and I were obviously on the same page.

This morning I was all set to sew last block onto row 4 (and then maybe sew the four rows together today, even though it looks like I'll need a row 5 for length) but discovered one NE corner block was wrong.  That meant a date with Jack, after which I went to soak.

And now, as a reward for reading this post, scroll past the warning sign 
for more of yesterday's quilts. 

And here's one for Tom...

Friday, January 28, 2022

 Tom was in/out in an hour yesterday morning, so as it turns out I COULD have kept my PT appointment after all.  Called that right!

The new mouse that Alex got for me died (I tried several different batteries) so I made a trip to Target to purchase a new one.  But after thinking about it I began to suspect that it's the computer slot.  Even though I had tried re-seating the mouse 'thingie' that goes into the USB slot, I decided to try that again this morning - and (so far, at least!) the mouse is working.  Glad I didn't open the one I bought yesterday, because now I can return it for a refund.

I'm quail-sitting again since Alex left yesterday to ride at Glamis ("renowned for its expansive and exciting sand dunes"for a few days.  In addition to feeding/watering the birds, I do have an added responsibility this time: turning the eggs (he found a third one) inside the incubator twice a day.  

He loaded his mattress into the back of the pick-up for comfier camping, so now that's out of the garage - and I told him I have a strict NO RETURN policy!

Marco was a no-show at the gym today, even though I had called the gym Wednesday (after getting his message on the home phone) to pass on my message that Tuesdays and Fridays @ 10:00 work well for me.  Grace (manager for the personal trainers) checked her computer and confirmed that I am on his schedule for next Tuesday and Friday.  She also gave me his cell phone number (he mentioned doing that, but it hadn't happened) so from now on I'll be able to contact him directly. 

Did do 5 minutes on the elliptical (still gets my heart rate way up there) for my warm-up before our session, but that was it for today's "workout".

Gassed up on the way home, so I'm all set to head to Wickenburg's quilt show tomorrow.  

Carol can't make it but JoAnn is going to tag along, and I'm still waiting to hear from Lynn.  The four of us had certainly enjoyed the AQG Fun Day.

Made my plane reservations for Maryland the end of March
Unlike this dog, Brownie will not be going along.  

I was waiting until I could check with Marilyn to see if she's still thinking about flying in for Allen's 100th birthday party.  

I thought it would be nice to coordinate and fly in the same day so Andy or Sandy would only have to make one trip to BWI.  Unfortunately Marilyn is still waiting on medical tests, and decisions about what to do regarding her very unhappy knees.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

 At Busy Bees yesterday, I presented the Precision <g> Sewing Tip  - 

somewhat funny for those who know me!

It had to do with a handy dandy marking on the Creative Grid ruler NONE of us had ever noticed!

But as expected, the ladies loved my contribution to Show & Tell!

I made a quick stop at Walgreens on the way home, and finally found my vitamins.  

I was beginning to wonder if it had been discontinued when none of my usual places (Target, Winco, and Walmart) had the capsules.  They did have them in the gummy "format", but I'm 'pretty sure' <g> that I already get enough sugar in my diet!

I came home to a phone message, from Marco, on the home machine.  He can see me on Tuesdays AND Fridays - and even at my first choice time slot of 10:00.  My body should be happy to get back into a regular routine.  After Tuesday's multiple sets of squats I was definitely sore again yesterday.

Also surprised at how little I slept last night.  I never actually napped yesterday (though I came REALLY close to doing so) yet I was still wide-awake (and watching Outlander) at almost midnight last night.  At that point I took something, though was a bit concerned about sleeping 'too late' this morning; need to leave the house a little after 7 to take Tom for his last back procedure.  So it was very surprising to find myself wide awake around 3:00.

Did a little work on the quilt this morning 
since I don't expect to get much done as the day wears on.