Wednesday, June 30, 2021

I'm getting around fairly well on just one crutch these days, so yesterday morning I did a little weeding out front.  I concentrated on the tall weeds, and (though all of Sunday's water had already been absorbed by the thirsty ground) most of the them pulled out easily, with their roots intact. 

In the backyard I scraped dirt and weeds out one of the 'cracks', then dosed it liberally with vinegar to discourage future growth.  Of course when I got into the pool to cool off I also scooped the latest crop of leaves out of the pool.

Since my foot was sore from the workout at PT on Monday, Jim thought it prudent to do upper body again instead.  I did let him know that I'll be missing my next two sessions: next Sunday is the 4th of July (though the gym will be open, we'll be celebrating Tom's birthday) and next Tuesday I'll be having PT (they will be closed on Monday, my usual day, for the holiday.)

Alex gave Brownie a bath yesterday, and now his coat looks and feels spiffy - 

and he certainly smells better!  

Alex reported that the bath water had turned really dirty - 

and there was a lot of hair left behind in the tub when I cleaned up afterward.

I'm hoping that together Alex and I can get that perfect photo of Brownie
 to use with my gift certificate - before it expires!

Today was another 4:30 morning.  Sigh...  

At least I have plenty of time <lol> 

to get some things done around the house 

before heading off to quilting.  

It's Charity Day at Foothills, and I plan to help out by making up some kits.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

 Of course Wanda's birthday lunch yesterday at Claim Jumper was fun!  

We ate well, and as you can see we even had leftovers to bring home.

I brought along my birthday glasses (which still light up!) 

for a birthday girl photo op.

Despite the "late" hour <g> PT went well in the late afternoon, with Ryan upping the weights on some of the machines.  And then he and I walked three circuits about the facility - but without him needing to use the gait belt!  

I'm definitely making progress!

Woke up way too early this morning (when it wasn't really light out) and my foot is sore after all my hard work yesterday.  That has me wondering how today's session at the gym will go, because it is Leg Day.

Monday, June 28, 2021

As of yesterday 

I'm still a little behind on my upper body weights/reps at the gym. 

Irrigation did NOT go as hoped yesterday.

Our water was almost half an hour late - though of course WE still needed to release it as scheduled.   In an effort to force more of the water to the south-facing front yard, Tom cut off water to the Back 40 for most of the remaining 90 minutes.  So while the bottlebrush tree got a little, most of the oleander hedge went without.  

Once again (and not 'just' for the second, or even third, time!) it was the fault of the people up-ditch, who were out of town but apparently made no effort to have someone take care of their WMID responsibilities.   

With the ground as parched as it was 

the water understandably soaked in quickly; this morning there is no standing water out front (and just a little out back in some low spots.) 

On a happier note, Andy and Sandy called yesterday just to chat.  

And while there wasn't a whole lot of news on either end -

I was thrilled to be able to tell them of my foot progress!

Sandy liked the "just because" pig pot I sent her.  
I'm looking forward to see what she plants in it.

What an adorable surprise!!! Thank you, Bobbi. It will make me smile every day.

I have Wanda's birthday lunch today, so PT had to be rescheduled for late afternoon.  That's not my most productive time of the day (plus my foot is sore after all the 'walking' around the house that I've been doing on it) so it should be interesting <g> to see how that goes!

Sunday, June 27, 2021

While 4:30 was certainly too early to be up for the day, 
it was also too late <sigh> to take something to go back to sleep.

I'm still sore this morning - so hoping we'll do upper body at the gym today!

I'm very excited that this afternoon 
we will be getting MUCH needed (and long awaited) irrigation!!!

Here's a better shot of yesterday's pink and purple fabrics - 
though sadly it's still somewhat difficult to see the purple pattern.

Now it's time to get some things accomplished 
before I tire myself out at the gym!

Saturday, June 26, 2021

I fed Brownie before I headed to the doctor yesterday - 

but forgot to mention that to Tom.  

When I arrived back home (after 3:00, as I'd expected) Tom had just set some out - but since Brownie hadn't yet dived into it I was able to 'rescue' it and pop it into the fridge.  

I had wondered if Brownie would enjoy his chilled lunch when I fed him this afternoon...

and at first he did seem puzzled by it. 

Understandably I did not want to be up for the day at 3:30 am, so popped a pill - and then slept until almost 8:00!

At 8:30 I dropped off my car for its remaining three new tires and alignment, along with a case of Robert's preferred flavor of RockStar.  New shoes should make it as happy as this boy during WWII in Austria.

Much of the rest of today has been spent continuing to work on another scrap quilt,  
though there's been no real plan.

I've simply been adding things (including some orphan strip blocks) around the center practice bargello piece from a few years ago.  I like the pink and purple fabrics on the (current) outside borders, though they don't show their true colors in this pic. 

Friday, June 25, 2021

Yes, as a matter of fact I AM sore today! 

But despite that I still managed additional mucking in my sewing area. And while I certainly continue to see progress with that daunting 'project' (and at least I keep finding 'lost' things!), Tom is not likely to notice.

During breaks worked on an evolving WIP I'd recently uncovered.
 I'm thinking I'll name it When Life Gives You Scraps ~ 

and when it's completed I can donate it for Ramona's benefit auction.  
Marcela is hoping I'll make it to California for a visit then. 

That big event is 9/25/2021.  I'll hold one seat at the table for you...  until I hear otherwise.

That depends on a number of factors, but (first and foremost!) whether I'm walking well.

Off to see the doctor shortly, 
when I will finally have some good news for him regarding my foot!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

 Ryan, along with everyone else at PT tody, was happy to see that all my hard work has paid off.  Now that I can (finally!) bear some weight on my foot he changed up my program, adding four new exercises while 86-ing a number of others. 

We started off today's session with a long (and admittedly slow) walk around the premises, though naturally with him holding on to the gait belt around my waist.  At the end of today he warned me that I "may" be sore tomorrow, but hoping to mitigate that somewhat he prescribed heat instead of ice.

After swinging by the library afterward, dropping off and picking up, I celebrated with ice cream while I relaxed on the couch with a movie, Hart's War.  But no surprise that I was so tuckered out that I ended up taking a pre-dinner nap.

Happily it didn't take as long as Nicole as she thought to find us a Friday slot; the house gets its first much-needed cleaning in a week, on July 2.