Wednesday, July 31, 2019

I did a little more trail work this morning.  It was a little trickier with a vehicle parked in front of gravel pile, but at least now all of the really bad spots are filled in.

Brownie twisted Mojo's paw to stay another day 
so they can keep having fun -

so of course Cat has to stay also.  Look how depressed she is at the thought...

The pooches continued having lots more fun playing this morning.  When I commented about how much difficulty I was having getting a decent pic of them doing that, someone suggested I snap some video -  

though (naturally) as soon as I started filming they quit playing.

Not sure if Brownie got Mojo to join him on the upper part of the yard -

but I finally got some shots of him up there.

Today is Swimming Pool cleaning day, so the Party Pool was a happening place.  There were lots of kids 'diving' for the treasure rocks, but they were all very respectful of the rest of us relaxing and soaking.  I shared my trail mix - and in return was the recipient of a wonderful foot massage from a couple of them.

On my way past the swimming pool I noticed that my green chair was MIA and thought someone had appropriated it for their campsite.  Turned out it was on the Lost & Found picnic table.  I haven't been to the pool in several days, so I guess Joe thought it had been abandoned.

Chatting with Scott I got a book rec that sounds like a good possibility 
for one of Tom's holiday gifts.

Before Michael arrived this morning Terry tucked in the foam roof insulation so it's all ready for a final piece of trim. 

Today, however, she and Michael are working on the tile, starting in the bathroom.

Book Club on Monday evening at Deb's was delightful.  Love her house (I'd been there before, a few summers ago) and all of her plants.  We enjoyed a wonderful potluck (as Becky remarked, "Why can't we eat like this every night?") and had a good discussion of the book.  My rendition of Robert Service's My Madonna fit right in after a mention of a particular episode in the book, and was well-received.

Despite my afternoon cup of coffee I got a full night's sleep (did take one of my 'more serious' sleep aids) and yesterday morning did some additional work on the trail.  It's definitely coming along.  

Terry had left for town yesterday about an hour before Hilda and I did.  I'd finally gotten around to attaching the dash mat in the morning (after the Velcro had waited patiently in a little baggie underneath the mat all these years.)  Now the mat stays put on that 8 miles of washboard road.  

We arrived at Robin's right on schedule, exactly at 12:30, and Terry had just pulled in.  What timing!

We opted to eat out on the back patio, riverside.

I chowed down on a delicious burger and fries - and was SO stuffed afterward that not only didn't I eat anything else yesterday but I'm not hungry yet this morning!

After lunch Terry ran more errands while Hilda and I were off to have fun.  First stop was Hodge Podge, a combination gift store and fabric shop.  Like last year, I found a book to bring home and (anyone surprised?) some fabric I "needed".

Our next stop was the Bungle Jungle, which I knew Hilda would enjoy.   

I was able to snag a parking spot right out front as a car was leaving.  Unfortunately after we got out I discovered that they are closed on Tuesdays o all we could do was peer through the window.

By then it was starting to rain, so we headed home. Late in the afternoon Cat (from Tulsa) arrived for a one-night stay with her new rescue Mojo.  

It took Mojo a few minutes to relax in a new place, but then the two pooches had an absolute blast running around and playing together.  I tried to get a picture, but they were just too animated.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Cheryl returned this afternoon.  She'll take care of Neil while we're at Book Club this evening, and then when we're in town tomorrow.

I grabbed another soak this afternoon, this time at the Party Pool, where there were quite a few parents taking advantage of their kids being at Science Camp.  <g>  

One woman (who I didn't recognize) remembered me from last year: my name, that I live in Arizona, that I'd been a teacher, etc.  I was certainly impressed!

Brownie was his usual big hit, behaving himself - at least until this deer showed up.  She simply ignored his barking, and grazed along the edge of the pool.

On the walk back home he got to bark at another deer, 
who also pretty much ignored him.

More bumper stickers for my "collection":

I'd been hearing about this 9-week-old puppy that Marie and Ruby are thinking of adopting.  Of course it's cute... puppies only come in cute!

Lots of parents were congregating at the Welcome Center waiting to pick up their kids from camp, and there were a number of dogs with them.  I'd visited with 2-year-old Arlo and his parents up at the pool, but Ursa had not been up there with them.  They're waiting to collect 6-year-old big brother Adna from camp. 

Another sniffing marathon, though we were not properly introduced.

It's threatening to rain, but I hope it holds off long enough for me to take Brownie for a good walk before we leave around 6:00.  He's going to spend the evening in my bedroom so Cheryl won't have to worry about interactions with Shadow!

Along with various housekeeping tasks this morning I made time for some trail repair on the path from the house up to the road.  During rainstorms water from the road likes to rush down it, and it had washed out in several places.  

While the uneven path is not a problem during the day, when I take Brownie for his walk at bedtime it can be tricky even with my flashlight.  So today I laid some rocks, dirt, and gravel to "encourage" the water to find a different path into the weeds -

and also filled in the eroded gullies along the path.  

Now I just have to wait for the next rain to see how my construction skills fare, 
and whether I correctly figured the path of the water.

And speaking of walking Brownie, the dog bag that I bought in Prescott last month has turned out to be very handy here.  It easily holds poop bags and my little flashlight, and also has room for my camera for those daytime walks.  And once back home I'll be able to pop in my house keys and even a bottle of water.

Is it time for a walk?

Book Club is tonight, so to help me stay awake 
I've just had an afternoon cup of coffee.

The second session of Science Camp runs this week.  Last week it was for locals from Alamosa, this week it's the OLT/Valley View kids.  The camp is free, and of course space is limited.  When registration opened on the OLT site some months ago, spaces filled up that first day (and, rumor has it, in just 9 minutes.)  It's a wonderful program, so too bad it hadn't yet started when Lisa and Alex were young.

It was no surprise  that the swimming pool was a happening place yesterday with all the kids here for camp, and last evening when I was returning from dropping off Michael I passed a string of cars heading to the ranch for orientation.

This morning there were a number of camp attendees in the Apple Pool, including these brothers.

Brownie wanted his picture taken... 

I noticed this happy roof rack on my walk back to the house.