Thursday, September 30, 2021

Sprinkling before dinner, with a side of rainbow. 

The cooler weather has affected my tires - had to get air today.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

It's still dark at 4:30 this time of year, so I had time to catch up on the computer before it got light enough for pool duty around 6:00.  I had just gotten Creepy running when I made another pool rescue.

Don't know how long it'd been swimming along the edge, looking (in vain) for a way out, but it seemed tired and was more than happy to just sit in my hand while I went inside for my camera.  I released him by the gate in the Back 40 without Brownie's 'help', just in case it is one of the toxic-to-dogs type.  At that point, and before I could get a good shot, it hopped off into the grass.

Now it's time to put borders on a couple of the charity quilts ~

though nothing too fancy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

 Because we cut back on some of BFR exercises at PT yesterday, my foot did not regress throughout the day, and also seems fine today.  

I did, however, start a headache last night, which kept me up during the night despite Tylenol and two  zolpidem.  So I was really dragging this morning, so much so that (for only the second time) I cancelled the gym with Jim.

Tami called today, and we chatted for over 90 minutes catching up on things.  We've tentatively scheduled a weekend in January for her to come for a visit so I can help her quilt her table runner.

I had hoped to put the fourth inner border on the quilt today once I perked up - but that never happened.  Also didn't have much of an appetite all day, and took a nap.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

I did get the center of the top assembled.

But while I've been thinking about possibilities for the borders, 
I'm not likely to actually do any more sewing today.

 Though I've been sleeping reasonably well lately, yesterday (and today) I woke really early.  Sure do miss getting a good night's sleep!

After I dropped off Carol's empty tub (so she can fill it up again before the movers come on Wednesday) and gassed up (prices remain high, so I'm not at all sad that I'm not driving any distance of note these days) I picked up Wanda for our trip to TOQS.

She found most of what she was looking for (most importantly threads so she can custom quilt her latest beauty) and I picked up half a yard of just-the-right pink for my next charity quilt.  After I made up a test block I hadn't been happy with the neutral I'd scored from Carol, along with the cat focus fabric.

These blue and pink fabrics should brighten up the quilt considerably.

Afterward we lunched at a favorite place of hers, near her house, where I'd never been.  My meal was perfect, so I'll definitely return. (Forget the name, but I do know right where it is, at Union Hills & 7th St.)

As we were leaving we stopped to chat with the folks at the next table, who had a model of their dream house with them.  (They were waiting on their architect to arrive.)  It's going to be a green house, in the mountains of NM, and definitely looks lovely.  But stairs to a second story at their age? Hmmmm

By the time I got home in the afternoon I was definitely dragging, and 'may' have dozed off in the front of the TV.  Still, I had no trouble crashing early last night.

Sewing was the only thing on my agenda for today.  So far, so good.  I've got my twelve 4-patches made, and after this break may actually get them sewn together.

But since I had just enough of the pink (literally only 2 inches left over) now I am having to rethink my idea for the borders.

It's been raining steadily most of the day, so it's a good thing Tom finished the rest of the mowing yesterday.  Wonder if the rain impacted Alex and Pauly's hike out today?  Tom just saw them drive in, so maybe they'll come over in a bit and give me a report.

Friday, September 24, 2021

 I'm extremely happy to report that my foot, which was really hurting last evening while simply sitting on the couch watching TV, was feeling a whole lot better this morning.  That meant I was able to take care of my pre-cleaning chores (sweeping all three porches coming into the house, washing all the floor mats inside the doors, etc.) with minimal difficulty.  

Yesterday was the worst (of the three so far) post-BFR experiences, likely because each time we've added an additional exercise to the BFR regimen.  If the pain only lasts 12 hours I can deal with it - though don't expect me to grin!

So while I did legs at the gym today as scheduled, we skipped a couple of the exercises that could aggravate my foot.

On the way home I swung by the library (to drop off and pick up) and then got my flu shot at Walgreen's.  While waiting my turn I got to play with 11 1/2 month old Miles, who was all smiles.  

They said I don't need to wait to get my Pfizer covid booster - but even though I had no side-effects from my second dose (like some folks did) I'm going to wait for a week (or two) anyway.

It was overcast all morning, so Tom took advantage of the cool weather to do some mowing.  There had been a chance of rain, but that never happened (even though Mary washed her car.)  She and I had a nice visit this afternoon, and she gave my latest quilt tops her approval.

The house was nice and clean again today, thanks to the cleaners, for a few minutes at least; Brownie tracked in a bunch of mud shortly after they left.  Against his wishes I dipped his feet in the pool and washed him off - and 'guess' <sigh> what he did not long after.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

 My back felt reasonably okay today, so it would seem that being proactive with the heating pad after weeding yesterday did the trick.

While I waited for the plumber this morning (he was right on time, at 8:00) I took care of some miscellaneous things around the house.  I'm definitely getting caught up on things, which feels good, though paying the house taxes hurt!

After hearing the cost to repair/replace the tank-works in the toilets, Tom has decided he will do that.  (I did ask for a time frame on that....)  At least the tub/shower is draining a whole lot better now, and assume Alex's sink is also.

At PT I continue to do many of the exercises using BFR, and that remains difficult.  After this morning's workout my foot is complaining this afternoon, but hopefully (!) it will be happier tomorrow.  

I was back at Carol's this afternoon, helping her get more boxes packed.  And I came home with a few more goodies, including a brownie pan that makes all edge pieces.  (Who knew that was a thing?)  

I like all brownies, from anywhere in the pan <g> but Tom got excited when he saw it.  Too bad I don't have any brownie mix on hand - and he just went to the store while I was gone.

On the way home from Carol's I swung by Target and tried to make flu shot appts; usually get mine at their pharmacy because the 'prize' for doing it there is a $5 gift card.  Unfortunately appointments must be made on line, and since I didn't have luck when I tried to do that the other day I may just end up going somewhere else.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

This morning, post-irrigation, was spent in the front yard pulling weeds.  I worked at it until 10:30, longer than I should have once my back started talking to me.  

But the lantana, even the larger ones, were pulling out with their roots intact so easily I just 'had' to keep going and pull 'just a few more'.  

The resulting pile, waiting to go into the trash can, was considerable...

 nice 'proof' of all my hard work!

Much of the rest of the day was spent on the heating pad, so I hope I'll be okay tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

It's been "cool" first thing in the mornings (that's a relative term, even though it's officially Fall now) so I've been taking advantage of that to do yardwork.  Yesterday I hand trimmed more, and also made another pool rescue.  At first glance I thought it was a hummingbird struggling in the water, but it turned out to be a rather large moth.  

Irrigation is this afternoon, 

so naturally I see a lot of weeding over the next several days.

At PT yesterday we added BFR to more of my exercises.  While it does make them more difficult to do, both Lori and I are hoping it will help nudge me over my current plateau.  

Afterward I rewarded myself with a wrap from Panini.  While mucking the other day I'd found my gift card from Alex, which turned out to have enough left on it to pay for yesterday's lunch and still leave some on the card for next time.

Around 1:00 I headed over to Carol's for more organizing/packing.  While her sewing room looks emptier than it did when I was helping out on Wednesday, there's still quite a lot of stuff in there.  Not sure how she's going to fit it all into the new place!  

I brought over another charity that top I whipped up from some of the goodies I acquired on Wednesday, and she heartily approved.  It still needs a border, and the fabric I'm auditioning also came from her.


Yesterday I snagged a little more fabric for myself, but most of what ended up in my car yesterday is slated for the sale table at Busy Bees, with any leftovers trying their luck at Foothills.  But I did become the grateful recipient of a large bag of pretty tissue paper, so that tub in the garage (which 'somehow' had become totally empty) is now full again just in time for the gift giving season that's approaching.

My miscellaneous organizing and mucking has continued in dribs and drabs, and also yesterday I crossed off another "to do" chore when I arranged for a plumber (he'll be coming early Thursday) to address the various issues that have accumulated in the bathrooms and laundry room.  Of course it'll be pricey (what isn't these days?) but at least there will only be one service call charge!

Now I'm off to the gym, and think I'll go get my flu shot afterward.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

 I had a bit of difficulty 'sparking' before coffee this morning.  

Maybe because I was "busy" during the night, 
tutoring a random kid in algebra?

Sometimes I wonder if anyone has told Brownie he's a dog... 

During dinner last night (when he was sitting by Tom's chair) I dropped a piece of salmon on the floor - and then had to call Brownie over and point it out to him.  

FYI he does like salmon (and asparagus!)

Then, on the way to bed last night, I also had to point out a piece of popcorn Tom had dropped on the floor in the kitchen.  AND this morning there's still a piece on the floor by the couch (where Tom was munching on popcorn during the movie last evening) that Brownie hasn't yet discovered, 

Obviously Brownie would not make a good Search & Rescue dog!

I've done a little sewing already this morning, and there 'may' be more on today's agenda.  It's much nicer now that I've completed a bunch of mucking!