Tuesday, November 30, 2021

 Definitely behind on my blog. No good excuses...

Sunday Wanda and I enjoyed our trip to the quilt store.  FYI Sherri really loved the penguin scissors I had for her - and I know that because she wants to get some to give as gifts!  (Once I got home I sent her the website.)  Notice that the penguin even has a cute little beak,  

I wasn't planning to buy anything at TOQS. <g> But on the clearance shelf I found some lovely blue batik fat quarters and so picked up three for tomorrow's LRC game at the Busy Bees party, as well as half a yard of the 'right' batting to (finally) make some microwave bowls.  

Afterward Wanda and I stuck to our 'usual outing routine' and went out to lunch.  When our first choice turned out to be closed, I introduced her to Cain's (which she'd only heard about, but is now definitely a 'convert'!)  No surprise that both of us left there stuffed.  

On the drive home, the electronic sign on I-17 read "slow down or you'll spin like a dreidl", the first time I've ever seen a highway notice make mention of Chanukah. That night we lit the first candle, which was Greta's first experience.  Alex opened one of his gifts, which 'just happened' <g> to be the gloves he'd asked for, and of course he was delighted with them.  I got fudge from Marcie, a box of chocolates from Greta, a fire obsidian t-shirt from Tom (sadly too small - he was disappointed when it'd arrived so tiny, and the return process is not going well), and a dog calendar from Alex which I expect to provide daily laughs next year.  

Afterward the three of them feasted on Thanksgiving leftovers as I just sat there and visited; I was still so full from lunch that (amazingly!) I hadn't even been tempted by any desire to taste my fudge or chocolate!  And how often does that happen?!

I was gratified to hear from Marcie that she loved the farro I'd sent home with her on Saturday.  No doubt she was surprised (since I don't usually cook), and noted that it is something I have to keep on my menu. She was right on both counts.

Monday morning I dropped off an 'old' Rx (written back in April when I switched PCPs but still had refills left from other doc) and picked up chicken stock so I could get my turkey soup started before I had to head off to PT.

In the afternoon I took care of a lot of miscellaneous paperwork (there never is an end to that, as we all know.)  Later Brownie helped me run to the bank to deposit some checks after the iPad wouldn't open the bank app.  On the way home we stopped at the pharmacy because my Rx was already to be picked up.  I'd sort of expected there to be an expiration issue with the 8-month old scrip, necessitating a call to the doctor, and asked about that when I dropped it off - but apparently not.

For the second night of Chanukah Greta lit the menorah - another first for her.  I got a penguin wall calendar from Alex, and have already transferred all of my 2022 appointments, until now noted on post-it notes and then stuck on the December 2021 page.  I'm definitely planning to have a better year than 2020 or 2021!

Tom called a plumber yesterday (one Mike & Marcie recommended) and he scheduled us for first thing this morning - at 6:30!  Not a problem for me (today I again was awake at 4:30) though Tom had set his alarm for 6:00, so he could have some coffee before-hand.  That was when he found a text message from Tim that there was a plumbing emergency at a group home and he couldn't be here until 9-ish.

The disposal/sink was an easy fix.  On Wednesday, blending the ingredients for my cranberry mold, I'd broken the plastic plug that goes on the lid.

Thought I'd gotten all the pieces, but apparently not, because that was what had frozen up the disposal (which is now just fine), and caused the water to back up.  Replacing the ring in the toilet in the master bath was also an easy fix, so thanks to Tim now we are good to go.

Now it's time to head to the gym, where I will try out the treadmill on an incline.

Hope there aren't too many typos in this post!

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Talked with Terry yesterday morning as I soaked in the hot tub.  She's hanging in there, but of course "there are moments".  I know it'll be harder once Karen heads back to NY tomorrow, especially since Hilda is pretty non-communicative these days.

Mary and I enjoyed our walk yesterday (Brownie was more than ready to head out once I put on his harness), and I made it all the way around the block without too much difficulty.  Brownie, of course, 'needed' to stop and sniff everything (it's been a while since he's gotten to explore the neighborhood) though Mary kept encouraging him to keep walking.  

We even got to visit with Chewie, the friendly little dog on 39th Ave. 

Marcie and Latina were walking up just as we were arriving back home.  The pooches hadn't seen each other in quite a while, but Brownie did remember to be gentle with her.  (He looks so big next to her!)

  Despite Brownie behaving like a gentleman Latina was still a bit intimidated, though she did do a little sniffing of him, and exploring of his beds.  Marcie was delivering a Chanukah gift for me, some goodies which I won't open until tonight after the first candle.  Until then the festive package is in the fridge, as she suggested.    

I got brave and ran the dishwasher yesterday, though I made sure to stay close by and monitor it constantly.  Despite Tom's assurances to the contrary I did worry that it might overflow - and in fact early in the cycle the water did back up into the sink.  Happily it never rose to danger level, and then seemed okay for the rest of the cycle.  At least all the dishes from our Thursday feast are now clean and put away, and today I plan to run water to check and test if the clog has worked itself out.

Spent some time later in the afternoon relaxing out back in the sun, listening to my book - at least until the shade took over and it cooled off rapidly.  By dinner time Tom and I were bundled up in our winter clothes.  We really are weather wimps!

Alex and Greta stopped over in the evening and the four of us played another game of Rummikub.  Greta had won when we played on Thursday, and then won again last night. 

At my request Alex drained the hot tub for me yesterday, and refilled it last evening while we played. When I'd gone out to soak Saturday morning there was evidence that there had been a party of sorts Friday night, and the water was really cloudy.  Now that it's light (another 4:00 morning... sigh) I can head out and see if it's up to temp and ready for soaking.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

 At the chiropractor yesterday I got nicely adjusted, and he made a suggestion that seems to be helping: shorten my step on my good foot.  He also wants me to use the treadmill on a tilt, which will 'force' my foot into the correct position. So that's on the agenda at the gym on Monday, instead of the elliptical. 

Do wonder why none of the PTs have suggested either/both of those ideas... 

These early, early mornings are getting to be a real drag.  
I used to hope to sleep until 6:00, but now I'd settle for 5:00!

At least I have plenty of time to sew 

before Mary comes over this morning and we walk Brownie.

Friday, November 26, 2021

 We enjoyed a wonderful feast yesterday.

And here was the test bite.  Tom was a little disappointed that the white meat was a tad dried out, but it was still delicious. 

Alex and Tom did the final prep:

I filled my plate on first trip to the 'buffet', so I got full and couldn't go back for seconds.  BUT "somehow" <g> I managed to find room for the yummy brownie dessert, courtesy of Greta! 

After that chocolate it was no surprise I was still wide awake at 10:30, well past my usual bedtime these days. Took something, which did the trick - and then another one when I woke at 4:00 am... which did not.

Jim texted this morning to see if I could do my gym session half an hour early, which I could.  

I even got there early enough to get in my ten minutes of cardio beforehand.

In addition to the disposal being on the blink, as of yesterday the sink on that side is not draining - which I discovered when I was cleaning up after we ate.  Happily it wasn't this bad...

But unfortunately none of the (many) plumbers Tom tried this morning are working today.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

4:30 is just too early to wake up <sigh>  but it did mean that I could watch the parade in real time, 7:00 here, while I sewed.

Because we are on a septic tank we don't 'use' our disposal.  However I still run it get rid of any little things that might have ended up in there.  Yesterday, though, it wouldn't work; just got the hum of power.  

Tom checked all the things he could think of, but with no success.

Maybe Alex knows something we don't?

This morning I whipped up the apple slaw (could have done that yesterday) and then peeled/diced the bag of potatoes for a huge pot of mashers.  After all my KP work was completed I showered (and then dressed in comfy sweatpants in anticipation of "possibly" eating too much) and now I'm just waiting for the turkey to cook so we can feast.  I have missed the aroma of roasting turkey wafting through the house, because this year it's cooking outside in the smoker.

But assume all will be forgiven <g> when it's time to eat.

Now I'm enjoying the dog show, and will get back to sewing.


NEIL F. SEITZ, 1954-2021

Neil Seitz, 1954 - 2021Neil Seitz, 1954 - 2021Mike Blevins

Neil Seitz, age 67, achieved freedom from a long illness on November 17, 2021. He passed away peacefully with his wife by his side at his home at Valley View Hot Springs, Moffat, CO. Neil was born on August 12th, 1954 in Winona, Minnesota, to Doris May (Hoffman) Seitz and Ferdinand aka Vernon Seitz both of whom pre-deceased him. He is survived by his wife of more than 40 years Terry (McLaughlin) Seitz, his brother Donn Seitz (Revae) of Winona, his three sisters Suzanne Arnold (Richard) of Baja Mexico, Keta McCarthy (Brian) of Winnetka, IL, Amy Cordry (Val) of Winona, and his three children James Seitz (Deanna) of Parachute, CO, Michael Seitz of Poncha Springs, and Lucia Seitz Kaichen (Lucas) of Fairbanks, AK, as well as his 5 grandchildren – Alexis - 16, Tatum - 13, Gauge - 13, Elijah - 11 and Ivy - 4. Neil was a beloved member of his wife’s family and survivors include his mother-in-law Hilda (Scott) McLaughlin – 98, and his sisters-in-law Karen McLaughlin (Mark Schubin) of New York City and Elinor Laurie (Richard) of Moffat.

Neil was working toward an engineering degree at CU Boulder when he was told about a place called Valley View Hot Springs and his life’s path was permanently altered. Upon visiting the hot springs in 1974 he decided to take a semester off from college to caretake the hot springs for then owners Roy and Faye Everson. That semester off lasted for the rest of his life, and his vision for the hot springs and surrounding area guided him and proved a lasting passion. A year after he moved to Valley View, Terry joined him and together they steered the popular and unique resort for nearly 30 years, having purchased it from the Everson family in 1979. In 2001 the Seitzes realized that there needed to be a way to preserve the hot springs for generations to come, beyond their lifetimes. They created Orient Land Trust to do this and in 2010 donated the property to the non-profit. Not long after donating the hot springs, Neil was diagnosed with Posterior Cortical Atrophy, a rare form of early onset dementia.

Neil was very active in the communities of northern Saguache County for many years. He enjoyed his participation in the SC Search & Rescue in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He served for many years on the SC Planning Commission. But one of his great, and much appreciated, endeavors was the annual fireworks show at Valley View on the 4th of July which he provided for nearly a quarter century until his disease and other factors required him to give it up.

Neil was extremely intelligent, a true renaissance man, patient, dedicated and a wonderful father. He held life-long beliefs about the necessity of reducing the planet’s population, and this led him and Terry to adopt their three children. It also inspired him to develop an off-grid electric system for Valley View utilizing hydroelectric power, creating a “green” resort before it was in vogue. Neil was also devoted to the freedom of clothing-optional recreation.

Neil was a shining star of inspiration for many, many people who worked with him, visited the hot springs, or were lucky enough to become his friend. His vision enabled many to find peace, joy, community, purpose, acceptance and love. Neil will be hugely missed but never forgotten. It is hoped that a memorial celebration of his life will be held at Valley View in the summer of 2022. Gifts in memory of Neil may be made to Orient Land Trust.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

I got food prep done for tomorrow, and worked more on some holiday gifts, so it was a productive morning.

Kathi and Mark were out running errands, so we finally connected and I could return the scooter.  Been trying for several months, but did not want to just leave it outside their door.  It was a tremendous help for those many months that I couldn't walk, but I am not sorry to see it go.

This afternoon's reward was my massage with Julie.  She found lots of knots to work on, and I sure felt a lot better walking out.  Had to laugh at the geese wandering around the parking lot when I was leaving.

Look what was delivered today, from Rita and Pauly: chocolate covered fruit!

Marilyn's x-rays showed nothing broken, and I hope that whatever the actual injury is heals quickly... though apparently she has bone spurs so she "can now be president."

Tired - hope to sleep a bit later tomorrow!

 At the gym yesterday I did my ten minutes of elliptical before workout.  It was easier since I had Karen to talk to (she was on next-door elliptical), and she said the same thing about fighting the boredom.  I actually could have gone longer than ten minutes, but Jim had come over 3/4 of my way through and was waiting for me to finish up.

I have looked for my mini iPod that Alex had gotten ago so that (after rolling his eyes) he could show me (again) how to work it and load some podcasts,  But it isn't any of the places I expected it to be, and I've pretty much run out of places to check.

On the drive to the gym I realized I'd forgotten to pack my post-workout protein drink, so I headed straight home to ingest it before running my next errand, to PetSmart for Pokey's heat lamp.  As long as I'd had to stop at home first I figured I'd bring Brownie along for an 'exciting' trip.  But as soon as I parked and got ready to clip on his leash I realized I'd forgotten to dress him in his harness - so he ended up having to stay in the car.

On the way home I stopped to pick up some scattered trash along our 37th Ave strip.  (After our bulk trash pile got picked up early, someone else dumped a load of construction debris.)  While that did actually get collected, the workers didn't rake very well (and not just here, but all around the neighborhood.)  Must be a new crew, because until this cycle they've always been very good about cleaning up.)   I bagged up a lot of stuff, but along with some heavy stuff (like a large cement block) there turned out to be much broken glass, and Tom ended up finishing up.

In the afternoon I did a bunch of mucking along one side of the garage, rearranging (and also tossing) stuff, so now I have a clear table top (!) next to my van.  Do have to wonder how long it'll stay that way, though.

I also plan on getting the twin captain's bed out of there soon, and "reminded" Alex he keeps promising to do something with with those large margarita machines taking up a lot of space.  

Made Mom's cranberry recipe yesterday, and also boiled up the farro; today I will devil the eggs as well as slice/dice all the veggies to mix with the farro for that yummy salad (specifically requested by Alex.)  

I am going to wait until tomorrow morning, however, to make up Linda's apple slaw.

We actually got a (very!) few sprinkles of rain in the afternoon.

Up before 5:00 this morning, and was sewing by 6:00 - only to discover half a dozen bees buzzing around the fan light overhead.  No idea how they got in the house, but while I am willing share the backyard with them they are not welcome inside; I dispatched them into the vacuum cleaner.

Marilyn sent an update yesterday.  Not like she has anything else to do today, right?

And I’m off to urgent care for a knee X-ray in the AM.  I really don’t have time for this shit.  

So much ugh. Signed, Lieutenant Dan

I hope to be productive all morning, since it's possible <g> I 'could' fade in the afternoon.  But no nap for me - unless I drift off during my massage, scheduled for 3:00 this afternoon!