Wednesday, March 31, 2021

It was a good visit at the doc today, and my foot isn't nearly as bruised or swollen as I thought it would be.  For those wondering about my hardware, I have two staples and a screw. 

I will return next week to have the stitches removed.  In the meantime he had planned to put on a new splint today "to protect the incision", but admitted that it would not be of any use mitigating weight-bearing should I lose my balance and put down my foot.  I am using the scooter instead of crutches  just so I won't risk putting down my foot.  And since I have been good about following all instructions here's how I got to leave the office!

That is going to be SO much easier to wrap for a shower!

Over the last couple of days the dressing seems to have loosened.  I assume that's because any swelling has gone down; I've been vigilant about keeping that leg iced and elevated.  However that has meant less pressure to keep my foot immobile, so there's been some discomfort/achiness - and also some chafing on the skin.  I'm really looking forward to being unwrapped this afternoon!

I'm also hoping that the new covering is more comfortable - 

and (possibly!) removable, for ease of showering!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Was tired yesterday afternoon, and around 2:30 "decided" to close my eyes for a bit, knowing full well that Brownie's lunch alarm would be going off in half an hour.  

After I woke and fed him, I stretched out on my bed again and fell back asleep... 

when a text from Marilyn arrived thanking me for an earlier pic of the opened tulips (and yes, I gave them more water) 

waking me a second time. But after I once again fell back asleep

 a phone call from the doc's office, checking to see how I'm doing, woke me a third time.  

Even with 3 cat naps under my belt I fell asleep on the couch around 8:00 (while we were watching a show about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, which had me confused from the beginning.)

Then around 3:45 this morning Brownie started barking and raced from the bedroom.  Not sure what was outside, and he's not talking.  

Maybe the motion camera caught something?  Will have Tom check when he gets up.  

At some point I may have dozed off, but still was up and at 'em early today.

Tami called this morning, and we had a lovely chat.  She and Alan had hosted a murder mystery dinner this weekend, and it sure sounded like fun.  Of course pretty much anything sounds like fun these days!

Monday, March 29, 2021

Uneventful day yesterday - unless I can count a nap as an event?

Tulips have opened up, and are lovely.  
Next time I get up I'll grab the camera and snap a pretty pic.

I was too tired yesterday (as evidenced by my lengthy nap) to attempt an actual shower, so I took care of that this morning.  What a production! Now I almost need another nap... and it's only 9:30!  

Here's my wrap job (the painter's tape is above my knee) and I did stay dry.  

But I'm thinking I'll revert back to sponge baths. 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

I am SO happy to be (virtually) pain-free after THREE months!

Dr. Bobbi takes that as "proof" that the surgery fixed everything.

Of course it will be nice to get validation from  the doctor on Wednesday.

Today's excitement: 
I am going to 'dress up' with a garbage bag and take a shower. 

The first hurdle will be getting my sweatpants off over my bulky leg! 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Haven't taken any pain meds this morning, and so far, so good!

Happy 99th birthday Uncle Allen!

Friday, March 26, 2021

At 11:00 it was time for meds, but I decided to try switching to 600 mg ibuprofen. 

Mary came for a visit, and brought these bright, cheery flowers (though my photo seems to have mainly captured the greenery.)

Dr. Elebrashi called around noon to check up on me, and okayed either doubling the oxycodone dose to two pills every four hours (OY - the itching that would ensue!?) OR take just the one, but every two hours - which would have been helpful last night.  However the ibuprofen (took another one around 5:30 when pain resurfaced) seems to be working just as well - and without any pesky itching! - so unless there is some radical change I'm done with the oxycodone.

Marilyn and crew sent rainbow tulips.  Again, they're much prettier than my photo indicates. 

Another evening of elevation and icing while I watch some TV, but (despite a brief nap this afternoon) I'm tired after a sleepless night and expect to crash early.

Have spent the past 24 hours see-sawing back and forth between two hours of being (relatively) pain-free but itchy, then spending the next two hours itch-free but with my foot throbbing while I wait until four hours have passed so I can take another pill.  

So no, I did not pass a very restful night.

Hoping today is better!

My stuffing has already been leaking ... 

and I can only imagine how scruffy it will look by Wednesday 
when I go to get unwrapped!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

 Surgery went well, and I was home by noon.

Everything stays like this until I see doc in a week for a post-op check, then stitches should come out a week after that.

Barring complications I SHOULD be able to start some weight-bearing in 6 weeks - so my June 1 guesstimate for walking seems reasonable. I am SO ready for that to happen!

I'm following my post-op instructions to keep my foot elevated,
and ice behind the knee to help keep swelling down.

There is pain, so while I had hoped to avoid having to take any opiates, at the doc's 'suggestion' I'm taking one oxycodone every four hours "for at least the first 24 hours" to stay ahead of the pain. (On the plus side it's the lowest dosage.) After that I'll see if I can get by with something OTC and get to waste the rest of the bottle.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

I accomplished a fair number of things today, including some laundry (and fresh sheets on the bed), vacuuming (it was overdue), and also some mucking of my sewing table.  

While everything (still) takes so much longer these days, 

I have to admit that chores are easier upright (with one crutch) than on the knee scooter.

Though until I get the green-light to start putting any weight on my foot 

it'll be back to scootering.

While I could still drive (expect it'll be awhile before I can do that again) I made a quick trip to pick up a Rx (one less thing for Tom or Alex to do) with Brownie riding shotgun.    

I did feel a bit guilty because Brownie had gotten excited when he saw me pick up his halter; no doubt he thought he was going somewhere exciting instead of just to the drive-thru a mile away.

Watered most of the plants out front this afternoon, 
but before I was done I managed to blow up the hose.

This came across FB today, though would have been more timely to post yesterday
along with my Senior Moment mention. 

I definitely enjoyed my nice long shower -

and hope that permission for the next one is not too far down the road!