Thursday, October 31, 2019

I was on my way to the chiropractor when Alex called, wondering where I was.  He wanted to let me know that Brownie was playing with Vera, a friend's French bulldog, and they were having ball racing around.  

Alex took some video (which turned out great) of the pooches were zooming around nonstop and obviously having a blast - but unfortunately there's some difficulty sending them to me.

The tendon in my leg is still really pissed off, though my toe is stronger (I did my homework each day) and the rest of my body wasn't as out of whack as it has been.  After he worked on my leg (boy that burned!) I got a laser treatment.  I had to wear special green glasses for the duration, and I can report that it's not easy to play solitaire on my iPad when there's virtually no color.

And speaking of glasses, mine were MIA yesterday.  I looked in all the usual places (3 times! But since I was pretty sure I'd taken them off to work on the computer in my recliner I got down on the floor and looked under the chair and table.  I eventually found the glasses hiding under my laptop, and definitely very tweaked. So on the way home from the chiropractor I stopped in at the eyeglass place to have them adjusted.

Alex and I cleaned the hot tub when I got home, and started refilling it.  Brownie and I went to the gas station where I filled up in preparation for tomorrow's drive to Havasu, and then to the pharmacy to pick up my new sleep med.  Got some excellent information from the pharmacist, but I'm not going to start on them until after I return from my trip.

The hot tub filled a lot faster than I expected, and when that was done I went to pick up my ring at the jeweler's.  Sure looks nice and sparkly all cleaned up.  

Decided to grab lunch at the yummy panini place in that strip mall, where the woman taking my order admired my Supremes shirt.  Turns out she'd done home health care for Sandra Day O'Connor.

While waiting for my wrap I filled my cup at the drink station, and when I turned around there was Alex!  Grayson had needed to go to the bank next door, and when Alex saw my car he figured out where I must be.

Marcie came by today to "check up" on my quilt progress 
and gave me a good grade on the  precision of my blocks.

The hot tub is heating up nicely.  The guys are going hiking tomorrow and looking forward to a soak when they return.  Since I can't get in for a while I've set it to Alex's requested temp of 99 - and it's already up to 95.  (Of course I'll ramp it up when I'm allowed to start soaking again!)

We didn't get any trick-or-treaters tonight, but I did get a Halloween scare.  

Today's mail included a letter from the IRS; they are not happy with our 2017 return and think we owe a HUGE amount of money.  Of course I called our tax guy right away, and hopefully he will be able to straighten it out.

When I watched my shows that recorded while I was in Maryland there were already commercials playing Christmas music - in mid-October!  While I'm not a big fan of Christmas (not really surprising) I do understand that the holiday is a biggie for most people. Unfortunately it seems like I get assaulted by the music, ads, etc. earlier and earlier each year. 

It was still dark (for several more hours) after I woke up yesterday, so couldn't see the Rockstar RV parked out front until it became light.  Learned later that Alex and the guys had rolled in around the time I was waking up, at  4:00 am.  Late for them, early for me.  

I'd arrived at the doctor's office about ten minutes early for my10:00 appt. yesterday - only to be told I wasn't on the schedule!  The woman at the front desk asked when I'd made that appt, and I told her September.  Long story short: a few weeks ago they switched from one computer system to another, and when she looked in the old one there I was.  

She offered me a Thursday appt (conflicted with the chiropractor) and then one on Friday (I'm heading out of town) at which point she then headed into the back.  Upon her return she said that "if I could wait an hour" they'd squeeze me in.  Sigh....  So I did.  Not the end of the world (which I told her when she apologized) but still frustrating.  Which made it all the more surprising that my BP was the lowest it's been for a while, 90/64 once I eventually got in.

At least now I have a referral to a sleep place (just waiting for them to check insurance and then call me to arrange an appt.) and a Rx for a new sleep med (which I should be able to pick up today.)

Alex popped over for quick HI, and helped me lug Pokey's crate to back porch.

In the mid-afternoon I went to get my stitches out.  
Of course by that time she was running late.  

She did apologize for the delay - 
and I told her I understood sometimes patients take longer than expected.

Now the countdown begins until I can get into the hot tub.  

Alex helped me start draining the tub late yesterday afternoon.  (Never could get the hose free from the bib, so we couldn't try Shawn "easy" method.) Today I should be able to clean and refill it so it'll be all ready for my soak in a week or two.

The heat lamp in Pokey's crate had worked when I set it up, but when I went to turn it back on in the late afternoon it was dead <sigh> so Brownie and I made a run to PetSmart for a replacement bulb.  

Unfortunately by the time we got back Pokey had checked to porch already and then "disappeared", so she was stuck out in the cold last night. Yesterday's high was 69°, and today was predicted to be the “coldest Halloween morning in Phoenix in 44 years."

I finished another H stack yesterday evening, and even started the next one.  So now I'm over the hump (on this step of the quilt at least) with 6 sets done and 5 left to go!

Cindy posted this yesterday:

Fresh off the frame this bright and happy Kaffe Fassett quilt pieced by 4 ladies that call themselves the Stitchin' Bitches. They pooled their collaborative talents, fabric and time to come up with this gorgeous quilt that is to be donated to 'Quilt for a Cause'. Quilted in hot Pink over 80/20 batting. Its a Beauty! 2 of the Bitches are pictured with the quilt, Marcie Hammond and Wanda Seale. Great job ladies!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

It really cooled off by yesterday evening, so I dug out my alpaca socks.  
(Thank you, Sandy!)  

I was also glad I've added a blanket to the bed.  This morning the wind is truly howling outside, which should make today's high (only in the 60s) feel even worse.  Since it's still dark out I have no idea if we're going to have sunshine today to help ameliorate  things.  

At least we aren't dealing with fires here.  Poor California, burning at both ends, was expecting possible 80mph winds to fan the flames!

I'm up way too early again, but at least I should get in a fair amount of sewing before heading out to the first-of-two doctor appointments later.  Seems like my latest hobby has been going to the doctor!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

I had a good workout at the gym this morning.  Jim mentioned that over the weekend his grandkids had shown him their Halloween costumes, and one of them is going to be Little Red Riding Hood.  Then this afternoon this pic came across my FB page, so of course I passed it along to him, asking if his granddaughter's costume is truly complete.

When I got home from the gym there was a message from the exterminator saying they needed to cancel today's appointment.  Turns out that Ken's wife had a medical emergency, and with the rest of this week heavily booked I had to reschedule it for next week. 

With my afternoon freed up some I decided to pop over to the dentist to pick up a packet (they'd called while I was in Maryland) and thought Brownie would enjoy the ride.  We were just heading out (he was SO excited by the word "go", and the leash in my hand) when the block wall repair folks returned yesterday's too-late call.  Brownie was beside himself due to the delay, whining piteously, but eventually we took our drive.

I finished up the stack of H blocks I started this morning, and then it was off to Target for that chore.  When I get back, I've promised Brownie a w-a-l-k.  Luckily he hasn't learned to spell yet!

They were predicting a substantial cool down last night. Still I was still fine inside (wearing a t-shirt and jeans) though Tom had changed into a long-sleeved shirt and was huddled under the afghan to watch Monday Night Football.

I did cover up Brownie (a la Tyga) when we went to bed, and it was rather cool when we went outside early this morning.  Then, while I sewed (got another stack of H blocks half done) I covered up Brownie again.  He seemed quite content…

Now it’s time for breakfast before I get ready for the gym.  The exterminator is coming this afternoon but that shouldn’t interfere with my sewing.  I’m on a roll!  

Our next little Sew Day is on December 9 (but at Mary's), at which time I expect to be able to show serious progress on the wedding quilt!

Monday, October 28, 2019

It was another fun (and productive) Sew Day;  
I got another stack of H blocks completed!

Perri was working on some notebook covers destined to be holiday gifts.  They were coming out great, though her embroidery machine was giving her fits today so she didn't make as much progress as hoped.

Here are Mary and Marcie, hard at work!

Mary's finished blocks are not in any particular order here, but throwing them up on the design wall gives an idea of what the finished quilt will look like.  At a previous sewing day she had drooled over my wedding quilt fabrics, so I had gifted her a bunch of my leftover scraps... which have made it into her quilt.

Marcie is in the home stretch of her Escher quilt.  There are LOTS of points to match (and she doesn't allow them to be even a thread off) so it's slow going.

But look how impressive the column is!

Wanda stopped by after her luncheon date (she was saying goodbye to a friend who is moving to Colorado) and brought along her alter-ego.  Much of the detail doesn't show up in the photos, and I think she said that she plans to add even more.

She also showed us her pretty batik quilt.

When Wanda arrived we had finished lunch - and dessert.  In honor of today we had chowed down on some of Mike's chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, a confection which also had caramel hidden under the chocolate.

Wanda had brought along some of her yummy freshly-baked whiskey cookies, and "somehow" <g> we managed to find room in our stomachs to enjoy them!