Sunday, January 31, 2016

This morning I finished up the new puzzle - which is when I discovered that a piece is missing! Not sure how that happened (the pieces came sealed in a plastic bag) unless it fell on the floor and Tilly ate it?

It was pretty crowded at the show yesterday, which made navigating the aisles difficult at times.  There were even strollers with pooches in them... but I didn't expect to see a sugar glider cruising the show on this girl's shoulder!  She was kind enough to let me snap a quick pic.

Most of the booths prohibited the taking of pictures (no surprise - they want to sell the patterns) but this quilt had a sign that said the pattern was free and gave the web address.  It's such an easy design that no pattern is really necessary, just a photo reminder.  I have plenty of colorful scraps just waiting for me to be able to get back to work.

I assumed this chair was one of Patricia's creations, though it turned out not to be. 
I did have permission to photograph it.

I bought this pattern, and got to meet the designer Laura.

Walking around on the cement floor never does my back any good, though it didn't seem as bad now that I've got my orthotics.  I'm guessing I might have been okay (my back started complaining last night) if I  hadn't had to stand in line at one booth (for almost 30 minutes!) just to get a small cut of fabric.  Had I known it was going to take that long I might not have waited (there were only a couple of people in line ahead of me!) but I couldn't resist some perfect fabric for Sandy's next set of placemats.  Otherwise I was very good, and passed up oodles of fabric.

Alex had such a good time snowboarding in Flagstaff yesterday that he's hoping to head up again tomorrow to take advantage of the new snow scheduled to arrive later today.

He did wash/scrub Pokey's crate for me today, which it definitely needed.  But because Tom didn't sweep her poop out the crate yesterday (I do that every day after she heads out to eat but of course I was out 'shopping') there's a horrible mess on the back patio which will need to be hosed and scrubbed.  Sigh... 

And while I'm on the subject of washing - I am SO looking forward to being able to wash my hands easily.  Have you tried washing one hand without using the other?  In about 20 hours I should no longer have that problem!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The four of us had a great time at the sewing expo at the fairgrounds. I wasn't planning to buy much, but was pretty sure <g> the show would be more fun than hanging out at home counting the hours until I get my splint off Monday morning. Colleen suggested a sling for my arm, and fixed me up with some green bling fabric that got lots of comments at the show.

It was after 1:00 by the time we finished shopping (I did spend a few dollars on patterns, but am proud of all the temptation I resisted!) so lunch was definitely in order. We had some difficulty finding a place to eat (deja vu for the three of us who went to a quilt show in Prescott last year) but eventually ended up at a happening place where we enjoyed a delicious lunch.

I'd picked up a couple of boxes of gluten-free GS cookies from Colleen, and on the way home stopped by Patti's house to deliver them. She was quite happy to get them, and said Gary will enjoy them.

Friday, January 29, 2016

With Anna and Harrison's help I got a lot of leaves in the jungle raked into a rather large pile. Before the storm rolls in on Sunday I'm hoping that Tom can stuff a good portion of them into the second can. I also collected a lot of mud on the bottom of my shoes.

Mary brought over dinner for tonight, and it was sure yummy.  Between all the good food the ladies have been bringing over I really hope I can get back to the gym soon!

Got an e-mail from Lisa this afternoon with financial planning questions, and a phone call from her tonight with good news.  Alex stopped by before he headed up to Flagstaff tonight for a day of snowboarding tomorrow. Going to be a lovely day tomorrow, but they will probably be disappointed they'll be a day ahead of the snow.

Tonight Tom and I started the "Best Sellers" jigsaw puzzle I got for Chanukah.  It's turning out to be harder than we expected, but how can you go wrong with pictures of books?

Tomorrow I'm going to the sewing expo with Colleen, Stephanie, and Yolanda.  I'm going to try really hard to just look and not buy stuff.  Hey, it could happen!

Yesterday, feeling ready to greet the world in real clothes (and shoes, though Tom did have to tie them for me) I took Tilly for a walk in the afternoon.  We were ostensibly heading to 43rd Ave., but when I saw Jeannie's vehicle in her driveway we decided to stop in to say hi and get an update of Rich's condition. I figured she'd like to meet Tilly (and of course Lucy and Molly were very interested.) After standing and talking through the screen door for a while she put the dogs out back so I could come in and sit down while we continued our chat.

Rich has had a miserable time in the hospital, with lots of pain.  During surgery they were not able to remove his tumor, which turned out to be a stage 4 gobular mass, which was located where the large and small intestines meet, and they're guessing it started in the appendix.  Then he got a post-op infection, his bladder quit working, etc. At some point they are going to do chemo (5FU?) which they told Jeannie "won't make him sick".  I'm surprised, because with all his current misery (and morphine has not been enough!) I didn't think there was any point to subjecting him to that.

Jeannie said Rich may even be able to come home soon, 
which will be wonderful for both of them.

Before my surgery I had asked Alex to vacuum out my car (which really needed it) and Windex the inside of my windshield (also needed) and after only one or two reminders this past week he came over yesterday to do it.  It looks much nicer now.

During dinner last night Ralph mentioned a brother in Maryland, so (of course!) I asked where.  He had to think for a moment, and then said, "Silver something."  

Anna and Harrison don't have pre-school on Fridays, so Colleen is going to bring them over to help in the yard.  Apparently Harrison is quite the raker, and despite Tom's efforts during our beautiful weather (you can only stuff so many leaves into the two cans each week) we have plenty of leaves to keep the little guy happy this morning.  He's been bummed the past few times they've been here because Colleen didn't bring his rake!

The Girl Scout cookies were here, in the house, for about 24 hours before I opened the first box yesterday afternoon.  When it comes to chocolate and me there's no such thing as moderation, so of course I inhaled one whole stack of them.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I feel much better after my shower - no real surprise there.  The surprise is that the only post-op pain I have experienced occured this morning (twice!) while Tom was wrapping my arm.  Just the pressure on my bruise caused me to wince each time.

Not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of my day (sadly I finished I Am Pilgrim this morning) but if you're really interested, just check back later! <g>

That means only 4 days to go until my arm gets unwrapped - 
and I'm definitely counting the days, if not the minutes!

Here are a few of my latest pix of Tilly.  

Yesterday she was enjoying our sunshine in style  - while I enjoyed reading about Lisa Liscinsky's on-going saga regarding their wait for snow removal.

Here Tilly is on watch duty  - making sure the house is safe from intruders?

This afternoon some knappers from out of town will be coming by to spend some time on their way from Quartzsite's show to Tucson's.  Tom hasn't knapped in quite some time - he's been too busy working his fire obsidian - so it could be interesting to find out just how out of practice he is.

A shower is on today's agenda - 
and I'm planning to put on real pants afterward!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Enjoyed my time at the Foothills Sew Day this morning.  Thank you, Mary!

Spent the afternoon reading (part of it outside in the sun) and generally just hanging out.  Patti came over after work so she could meet Tilly.

Tilly disgraced herself this evening.  She didn't even ask to go out, just walked onto the carpet, squatted, and peed.  Sigh...

Yesterday just got better and better - Colleen and the grandkids surprised me in the afternoon with a visit so Gracie could deliver our Girl Scout cookies!  Anyone want to guess what I ordered?  LOL  

Tom ordered 3 other boxes, each one a different flavor.  Maybe <g> his thinking is that I'll stick to my Thin Mints and leave his second-class cookies alone?

Because if it's not chocolate

Earlier in the day yesterday I had spoken with Marilyn, who suggested I set up a crate as a 'safe' place for a retreat for Tilly.  So Alex and I dug out Echo's old one from the garage (she used it only to fly to and from Maryland each year) he washed it off and then we set it up (sans door) in the bedroom.  One of the extra lounge cushions a neighbor had given me at a yard sale last year, at least 6 inches thick, fit in there perfectly, and then an old comforter of Alex's, also languishing in the garage, folded over many times and laid atop of the cushion, finished off the padding.  Tilly didn't seem the least bit impressed (or thankful) of my thoughtfulness or my handiwork when it was ready for her approval, but shortly after the gaggle of kids appeared she disappeared.  And guess where they found her?  Maybe her play session with Tyga earlier had tired her out, and she decided that entertaining three youngsters might just finish her off!

Marilyn finally found time to open her package, and loved the flowers for Gail and the two sets of Texas placemats I made for her and Don.  It did take a little arm twisting to convince her that no, as a matter of fact they aren't too pretty to use, and she promises to send a picture of them at least set out on the table.  In the meantime, these will have to do.

Around 5:00 yesterday afternoon I found myself a little chilly and reaching for my sweater.  Sure enough, when I checked the thermostat the temperature in the house had plummeted below 70, to a nippy 69.  At least (according to Alex) Spring is "right around the corner."  At lunch yesterday, he mentioned that it was "almost watermelon season".  (Hope family and friends reading this in snowbound Maryland don't flip out over his cavalier statement!) Tom replied that it was only January, which is when Alex made his Spring comment.

Tilly got up with me this morning, around 6:00, and seems to be moving around just fine.  In fact when I took her for her evening constitutional last night there was such a spring in her step (maybe Alex is on to something after all?  lol) I had trouble keeping up with her!  

Luckily she stopped often to sniff at everything, and just walking up 37th to Topeka and back took a long time!  However when I opened the door to let her out this morning, she just stood there and looked at me as if to say,  "I'M not going outside until it warms up some!"  I know how she feels!

In a bit Mary is picking me up to take me to the Foothills Sew Day,
  and she's also bringing dinner over tomorrow night.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The second meeting between Tilly and Tyga went swimmingly this morning - no evidence of any animosity, and after lots of sniffing and tail wagging I felt comfortable enough to let her off of her leash.  The two of them spent the next hour or two romping together like a couple of puppies, then kept the four of us company while we had lunch.  They weren't begging, exactly - but were obviously ready and willing to 'help' us with our sandwiches should we need any assistance...

My bandage has loosened a bit, enough for me to see part of my arm - which is sporting a lovely bruise that I assume continues all the way down the inside of my arm.  It's probably from the pressure of the splint, and explains the soreness I have been experiencing.       

The good news is that I continue to feel improvement;  
today I can flip the lever on the water jug in the frig without any discomfort.

Tilly is definitely enjoying her new back yard.  She took care of business right away this morning, but kept asking to go out again and again.  After the 4th or 5th time letting her out I finally realized (yes, some of us are slow learners....) that she wanted to hang out outside.  So that's what she's doing at the moment.          

Here's she's keeping an eye on Tom out in the shop.

Tried to get her to sit, stay, and pose so I could get an 'official' portrait of her.  No luck so far in that department... so just snapped a few candids

and look forward to seeing the family photos of Tom and me with Tilly
that Emilee took yesterday.

How's this for a sweet family photo?