Monday, September 30, 2013

I had a good workout with Jim this morning, and felt pretty good when I left.  
Maybe I'm starting to hate the gym less?  Maybe...

Came home and drank a protein shake, then made some phone calls: ordered my meds (which will be delivered tomorrow), made my PT appointments for next week (can't do that when I'm there because I need my calendar in front of me), called Bella and made a house-cleaning appointment (haven't done that for a few months, trying to do it myself), etc.  Felt good to cross off a bunch of stuff!

 Then it was off to PT; another good hour, this time with Jen (under Noelle's supervision.)  Now I'll relax a little before I attack my To-Do list.
I didn't make it to the gym yesterday due to a variety of factors, so when Jim texted me this morning that he would have to cancel our 9:00 session this morning (due to car trouble) I was not unhappy.

He did make it to the gym, and texted that he had openings this afternoon, but of course that's when I scheduled my PT so it wouldn't interfere with the gym.  So I still had a reprieve from my workout session.  

And then ('unfortunately') he added that he also had a 10:30 opening.  
So I'm heading over after all.

Last night was the final episode of Breaking Bad.  What a well-written show... like so many others, I'm sorry to see it end.  Tom and I each had our (different) predictions... and the writers obviously preferred mine!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Guaranteed smile... Mom, hope this makes up for 'missing' the last one!
Smile for today (well, for everyone except Mom) since it says 
"If you like cats, you'll 100% love this!"

Only runs a couple of minutes.
Yesterday was a wonderful day!  

Tom and I got on the road at 7:30 as scheduled, and arrived at Lisa's 2 hours later.  Even though we were 30 minutes earlier than scheduled, she was all ready to go.  And she had my birthday present.  
I love it!  Of course she knew I would.... when she had gotten it (for herself) I had commented (very favorably!!!) on it.  She wasn't able to find another one for me, but she found a different keychain for herself, so I got this one!

After breakfast at Panera's (the Good Egg had a whole bunch of people waiting outside) we headed off for our day on the mountain. Since we were well ahead of schedule, we had time to stop at a small craft fair we happened by.  I didn't buy anything (although was tempted by some earrings) but Lisa and Tom both found some homemade jams that needed to go home with them.  I did test out some beautiful wooden rocking chairs that would be great out back, but since they would not fit into my car <g> I didn't buy one.

The drive up Mt. Lemmon was beautiful, and we arrived in time to get a parking spot close to the music venue.  While the Sonoran Dogs were setting up I shopped at the clothing tent and couldn't pass up this penguin hat that will keep me warm should I make any trips up to the snow country this winter.

And speaking of weather... it was glorious up on top, and not nearly as cool as I expected.  While it wasn't quite t-shirt weather, is was very, very pleasant.  During the first set I worked on a name bib; Lisa was bummed that she didn't think to bring something to work on (like the stack of grading she left behind at home.)

During the band's break we went up to say hi to Peter.  He did not recognize Tom (but after all, it's 'only' been 25 years since they'd last met, when his band Flying South played at our Arizona 'wedding' party...) but he certainly remembered playing that day, and said it was 'the best party' they played at!

I enjoyed seeing the 4 quilts on display at the Mt. Lemmon Community Center that were made to commemorate the fire of 2003, and also chatted with Paul, the fellow on duty there.  We had an interesting chat (turns out he's spent a lot of time hiking and rafting the Colorado River) and I came away with a good limerick.

When idiots, by chance, are bred,
they need to be cared for and fed.
     Asylums are there
     but take money for care.
So we send them to Congress instead!

Cindy and Bill were "right on time" (meaning they arrived late, after the first set.)  We met their friends Maggie and Dennis, who have a cabin up there - and who graciously invited us to stay the night also, although we had to decline.  Cindy and I did get in one dance before we had to leave (Lisa's allergies were really getting to her) which was the usual fun time... although neither of us is as young as we used to be.  We were both (very!) winded when we finished; 'back in the day' we used to be able to dance all night!

I think we started something.... after that, more people got up and danced.  :-)

Once back down the hill,
we went out for dinner at Lisa and Chas's favorite BBQ place.  

Not only has Brushfire been voted the #1 BBQ place in Tucson, but it is also conveniently located just a mile or so from their house.  The food was absolutely delicious, filling (with great sides also), and reasonably priced.  

A quick tour of Lisa's cute little house (which BTW is only a couple of blocks from where Tom lived for a couple of years in the mid 70s and which Lisa and Chas pass by daily) then we headed back to Phoenix. We were both tired and glad to arrive home; I crashed soon after.  Getting up at 5:00 and then having all that fun plumb wore me out.  

Cindy sent me this pic last night of Bill and her with the band
(which I labeled to help you out.)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tom and I are heading down to Tucson 
for some good great music up on Mt. Lemmon today. 

Peter McLaughlin and The Sonoran Dogs 
Members include National Flatpicking Guitar Champion PETER McLAUGHLIN on guitar & vocals, Telluride Band Contest winner MARK MIRACLE on mandolin & vocals, Rockygrass Banjo Champion TYLER WALLS on banjo, and TAMMIE award winner BRIAN DAVIES on upright bass & vocals... enough said. The band will be showing off their electric side, including drummer, for this show.

And Lisa is going to join us for the day.

Also found out that friend (and dancing partner) Cindy will also be there.  Looking forward to a great day!

However.....there's a cold front in AZ today.  The high in Phoenix is only going to be 89 (!) and of course up on Mt. Lemmon it's going to be considerably colder. 
(Mom -  remember that February day when we got too hot walking around at the Desert Museum in Tucson and headed up there?  Dad was 'stunned and amazed' at all the snow.)  

When I checked yesterday, the high on Mt. Lemmon was predicted to be only 61 - although this morning I see it's been updated to a warmer 63.  I will definitely be dressed warmly!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Yesterday was a BUSY day in the sense that I was gone all day.  

Around 10:15 I left the house, headed to PT for my free 30-minute Health/Wellness consultation with Charlie.  That's an interesting  program but fairly pricey, and since it's probably not going to offer me anything I don't already know/do I didn't sign up.  

At 11:00 I launched into my second session of physical therapy.  Tuesday's intake and first session with Noelle went very well; she is personable and knowledgeable, and I expect PT to help a lot.  Yesterday she supervised Courtney's work with me, and the time seemed to fly by.  After a productive hour of work (with 'homework' assigned) and then 10 minutes of icing, I was off to Mary's. 

Linda had already arrived, so I had to catch up on the latest on her husband Rick; his PSA scores have not dropped much since he finished radiation a month ago, but we're all hoping for better news on the next testing in three months!

 And then we were off to lunch at The Corner Bakery (a new experience for Linda and me, and we both agree it's a wonderful addition to our list of places to eat.)

I had the special posted by the door (scrumptious cream of asparagus soup with 3 different yummy salads) and then went back for a mini chocolate bundt cake for dessert that was light and airy and very chocolate-y!  I'd say it was a very successful lunch date!

We lingered there over lunch (for hours!) gabbing about a multitude of subjects, including (but not limited to) books (we all had recommendations for each other, and it turns out that Linda recently read - and loved - the book I'm currently reading, The Invisible Bridge), husbands (we think all 3 of us may be married to the same man!), quilting (I got to hear about the recent wonderful class they attended, taught by well-known quilter), and the most recent child-left-in-hot-car-tragedy (

Estera called me as I was pulling into the driveway around 4:00 (Tom did wonder how lunch could last so long...) and invited me over.  Bennie had left that day for Romania (a recent accident has laid up his brother-in-law, and his parents need some help on the family's dairy farm) and she was lonesome already.  
Since Bennie works from home she's really used to having him around.  Plus Julianna has special needs, and that takes a toll on a Mom.  Later we took advantage of the cool of the early evening and took the little ones (and the dog) for a walk in the neighborhood.

I'm about to eat some hearty oatmeal and then head off to the gym for a workout.  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today was a quilty day, with Busy Bees in the morning and Foothills in the afternoon.  I was the hostess for BB -and since my partner was unable to make it today it was all on my shoulders. <g>

In truth, of course, it was quite easy.  (And a couple of ladies, Carolyn and Bobbi, did offer to help when they heard of my 'predicament'.)  But I already had it wired; I brought in brightly colored, absolutely delicious, perfectly ripe green grapes, red strawberries, and orange cantaloupe (I do love the bright colors...) and had also picked up some M&M cookies at Fry's for those with a sweet tooth.  I know that some of the ladies get really creative in the baking department.... but we all know that's definitely not me!

Lots of charity quilts came in today, but Peggy's total was the most impressive: just in the past month she's finished more than a dozen lap quilts, and 28 preemie/baby quilts.

The other main business at the meeting was making final preparations for next week's tea and bed-turning, to which we have invited the ladies from Daisy Mountain.  Check out this creative decoration Louise whipped up to go over a wine glass as a table decoration.  Once it has a tea light glowing in there it's going to be perfect!

And Sharon's tea cozy is not only functional, but bright and cheery!

Sharon had bought 18 green fat quarters to make this hummingbird quilt 
but she only needed a little of each color...

So look what she did with the 'leftovers'...

Joni's been working on her applique bunny quilt for years now - 
see how cute the top turned out!

Before she became a quilter, Melissa sewed clothing.

This was her first quilt, and used scraps from dresses she'd made.

June shared this BQ3 quilt she made.  
We all really liked the effect achieved by the angled pieces.

After the meeting it was quick dash home to drop off the leftover fruit, lunch on  the leftover salmon, rice, and honeydew from last night's dinner, and then blast off to Foothills for the gift program (instead of our usual Sew Day on the 4th Wednesday.)  A number of ladies demo-ed about a dozen quick gift ideas (we all know the holidays are coming!)  These were the ones that I really liked (and think I can actually make them.)

Jan showed how to make these handy pot holders.

She also showed how to make these variably-sized holders for bowls that go into the microwave... no more trying to lift out HOT bowls, plus it makes it easy to pass hot bowls around the table!

Ruth's casserole cover was another project that's now on my list.

It also works great for carrying home leftovers from the restaurant!

And after that meeting ended (and since I was only a mile away) I decided to pop into Quilter's Bee and see if there was anything I needed.  <g>  I was very good... all I bought was a small bag of buttons for $1 and  two fat quarters of doggie fabric to whip up my own doggie bag carrier casserole cover.  

And it didn't 'really' cost me anything 
since I used change from the car that's been piling up for quite some time.