Thursday, April 30, 2020

I set an alarm for this morning "just in case", 
but was up at 4:30 and didn't need it after all.  

Tom was already up, and did this week's old-fogey shop.  Since the news has been full of possible meat shortages in the near future due to many processing plants closing we thought panic buying might ensue, and figured we shouldn't skip a week.

He was actually back home by the time I was heading out around 7 for my MRI.  I arrived there early, and they took me early after a women left who apparently had experienced claustrophobia and needed to reschedule.  

I have no problems with small places and was fine - and knew that from a previous MRI.  But even with the ear plugs they provided (and not even being fully 'entered' into the tube) the noise level was still quite loud.  

Last time I had an MRI they gave me headphones
 and asked what type of music I'd like piped in.  

Turned out it didn't really matter 
since the machine pretty much overpowered the music.

Passed the time, about 25 minutes, 
reciting Sam McGee and other poetry in my head.

With our current heat wave (expect to break records today and tomorrow) 
it was a bit of a stretch to relate to Sam's discomfort.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Staying off of my knee, and icing it, seems to be helping.  Over the past few days my pain level has dropped a little each day, so I am very optimistic about a non-surgery fix.

Turned on the TV around noon, and searching for something to watch came across When Harry Met Sally.  Even though the movie was in progress, I've seen it enough times <g> that it didn't really matter - and happily tuned in just a couple of minutes before the classic restaurant scene.

Definitely hot here, with high temps continuing for the next several days.  At 5:00, when the thermostat registered 90 degrees in the house and the fans were no longer enough, Tom started up the AC.

We ended up one degree shy of setting a new record for the date, though.

With cases (and deaths) still on the rise here, Gov. Ducey has extended the Arizona stay-at-home order until (at least) May 15, though again some businesses are being allowed to open.

During today's press conference he was in true politician form; he tap-danced around questions, especially transparency regarding nursing homes despite the reporters doing their best to get him to actually give an answer.

I was on the phone with Tami this morning  (we've been trying to coordinate for several days) and had a nice chat. I'm glad to report that everyone at her end is healthy; the big headache there is a snafu with zoning on the new house they plan to build. 

While we were chatting I got another phone call.  Even though I didn't recognize the number I still tried to switch over since I've been hoping for a call to schedule my MRI. 

By the time I switched over they had hung up - but did leave a message.  Good thing, because it was from the imaging office.  (They sure got an okay from my insurance quickly!)


My test is 8:15 tomorrow morning, in downtown Phoenix.

Have unloaded the dishwasher, run a load of laundry, and squeezed the rest of the tangelos for what is likely our final batch of juice for the season.

The rest of my day 'probably' <g> involves a lot of time on the couch...

I was just getting ready to post when Alex sent me an e-mail.

I took some photos of the ducks for your blog 

Tom heading back to shut off the water.  The ducks seemed to be keeping an eye on him as he passed by, but obviously weren't terribly inclined to go help.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

It's irrigation day again today, and Pokey is enjoying some respite from the heat by wading around in the water.  This other tortoise is certainly enjoying its yard...

The mallard couple has dropped in to take advantage of the water, 
and currently diving for bugs in the Back 40's center ditch.  

However even though the water is gushing out of the gate 
I haven't seen either of them attempt to surf. 

Not the best photo of them since I'm mobility-challenged at the moment -
and the trailer is parked right in the way behind the chain link fence.

I arrived at the doc office 15 minutes early (knew there would be paperwork to fill out) and then sat in the waiting room (waiting) for quite a while. 

Before I could see the doctor they needed to do x-rays,  
though (as I expected) they didn't show anything.  

When I eventually saw the doctor he asked what was going on, and when I explained (and gave Dr. Bobbi's diagnosis of a medial meniscus tear) he was properly impressed. 

He also seemed to like hearing that I had been trying rest, elevation, and ice as attempts to not make a suspected tear worse; maybe "some" of his patients try to "push through the pain"?

After manipulating my knee, leg, and ankle he agreed with Dr. Bobbi's diagnosis and (as expected) has ordered an MRI, which hopefully will be scheduled in the next day or so.    

If it turns out to "just" be a small tear we can try cortisone injections and PT,
 but of course if it's a large tear I could need surgery.  

No question which option I'd choose!

Assuming there are no hitches scheduling the MRI 
I'll return to see him next Tuesday for those results.

While I was sitting on the couch typing this a cute little bunny (is there any other kind?) just hopped over to the back porch and headed over to the water bowl.  Luckily Brownie was in his bed under my quilting table, totally unaware of its presence - so the little one didn't end up being chased around the yard... or into the pool (as happened one time when Tyga was visiting.)

However would never expect this scenario:

Yesterday FedEx dropped off a large box from Sam's Club.  I had no idea what it could be (especially since we don't belong to Sam's Club.

I did get quite a laugh when I opened it...

My guess was that Marilyn had sent it - and I was right!

With 45 rolls now "in stock" at least one worry is over!

We have a bamboo shade to cover the arcadia door 
where the afternoon sun blasts through.

A couple of weeks ago, when it hinted at getting warm,
 I released the shade from its winter slumber and unfurled it.

On the plus side, we can still view the pool and backyard through the shade.  On the other hand the afternoon heat sneaks through the slats, turning the TV/quilting room unbearably toasty in the afternoons.

Yesterday I had the bright idea to lower my design wall to block out the afternoon rays - 
which helped immensely.  

Of course it also totally blocks out our view, so it will need to be raised/lowered daily.  

But what a difference in room temperature!!!

Glad that yesterday Brownie and I took a ride to check out the new TOCA location over by the hospital complex.  I'm hoping that with my early morning appointment I will be able to find a parking spot in the same county.

Even though the trouble is with my right knee, driving is not an issue at all, a very handy thing.  While Tom offered to drive me, these days only the patient is being allowed into the office; others are required to wait in the car.  And WHO wants to wait out in a parked car in the Phoenix heat this time of year?

Got a surprise check in the mail yesterday.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Didn't want to wait until Thursday to see Dr. Johnson, instead opting for a Tuesday morning appt with a different doc (Yacobucci) in the practice.  Assume some tests will need to be done (possibly an MRI?) and want to get started in that pipe-line as soon as possible!

TOCA has moved offices (just a block or so) since my last visit, so maybe today Brownie and I will take a drive to scope out the new site, and parking location options.  

Yesterday Brownie got to GO (his favorite word) on a short ride with Tom, who had hoped to grab some chicken tenders at the fast food drive-thru (instead of going in to the grocery store) to add to dinner's Asian salad.  Unfortunately (with their now-limited menu) they are not currently carrying the tenders, just the processed nuggets.  So we dined on a vegetarian salad after all.  

Yesterday Wanda "made me" download the Libby app 
for an easy way to upload books from the library onto my iPad.  

So far I am enjoying the historical fiction book I chose, 
though the name of it escapes me at the moment. 

Historical fiction is my preferred genre, 

but most of the books in that category had a Wait associated with them - 
and Marilyn has "used up" all my Holds.