Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another fun meeting at Busy Bees this morning (especially since I missed last month's meeting.)  I'll hopefully find time to edit the pix I took during Show & Tell, and post them later.  But just as a teaser, here's the 2013 Row of the Month that Joni spearheaded last year.  It's not yet quilted... but at least the top is done, and it came out really happy.  Joni said she only used scraps (except for the border) but 'for some reason' <g> still has plenty of scraps left at her house.  That seems to be the case for most of us!

Tom drilled drainage holes in my piggy pot yesterday, so today I was able to plant the onions.  Here's how it looks now.  Not sure how long before it rusts out, but in the meantime I like it.

Ran a bunch of short errands after Tom got home with my car.  (Alex needed Tom's truck for moving, so Tom used my car for a doctor's appointment, and Carol K was kind enough to pick me up and take me to/from quilting.  It's so nice when things work out easily!)  

First stop was the hardware store to have some keys made for Alex and get some chain to lower the hummingbird feeder by the computer window.  I 'rehung' the feeder right after I got home, and by the time I sat down at the computer a couple of minutes later the hummers were already feeding.  There's a MUCH better (almost eye-level) view now that it's 24" lower.

In the short time I've been working on this post, there's practically been one hummer or another there constantly.  I hope to get some really nice pix, but in the meantime the one above will have to suffice.

Stopped at the bank to deposit one check and (more importantly!) get cash for my trip.  (At quilting today there was a LOT of fabric to buy, and I spent my last $14.)  Here are some of the goodies I scored:

I gassed up the car (so we won't run out on the way to the airport Friday) and then stopped in at Walmart for some milk - which is where I ran into Angie.  They had a good time on their trip, and she was most appreciative of me picking up their mail.  (No biggie, since they live right next door!)

I do want to do some raking (before irrigation Friday morning) so the water will have a clear path from the back yard to the front - but then maybe I can think about packing.

And that's been my day so far.

Velcro may just be my new 4-letter word!  

Maybe a different needle would have helped? The thread kept breaking (usually after a couple of inches, but way too often after just a couple of stitches!) so I had to rethread the machine and it took an unbelievably long time yesterday afternoon to sew the velcro strips on to the cover of the cut (and thus smaller) second memory-foam mattress for the camper.  When I'm not along and it's just Tom, the mattress 'extension' will serve as a bolster for the bed.  And it does look nice now that it's done.  But it was very aggravating!

So no, I didn't make any additional progress on the wedding quilt.

Dinner out last night to celebrate our 26th anniversary.  We were both craving steaks, so we headed to the Texas Roadhouse.  For an appetizer we tried their fried pickles (not bad) but then had to wait an extra long time for our dinners because the (new) chef cut Tom's medallions as if for a salad so they had to start all over again.  At least the manager came by to explain what was taking for long, and apologize - and he comped our appetizer.  I was stuffed by the end of the meal, and hadn't planned on dessert.  But unbeknownst to me, Tom had ordered a delicious decadent chocolate dessert (which they also comped.)  Of course (!) I had to eat at least some <g> of that yummy confection.  Okay.... a lot!  But I just couldn't manage to finish it!

Off to Busy Bees in a few.  Then this afternoon I'll think <g> about getting organized and packed for my upcoming trip.  

Spoke to Mom yesterday, and it was cold (only in the 50s) and rainy there.  So she should be looking forward to the nice warm temps in Texas.  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I mowed the back yard this morning, and of course it looks much better now. 

Then I took a shower, and now I look (and feel) much better also.

Think I'll go treat myself to a pedicure today before my trip to Texas.

While I'm out I plan to pick up my new glasses.  That should help me see well enough <g> to go through my stash and see if I have the right color sashing for Jeff & Priscilla's wedding quilt.  I love the suggestion Vicki and her quilting friend Ellie (visiting from Florida) gave me yesterday.  The new color will help perk up the quilt (the colors Priscilla requested are not bright enough for my taste) and has me jazzed about the effect.

Monday, April 28, 2014

This afternoon I followed Cheri to her friend Vicki's quilt studio north of the Carefree Highway.  WOW! Vicki sure has a great set-up out behind her house, enough to make most of us really jealous.  This was the view as I walked in.

And here's another shot taken from upstairs (where she has a lot of fabric stashed.) There's also a whole bunch stored under that cutting table in the middle of the room.

Some of the upstairs.

Cheri borrowed the design wall to put up one of the quilts she worked on during camp to get some ideas for a border.

Each one of the drawers under these cubbyholes 
held a different type of thread.

This quilting angel keeps an eye on things.

Vicki has a whole row of different machines against one wall.  I like the 'thingie' holders she made to sit under each machine and hold various tools.

I got home about 5 minutes after Tom arrived home from his fishing trip in Rocky Point.  The weather interfered with the fishing (he didn't catch much) and he had another bad reaction to the sun (despite sunscreen) so he had to stay covered up.  It looks really bad on his legs/feet, but he says I should have seen it on Thursday.  

Alex should be here any time now to pick up Tom's truck/trailer to move stuff out of his apartment.  (His lease is up on Wednesday.)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I picked up the appropriately-sized hook at the hardware store today and then hung my new hummer feeder.  This is now my view from the computer desk.  So far the feeder hasn't been spotted - but then it's only been up about 5 minutes.

Mutt & Jeff have showed up, however.  
Apparently they feel that since I feed the little guys I should also feed them?

I'm thinking about going out and mowing the back yard so I can fill up a trash can before pick-up tomorrow.  Unless Patti (and Dexter) come over to save me?  I got her hooked. <g>

Start your day with a smile - these dogs are annoying cats with offers of friendship.  It's FUNNY!  And even Mom <g> should enjoy it.

Last night I relaxed and watched a Netflix (The Intouchables) that had been here for a while. I found it well-done and entertaining.  It's based on a true story (of a quadraplegic and his caregiver) which always makes movies even more interesting to me.

 When I got up for a bathroom run at 3:30 I was afraid I was up for the day, but still got back into bed and 'forced myself' to relax.  
It worked!  

Because the next thing I knew it was 9:00!  The sun is shining (unlike yesterday, when it was cloudy and windy and cold - and we even got a splatter of rain) and it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

DAY 3 of Quilt Camp was also a success. 

Too bad camp is over - it's WAY too quiet over here now!

Michelle did bring her Twister quilt this morning to show us.  I didn't have my camera over at the guest house, so had to take the pic with my phone, which partially explains the poor quality - the colors are MUCH brighter and happier than they appear.  But you can get the idea.

Mary wasn't with us today; her sciatica started really bothering her so she went home after dinner last night.  But here's what she was working on yesterday.  The bright Dresden Plates will go on a black background.

Jeannie is working on this poker quilt for her son, and wasn't happy with the blocks - until Jess suggested she trim the sides a little wonky, which made all the difference.

Cheri made progress on her saguaro cactus:

Gina spent all day Thursday and Friday, and part of today, cutting thousands of pieces for a couple of quilts.  But she did actually sew a little this afternoon.  Here she is attaching the binding onto her quilt.

Wanda stopped by for a while this afternoon.  We were all happy she brought her (still in progress) Grand Canyon quilt to show.  It just keeps looking better and better each time I see it.

It was a wonderful 3 days, and I also made some new friends. 

Although I'd met Jess and Gina at Jeannie's before, I got to know them better.  And Michelle has definitely gotten the quilting bug, so I expect to see her again, too!

No plans for the rest of the weekend.  

Maybe read the papers that have piled up (again)?
Breaking News: It's a tomato!

I'm pretty sure that yesterday it only had a little color, like the other one in the picture.  Sure turned red fast!  Hope I get to eat it before Mr. Peacock finds it.  He trashed Tom's pepper plant - ate it down to the stalk!
DAY 2 of Quilt Camp Friday was lots and lots of fun.  

There were 7 of us here sewing (although not everyone stayed over last night) and who knows how many will be here today?  A couple of friends not officially <g> attending hope to be able to 'stop in'.  That's what Jess did on Thursday, and she ended up returning to join us for a good part of the day Friday.  She did finish binding this baby quilt (shown here in progress)

after she finished helping Cheri 
quilt the background for a landscape wall hanging.

Cheri is making it for her grandchildren's au pair (from Austria) who fell in love with Arizona's saguaro cacti.  This green batik will make a perfect saguaro, don't ya think?

Michelle, who is a newbie quilter, is working on just her 2nd quilt, a bargello.  I hope she brings her 1st one with her today; for that one she tackled a twister with a pattern - because she loves a challenge!)

After dinner last night we had a mini show&tell of tops that were over at Jeannie's waiting patiently in line to be quilted.

These yellow and black circles of Gina's are most impressive.  
One of these days (!) I am going to try curves.

The watercolor flower panels on this were gorgeous, 
and I love how Cheri set them together.

Even though I was up at 4:30, I still haven't found my way into the shower.  Now that it's 7:00 I guess I'd better do that before the day officially starts with breakfast at 8:00.  More pix later!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Quilt Camp Update -

We are having a great time!

Look at this beautiful paper-pieced table runner Mary brought to show us.  (Too bad the detail doesn't show up.)  She needed suggestions on what to do for a border.

Cheri was taking care of some mending 
before she got down to serious quilting.

Jeannie is going to try to finish up the quilts for her sister and niece 
(the same ones that she was working on at January's quilt camp.)

Gina spent the day cutting fabric on her AccuCut machine.  
Tomorrow she plans to bind this batik beauty.

That's Jess looking on above.  She had stopped by to deliver some tops to Jeannie to be quilted; here's one of them below.  Some little girl is going to fall in love with all the adorable center fairies.

And I worked on the wedding quilt for Jeff & Priscilla. 
I'm happy to report that I made satisfactory progress. 

Cheri had to work tonight, so she's gone, and Gina also had to leave because she had already made other plans for this evening before Jeannie invited her (on Tuesday) to join us.  Mary's 'on' for dinner tonight, and it is currently in the oven over at the guest house.  (Someone had the bright idea to cook/eat over there so those 'stuck' sewing at the kitchen table don't have to clear out all their stuff each meal.)  While that's cooking Jeannie and Mary have gone up to Jeannie's to pick up some stuff - and whip up a lemon pie to bake here later!

In addition to all the quilting fun, today was busy in other aspects also.  One neighbor shopped by to let me know they were going to be out of town and asked me to keep an eye on their place; I'm also going to pick up their mail.  The exterminator called to make the monthly appointment.  But the real surprise was that the first plumber called to make sure the second plumber had shown up yesterday and taken care of the problem.  Did I mention that the first plumber did NOT charge us for his house call?  

He said that he was happy we had called him back again (he installed the new disposal at the guest house last year) and wants to keep us as a customer.  No wonder the company has such a high rating and customer satisfaction quotient.  So let me put in a plug for this family-owned business!

Pipe Doctor Plumbing 
Chris Rusnell
(623) 869-6436