Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tom wants to smoke a brisket but hasn't been able to find one lately at the usual places.  He did a search  and found a butcher shop downtown that carries them, so Friday we schlepped down to Hobe Meats  (Bethany Home and 16th St.) and picked one up.  The place does a thriving business, and had some interesting stuff in their frozen section (alligator, rabbit, frogs legs the size of turkey drumsticks, etc.)  Obviously their frogs were a tad larger than this one...

Terry went into Salida for groceries, and stopped by Sacred Grounds (who never did pick up their phone) to see if they had my thermorest.  And there it was, minding its own business on a rocking chair.  She's going to pop it in the mail so it should soon be back home where it belongs.  At the moment I 'only' have two, so will be glad to see it when it arrives.

Wanda called Friday evening.  She'd been on the phone and so had the sound on her TV turned off, but saw Carol on the early news (something about getting A/C) and called to see if I had any details.  I watched at 10:00 but they didn't rerun it, so Saturday morning I called Carol and got the scoop.

Friday night I couldn't get sleepy.  Read until midnight, and then tossed and turned until almost 2:00.  I'm out of Lunesta, so I'd picked up some Sominex to try; that was a waste of money.  My Rx has run out, and my PCP has left the practice, so I'm going to have to find a new one sooner than later.  Anyone have a doctor they can recommend?

Thought I might sleep in Saturday, but I was up bright and early... and felt exhausted.  Didn't get much done in the morning, and dozed on the couch all afternoon.  Pretty wasted day!

Today is the Sew Day at Jeannie's house.  I never did get stuff organized for that yesterday, so after a trip to the grocery store (for my contribution to the pot luck salad for lunch, which also never happened yesterday) I'll figure out what I'm going to work on today.  It should be Jeff and Priscilla's wedding quilt.

Friday, August 29, 2014

I've been meaning to get over to Patti's all week to pick up my plants, but by the time I would think about it the temps (and humidity) advised me otherwise.  So this morning I did it first thing - and got to wave 'hello' at Patti just before she headed off to work.  I still have a few more left over there, but at least most of them are now back at home - and the front porch doesn't look so bare any more.

Then I got to work on my vacation photographs, and they are (more or less) ready to post.  Thought I'd start with signs/bumper stickers for today's smiles.

This is outside a restaurant in Telluride.

Outside there's a nice patio for dining/drinking... at least in the summer!

We saw lots of wall murals in Colorado, and this one was in Ridgway.  
The awning reads "Speak to the earth and it will teach you"  :-)

This little shop is outside the entrance to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

This 'enhanced' stop sign is in Salida.

You'll also find this mini library in front of someone's house in Salida.  The sign underneath reads "Take a book, leave a book".

This bumper sticker was on a car at the hot springs.

As was this one.

And this one.

Doug, who works at the hot springs, was hard at work judging the raft pile contest during the annual Members Weekend.

I love the positive energy of Stacy's hat:

Made me smile when I saw this in the Bolt Action quilt store in Rifle.  It would be very useful at home in my sewing room!

I never saw a purple cow - but I did see this pink dinosaur welcoming folks to Vernal. (near Dinosaur National Monument)

This was posted in the town of Dinosaur, but the restaurant wasn't open that day... so we don't know if it's true or not.

This was out in front of that great little museum, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, that Rosa Lee took me to. Guess the closing date is up for grabs?

Driving into Nederland, we saw lots of hitchhikers, most looking pretty scroungy, thumbing for rides out of town.  When we saw this variation of the 'no service' sign posted on one of the restaurants in town we understood why.

This was a fun store to browse. 
(It was in the same town where Tom found plastic in his gyro later.)

In the bookstore in Ouray I got a chuckle out of the "books for aging hippies" category. 

Lots to look at and read at the Handlebar Saloon in Silverton, like the red PMS sticker ("allows a woman to act once a month like a man does every day")

and this sign for free beer 
(note the disclaimer in fine print: "urns not accepted!")

Too bad this store, also in Silverton, 
had a need to post "please don't pick the flowers."

Good advice in the quilt store in Delores:

So now I've finally posted a few pix from our recent travels, and really should go get something done around the house.  But stay tuned for more pix over the next several days as I take you along on our trip!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The tree-trimmers, due here at 7:00 Wednesday morning, actually arrived at 6:40 to take care of that cracked mulberry branch.  They've been here before, and so were able to find <g> the offending mega-limb without even ringing the doorbell.  I was on the phone with Marcella (we didn't get everything said on Tuesday even after a chat of over an hour) when I heard the chainsaw start up.

 In less than an hour they had it down, sawed into manageable pieces, and tossed into their log chipper.  (At my request they also cut off the dead top of one of the cottonwood trees.)  Both mulberry trees definitely need to be seriously pruned back (again) so it doesn't happen again, but Paul's crew didn't have time for that yesterday; I'll have to make an appointment with Deb.  Paul said they're swamped and running about 2-months 'out' at this point, so I'm really glad he made room in their schedule to swing by. 

It was a quick meeting at Busy Bees yesterday morning, so we quickly moved to the fun part at the end; there were some quilts I would have taken pix of during Show & Tell... if only I'd remembered to bring my camera.  Oh well.  At least I did get the fabric requirements and instructions for next week's table runner class.  (I like the wonky star pattern.)  And there were yummy brownies, Sandy had a menorah pattern she'd picked up for me, and Peggy had a bunch of spools (for me to pass on to Kathi) and paper towel rolls (to pass on to Marcia.)

I'd invited Alex for dinner last night, and my grilled salmon, steamed green beans, and rice were a big hit with everyone.... no leftovers, and hearty compliments.  Always nice when my cooking is successful!

Over the course of the day yesterday I worked on my vacation pix - so at least I'm making headway - and did some more today while I waited for Jeannie to pick me up for 'coffee' with some of  the Night Owls.  Again, I'd forgotten to bring my camera, so couldn't take pix of any of the Show & Tell.

Stopped in at Wanda's to get more advice on what fabric to use for the border on Terry's quilt (both Jeannie and Wanda like the quilt) then headed to 35th Ave. where I found something that will work nicely.  Tried to 'drag' Carol along with me (she's usually up for a trip to the fabric store) but she was busy.

Last trip of the day was to the grocery store, where I picked up some chicken for Tom to BBQ for dinner.  It was delicious!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Despite the weather warnings (flash flood advisory) we did not get a storm last night.  That meant Tom was able to pretty much finish up the yard work today.  Phew!  Although I helped again this morning, he has done the lion's share of the work, and on several occasions was heard to mutter

While outside helping I found a set of muddy paw prints by the hot tub,
so am thinking a raccoon visited us recently.

This morning I buzzed out and got gas (was running on empty), mailed off a package at the post office, and swung by the library to renew my card and pick up a couple of books that had come in.  After the exterminator left I thought about popping over to Patti's to pick up some of my plants that she babysat during our vacation.  (A couple of the ones Alex was supposed to be taking care of didn't fare so well...)  

But I ended up finishing a book instead.

Once that was done I didn't have time
since I did have to run by the grocery stores.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Yesterday's posting was short because I spent much of the day helping out in the yard.  Tom put in a solid 10 hours (!) weed-eating, mowing, raking, trimming, etc.  Alex was a big help (once I woke him up after noon) and major progress was made.  But Tom and I, at least, were totally worn out by dinner time.

It was a productive morning today, much of which was spent on the phone.

I made an exterminator appointment for tomorrow (we found some dead roaches when we got home, and Alex found a black widow while we were gone), talked to the bank (got a $25 'monthly maintenance fee' deleted), cleared up at problem with subbing at the District Office, changed a doctor appointment and a dentist appointment (will be subbing both of those days), took care of some AQG business, 'found' Carol (Bobbi C. said she was MIA), etc.  

Then Tom and I tackled half of the front yard; he mowed with the riding mower (it was so thick I never would have made much progress with the push mower) and I raked up the piles and dumped them in the big green can.  Just that one side of the yard filled one can plus a good portion of the second.  It's a tad warm (and humid) today, so I finally had to give up and transfer to the pool while he finished up.  He also mowed some of the back yard, so after yesterday's 10-hour marathon, and today's work, the property once again looks like people are actually living here instead of an abandoned property.  (And we didn't find any bikes 'growing out of' trees...)

I still haven't made time to deal with my vacation photos, but hope to work on that over the next few days.  I took 715 pictures, so it could take a while to resize and crop them.  But be patient... vacation pix are coming!  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Today's funny:
I don't like the high dive, either. 

Off to Target this morning - we needed a new water filter, among other necessities - and then will help the guys start whipping the yard into shape.  

The hummingbirds didn't waste any time once I filled up their feeders.  
But it's NOTHING like what Terry has at their place:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

SATURDAY, August 23

We spent the day puttering around, getting organized: I paid some bills, pulled a LOT of weeds (irrigation was last night), did a bunch of laundry, made a bunch of phone calls, etc.  COX came by this afternoon and replaced our faulty modem, so we have internet again.  Tom did some mowing (the grass is thigh-high in some places) and tomorrow he and Alex will have the get out the chain saw and tackle the broken tree limbs.  I also loaded my zillion pix from vacation, though didn't do anything (crop, rotate, etc.) with them yet.  Still have my headache, so not being as productive as I might otherwise be.
FRIDAY, August 22

I slept really well last night.  Didn't hear the rain storm, and (for the first time in decades?) didn't get up during the night.  But I did wake up with a nasty headache, so maybe I didn't drink enough water yesterday?

The quilt show was wonderful, and well worth hanging around for! I liked that we got to choose favorites in half a dozen categories, instead of just one... but it was still difficult to decide!  Of course I took lots of pix, which I will eventually share.  I sewed a block for a charity quilt, shopped the vendors (told the woman from the Durango quilt store all about our problems there yesterday) and the boutique, and generally enjoyed myself.  And the quilt store, just a block away from the community center, was delightful... everything in vivid colors.  Virginia, the owner, does her classes on YOUR schedule, so (as she said) there are no excuses.  Except that I live a day's drive away? <g>

Strange but true: Just as we passed the over state line into Arizona it started to rain, fairly hard.  I'd been taking pix of beautiful clouds ever since we left Delores.  Some serious rain, and lightning, but otherwise an uneventful drive through the wide open spaces of the reservation.

Very green around Flagstaff, and riots of wildflowers; obviously been raining there. The San Francisco Peaks were socked in, and it was amazingly cool... AND remained so even into Phoenix!  We arrived home around 5:30, to temps only around 90, and a jungle of a yard.  The computer is still down; Alex called COX the beginning of the month, and they did send someone out although the problem was never solved. Tom finally got through this evening and someone will be out tomorrow - plus they are crediting us for the month. But ironically now that I am home I cannot post.

Got to visit with Alex for a couple of hours (before he headed out to his second job, at The Mint), go through the phone messages and glance at the mail, do a little unpacking and throw in a load of laundry.  Everything else will just have to wait until (at least) tomorrow. <g>

Surprisingly, I did not upload my (zillion) photos to the computer.  That will also wait until tomorrow. 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

THURSDAY, August 21

The camper shell was warm and cozy last night - until I got up at 3 am to pee.  Never could get warm after that.  (The woman in the office this morning said it got down into the 40s last night.) Even at 9 am sitting in the sun bundled up it was rather chilly.  Before we left I did get some pix of the 1919 snowplow that Jim said still runs 'just fine".

There are quads everywhere; this morning most of the folks in the cabins and campground were gearing up to head out for the day.  Tom found that there are 7-days-worth of riding trails out of Silverton.  I tried to talk him into unloading the quad (we've been dragging it behind us for more than a month and he's only ridden it once) and taking it out and about, but he didn't want to. Go figure.

We had breakfast at Mattie's & Maude's.  I hadn't touched any flora, but while waiting for our meal I got that horrible (allergic?) itching on my hands, the kind that scratching doesn't help.  After breakfast we wandered up and down Main Street, checking out the shops.  There was quite an eclectic collection of benches scattered throughout the town outside the shops, a number of them made from snowboards.  I especially enjoyed Weathertop Weaving, where the weaver was currently finishing up a piece 'in my colors' inspired by lavender fields.  I saw a stunning beaded necklace in the window of a shop that was closed, and a pretty blue (perfume?) bottle topped by a hummingbird. Outside the museum I spotted more of those intriguing yellow wildflowers. Once I get home I'll try to identify them from my photo.

Heading over Molas Pass toward Durango we passed a road cut landslide where more of the mountain had been undercut by water and looked ready to fall any time.  We also passed another snowplow on its way up.  It did feel like winter this morning... In Hermosa we passed a lumpy rock seeping (hot?) water, and a little 3-car train (engine,car, caboose) that looked like it was going through someone's yard, and the strangest tri-colored horse.

Some Durango signs:
RUFF day? FELINE under the weather? (Sign at veterinarian's office)  
Free rooms - just kidding. (Sign at Alpine Motel)

Had hoped to finally visit the quilt store (by the time we'd get to Durango on our annual trek to the hot springs each summer it was already closed for the day) but finding parking wasn't going so well.  We drove and drove, and by the time we found a spot it was way too far for me to walk - but on the plus side we (finally) got an Alaska license plate.  Giving up and heading out we found a spot, but the meter only took special coins, so Tom stayed with the truck while I walked to the store. Which isn't there any more; not meant to be, I guess. So on to Cortez.

Lunch at the Farm Bistro, which was obviously a local hangout and served delicious food.  I had a chicken salad with 'something' in it that was scrumptious.  And it was right next door to the quilt store, so I got to stop in there again - and bought Panel Play, a book with lots and lots of ideas for all of those panels I've been collecting.  On our way out of town we stopped at the book store (bought Biblioholism) and another quilting store, where Sharleen gave me some advice that may help me with my embroidery machine once I get home.

Heading to Delores (there's a quilt show there tomorrow) we saw more llamas, and a crane by a lake. We visited the Anasazi Heritage Museum.  It's much larger than I remember from my last visit (close to 20 years a ago) - but that may be because I spent most of my time then with the kids in the extensive 'hands on' section?  It's a wonderful museum, and seems to be overlooked by most folks.  Too bad for them!

We're staying in Delores at The Outpost on the River.  Before dinner we took a nice walk along the scenic river where we saw some stumps left from trees felled by beavers.  Dinner at the Naked Moose was so-so, although reading the menu was enjoyable: Crying Moose (blooming onion), Moose Breath (burger with garlic), etc.  

Tried calling Sacred Grounds (in Salida) today to see if they found my missing Thermorest, but there was never any answer.  Will try again tomorrow.  
WEDNESDAY, August 20

Bike race today, and US 50, our route to Gunnison, was closing at 9:15.  We squeaked by with 15 minutes to spare.  Lots of clouds on our way up to Monarch Pass, and it was cold (and trying to rain.) So cold that we turned the heater on for a few minutes to take the chill off.  Right about then a snow plow passed us in the other direction.  Winter, at least in this part of the country, is on the way.  Lots of bike riders on the road, and spectators (all bundled up) everywhere, although the race wasn't scheduled to start for a couple of hours.  Got some good pix once we were actually up in the clouds.

Spectacular views on the 6-mile rim drive along the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, but doubt my camera will do them justice - especially this time of day, with the sun directly overhead.  Chasm Point, deepest/ narrowest spot, was etremely dramatic, and made my stomach do flip flops.  At one overlook we saw a perfect example of an unconformity; over a billion years of rock type are missing between two layers.

Driving into Montrose around 2:00 looking for a place to eat, we had to make an 'emergency' stop at Ladybug Quilting.  The best quilt shop we've visited so far, and I could have spent a long time in there if  we hadn't needed to eat, but did manage to take some pix and buy a few things. Good sandwich at Great Harvest Bread - but my thermarest is MIA. I remember taking in into Sacred Grounds espresso for 'breakfast' this morning, but we were in a rush to beat the closure on highway 50 and maybe I left it there?  Good thing I packed a second one as a spare!

Passed several pastures filled with llamas today.  The other day we drove past a pickup with a couple of llamas in the bed of the truck.

In Ouray we went back to 'that bookstore' we didn't get enough of before, and as long as we were in the neighborhood did some foo-foo shopping. Quite the white-knuckle drive across the pass to Silverton.  Waterfalls!  And the colors of Red Mountain were incredibly vivid.

We're camping tonight in Silverton, and had dinner at the Handlebar Grill as recommended.  Good food, and lots of interesting decor.  After dinner we walked over to the depot, where we saw some tiny old cabooses.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TUESDAY, August 19

At breakfast in Golden we overheard some folks talking about the trails (hiking? biking?) around Pike's Peak closed because of numerous bear attacks.  Years ago Echo and I pulled off on a side road at the top and spent the night in the truck.  Luckily there didn't seem to be any furry bears around, although the police did come by and shine their light into the truck. (Overnight parking was not allowed.) I stayed in my sleeping bag pretending to be asleep, and they left.

In Golden we window shopped while we waited for the quilt museum to open at 10:00.  It turned out to be small, but very, very nice.  (I'd worn my quilting t-shirt today 'in honor of' the planned visit, and the woman at the front desk noticed it right off, and commented.)  Another woman and I had our own personal tour of the quilts with the docent, so I got more background than was written on the blurb by each quilt.  I especially liked the quilts in the Evolution challenge, and took a bunch of photos to share once I get home.  Afterward I hit the quilt store across the street (had admired their window displays earlier) and bought a yard of Colorado-ish batik.

Headed out of town and backtracking a little through that pretty canyon we did in the dark last night. Clear Creek afforded me many opportunities for nice pix.  The creek is rocky and looks shallow, but we saw a number of rafts heading down.

At the heritage museum in Idaho Springs we viewed an artifact collection that included an animal skull with an arrowhead embedded in it; first time I've ever seen that.  We also got hailed on coming out from a store where we did score something for Alex. Saw lots of fun stuff in a store that carried "unique gifts and selfish necessities".  Lunch was less than stellar; Tom found a piece of plastic in his gyro that turned out to be from their veggie slicer. We got a refund.

Stopped in Frisco (Colorado) for gas, and took that opportunity to mail off a birthday card (a little early) to Lily in San Franciso. <g>  Then up to Leadville, where I browsed the quilt store and Tom visited the rock shop.  Pretty nippy - Tom was tempted to turn on the heater in the truck.  (We did see smoke coming out of someone's fireplace!)  Gwen (owner of the quilt store) says it never got up above 80 there this summer... and told us that it also snowed on July 1st.  She dyes her silks, and used a beautiful blue/purple piece to make a stunning purse.

We're spending the night in Buena Vista, and had dinner at Quincy's.  They only serve filet mignon (4 different sizes), with a salad (only one dressing), baked potato, and bread; their limited menu is the reason their prices are so reasonable.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

MONDAY, August 18

Too bad the Quilters Quest in Craig is closed on Mondays or we could have stopped in on our way out of town. Instead we cruised to Steamboat Springs, where I saw my first fence made from skis.  We wandered the shops (got a pretty tie-dyed hot springs dress - with pockets!) and had a very mediocre  meal.  Despite having seen countless signs (like Wall Drug's advertising) ever since leaving Vernal, Utah, we skipped going into the FM Light store. And although we hoped to find a snowboard bag for Alex here in Colorado that's turning out to be harder than expected.  But everywhere we went today I kept getting compliments on my comfy yellow dress, so many that Tom commented on the comments.

Driving over Rabbit Ears Pass (9,426) we saw lots of wildflowers - and sadly LOTS of dead trees (from bark beetles?) I spotted a moose in a lake and Tom tried to stop - but just couldn't quite make it so no picture.

The topography changed dramatically when we reached Hot Sulphur Springs.  Then it was up, up, up on the drive through the Rocky Mountain National Park over the Continental Divide.  There was quite a traffic jam on that narrow road when folks stopped to see a bull elk just off the road to the right, and then another one off to the left (trying to shed his antlers?) The vistas are expansive, but diminished somewhat by the hillsides of dead trees. Cold at the top, especially when it started to rain - but did find a really pretty, really lightweight t-shirt with watercolor moose at the gift shop.  There's a fair amount of snow still left up above the timberline, even at the end of the summer.  At one viewpoint there was a trio of bighorn sheep practically posing for the tourists. On the way down there was another traffic jam  because of all the cars stopped for a herd of cow elk crossing the road.

After a brief stop in Estes Park at a rock shop/museum and a wave at the Stanley Hotel (where Tom worked briefly many years ago until Winter hit) we got off the beaten path.  We saw a sign Moose - next 20 miles but we weren't lucky enough to see one.  Since so many of the 'towns' we've been passing through haven't had any services, we were thinking maybe we should have eaten dinner before leaving Estes Park.  So when we came to the Millsite Inn (in the middle of nowhere) we figured we'd better eat.  But because we stopped, by the time we got to Nederland, site of the (in)famous Frozen Dead Man Festival, everything had just closed.  So we drove on.  Pretty canyon, so imagine my surprise when we got to Black Hawk, which was full of neon signs and casinos!  Once we were through there the canyon turned pristine again.  Sadly by then it was getting dark and we couldn't see as much as we would have liked.

We were heading to Golden in order to do the quilt museum tomorrow.  But the signage at the intersection of 3 highways (where Golden shows up on our map) did not include Golden.  Long story short, we had to make a quick decision in the dark and ended up on I-70 into Denver.  We found a motel that did not want our first-born, and at 9:00 are in for the evening.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

SUNDAY, August 17

Our wake-up call came through at 6:00 this morning.  Tom went off to go grubbing with Wade & Cindy, and Bob & Rosa Lee.  I begged off, just wanting to hang out today.  The hot tub is literally just out the back door of our room (and the pool also), I have books to read (and needlework I haven't touched yet this trip) so "don't worry about me, I'll be fine!" Lol

My first order of business was to fall back asleep - until almost 9:00!  I missed the free breakfast, but after all we ate yesterday that wasn't a problem!

Lazy morning (worked on a NYT crossword puzzle, chatted with Mom) and after a leisurely shower I had lunch in the bar: spicy chicken sandwich, and the BEST beer-battered French fries!

In the afternoon I read a little, but was tired despite sleeping in. So I turned on the TV - and ended up dozing off and on for several hours.  The gang got back around 6:30, and we went out for Chinese food.  They had a fun day but were pretty wiped out.  Even though I slept in and napped this afternoon I'm tired also.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

SATURDAY, August 16

No 6:00 wake up call as ordered ... Turns out they called room 110, and we'd moved to room 120.  Luckily I woke up on my own at 6:15.  They had a very nice hot breakfast, but I guess my face fell when she pointed out the scrambled eggs... with sausage.  What a nice surprise when she had the cook make me up some plain ones.  With yogurt and a blueberry muffin I filled up nicely.

We arrived at Wade and Cindy's on schedule, piled into their truck (without my chair) and drove to Bags, Wyoming where we toured Wade's dad Bob's museum (wow!) Once we finished there (and maybe saw 1% of his stuff!) we headed over to Bob and Rosa Lee's house in nearby Savery.  On the drive there we saw lots of pronghorn, and two of the Sandhill cranes in the field.  For the past several years the cranes have been visiting their garden and sharing the bird feeder with their smaller feathered friends, but this is the wrong time of day to expect to see them here.  Still, I could get lucky.

At the house we looked at some of their lifetime arrowhead collection, which is quite something. I absolutely loved a watercolor rendition Rosa Lee did of one beautiful turkey tail blade.  Also really enjoyed some of the really tiny exquisitely knapped points.  On a tour of the house I got to see more of her watercolors, which are most impressive.

Pretty house finches at the feeder - lots of orange. Rosa Lee says that they also have lapis lazuli 'covering the ground' at times.  Would love to see some of them since I have only seen them in pictures.  Did get to see a pretty yellow mama Evening Grosbeak cracking seeds and feeding them to two juveniles.

What a lunch: fried chicken, outrageous potato salad, freshly picked tomato slices, watermelon, etc. - and brownies for dessert!  After we finished stuffing our faces the guys went grubbing at the buffalo jump, and the three of us went to the local museum to see some quilts.  (Bob had built the wonderful rack from which they hang.) It was quite a museum, and all the more so since it's in a town with a population (according to the sign) of 25... and Rosa Lee says that may be a generous number!

I saw the 2-room schoolhouse Rosa Lee attended through 3rd grade - and which her mother and grandmother also attended!  (Starting in the 4th grade she got to move to the 'big' building, which now houses the museum.) The museum contained lots of exhibits that included possessions of various relatives; in the clothing area I got to see her great-grandmother's bustle.  And there was more of her artwork on display.  One of the buildings was a log cabin, built in the late 1800s, where one of her school friends had lived.  The inside of one room was lined with old newspapers, and although we searched hard, we couldn't find an intact piece with the date on it.  Once finished at the museum we headed to the Welcome Center in Bags, where more of Rosa Lee's beautiful watercolors hang.  

After dinner we toured the garden (LOTS of different beautiful flowers, most of which I didn't recognize) until the mosquitoes drove us inside.  Wade drove a back road home, and we saw zillions of jack rabbits streaking across the road, and some cottontails.  Antelope were up on the ridge silhouetted against the darkening sky.  

By the time we got home it was 9:30.  Long day, but we sure had fun.

Friday, August 15, 2014

FRIDAY, August 15

This morning I took a shower in a very white bathroom; sure made my tan look quite impressive.  I did spend much of my two weeks at Valley View in the shade or covered up, and I certainly applied sun screen often, but over time I did turn a nice color.

We were surprised that there was no place to eat in Jenson, but I didn't starve; I had a chocolate chip cookie and peach for breakfast.  Then we toured the visitor center (excellent exhibits) before riding the open bus up to the quarry.  The wall of dinosaur bones is just as amazing and impressive as I remember from my visit 30-some years ago.  Hope at least some of the pix I took do it justice.

We thought we'd be able to eat lunch in Dinosaur before heading on the scenic drive, but none of the eateries were open.  We stopped at that much smaller visitor center (with a very taciturn ranger) and then took a spectacular drive through the Dinosaur National Park. No fossils - but oh the views!!! I took so many photos I'm surprised I didn't fill up the memory card.  We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves - but did have to slow down at one point for the last couple of elk stragglers crossing the road.

Wade called this morning to firm up plans for our visit with him in Craig this weekend, and gave us a 'heads up' about the cafe in Maybell: the owner, George, is an avid artifact collector.  Since that is the only place to eat between Vernal and Craig <g> we 'decided' to have lunch there.  We met George, and his wife Jeannette, and the guys swapped some rocks.  As an added bonus lunch was absolutely delicious - and huge.

When we neared Wade's house in Craig we stopped at a liquor store so Tom could run in and pick up some beer.  He returned to the truck sans beer, but with a story.  A woman had come  up to him and asked, "Are you Tom?" His first thought was that I'd put her up to it, but she turned out to be Wade's girlfriend Cindy - he'd asked her to pick up supplies for our visit.  She had noticed our AZ plates and recognized Tom from some pix of Wade's. Quite the coincidence!

The four of us went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant that smelled delicious, but I was still so stuffed from our huge lunch at 3:00 that all I got was a small house salad.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

THURSDAY, August 14

No morning soak in the Apple Pool this morning - but it looks like it's going to be rainy all day, so I may still get wet. 

Yesterday when we were packing, the zipper on my purse (actually a fanny pack) broke.  I do have a small Life Is Good bag that I am using at the moment; unfortunately it does not have a zipper, or even a snap, at the top, so I am definitely in the market for a replacement.  

Stopped in several mom-and-pop quilt stores in Rifle.  One was cleverly named Bolt Action, where I took several pix (and yes, I bought a yard of fabric that Sharon had used in a quilt that was on display.)

Rainy drive toward Meeker - very low clouds, obscuring the strata.  Hoped to see Anvil Points and The Bookcliffs off to the left. Didn't get my camera out in time to snap some wild, wavy, colorful rock formations on the right.  Continued on to Rangely, where we toured the museum, mostly to see their artifact collection.  Which was so-so.  But I really liked the flintknapper's (Tim Meinen) display.  I gave him a call (knew he and Tom would enjoy visiting) but only got the answering machine.  Too bad.  

So off to Dinosaur, and then Vernal, where we went to the Heritage Museum to see their very, very, very nice Indian artifact collection. And what a bonus - they were also having a display of "Quilts on the Edge" this month!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We stopped in Buena Vista for a late lunch at the rib place Tom had enjoyed so much last week.  It was surprising to find it so crowded at 2:00 (we got the last table) but service was so slow that we decided that those people were the noon lunch crowd.  <g> Good brisket, though.  Plus parked right in front was the North Dakota plate we needed.

Our drive over Independence Pass was scenic, but a tad chilly; no surprise there was snow up there.  The views were dramatic, and we saw LOTS of beautiful wildflowers.  I will say the road was incredibly narrow in places... definitely not room for vehicles going in opposite directions! And at the top of the pass we scored the Washington, DC plate.

We went through Aspen during rush hour, and it didn't help that traffic was restricted to just one lane, the other reserved for buses.  At 5:50 we were driving through Glenwood Springs.
Me: There's a quilt store.
Tom: Is it open?
Me: I can't tell.
Tom turned off the main drag and immediately found a parking place for the truck/trailer.  We waited a long time for the light to cross the street, and arrived at the quilt store at 5:55. The sign said it closed at 6:00, but the door was already locked.  Guess I looked pretty pathetic peering in, because the woman opened up for me, and after a quick run through I bought a panel.  We stopped in at a few more shops, and by 6:30 were back on the road after a nice half-hour break.

We stopped for the night in Rifle.  On the drive here we'd seen a sign for a rib restaurant, and when we were checking in we asked for dinner recs. Julie mentioned the rib place - and it was right behind the motel!  I had a delicious smoked beef salad.

Spoke with Alex this evening.  Apparently we've gotten a lot of rain and the grass is high and too wet to mow, plus a large limb from the mulberry has come down.  Otherwise, sounds like things are going well.  He's gotten a promotion at work, plus a better schedule.
WEDNESDAY, August 13

Spent the morning soaking, then packing, then soaking with Neil and Terry and Tom.  But it's getting close to time to head out. Sigh.  Sure has been a wonderfully relaxing two weeks!

Not sure when I'll have wifi again, so don't worry if I don't post for a few days.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TUESDAY, August 12

Happy birthday, Neil!  I started off my morning with the 'mandatory' soak in the apple pool, then came down and cleaned house (dusted, swept/mopped/vacuumed floors, gave the bathrooms a quick once-over, etc.) while Terry was in the kitchen cooking everything from scratch (as usual) for the party this evening. I did get to lick the bowl from the chocolate cake, and everything else sure smelled good!  

Helped Tom get the trailer hitched up (we're leaving tomorrow - although Terry did 'remind' me that The Row party is this weekend, and we should certainly consider staying...!)

Tom and I soaked in the party pool this afternoon and mapped out a general itinerary once we leave here. Later I played in the apple pool with 2-year-old William, floating leaves and apples down the waterfall, and then vegged a little by the swimming pool.  

Back at the house we did presents with Neil before the party - which took a lot longer than it should have.   The party itself was a big success; several dozen folks showed up - and I knew a lot of them. The food (2 different types of chili, 2 different batches of cole slaw) was delicious, and it was a fun evening, with lots of laughter.  I got some great pix, and Tom gave knapping lessons. Even watched 11:14 again (with Michael and Doug) after the party ended.  Late night!

Monday, August 11, 2014

MONDAY, August 11

Fed the cat and the birds, then ate my morning yogurt in the apple pool.  Back at the house I put in a load of laundry and then went on a search for my package from Amazon, which (according to tracking) had apparently been delivered Saturday.  No one in the office could find it, but then Terry remembered that UPS doesn't deliver on Saturday, so it had probably come by mail.  Sure enough, it was down the road in the mailbox.

Terry went to Salida, Tom and Michael down to the row, and I spent the afternoon in the party pool, with: 9-month-old Elinore; twin spotted fawns; Michael and Mick (and their beautiful gray poodle Guapo) and their delicious hand-made caramels.  I'd brought chilled peach slices in a Baggie, they brought peach slices marinated in grand mariner, and almond biscotti to accompany them. Glad I'd already told them I only had a kitchen because it came with the house: Craig, who had offered to help with the tree root; Bruce (who used to work at Dunton, and who we met at Orvis 3 weeks ago; Sandy and Greg with their hats.  We all loved the song Mark taught Suzanne that Mick sang.

Around 6:00 we picked up Terry's sister Elinor (LOVE the house they built!) and then Elaine (90?) and headed off to book club in Bonanza. Knew some of the ladies (Ann, from the music festival, and Amy and Megan, from the Steel Horse) and thoroughly enjoyed the discussion of Alice McDermott's "Someone". Good food, too!  When we got back home Tom and Neil were finishing up that "wonderful" (NOT) movie, so we took that opportunity to wrap Neil's birthday presents.  Then we finished off that chocolate pecan pie before heading off to bed.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lots of interesting conversations in the party pool this afternoon.  I heard a woman talking about the climb below Mooney Falls, holding on to the chain - so of course I talked with her, and told her I'd lived in Supai for a couple of years; Bernie was talking about his trips to Peru, and how he's planning to do another Thanksgiving there in 2015.  Machu Pichu IS on my bucket list...;  I was telling Stacy about a hot springs not far from Kingman, and then Jim introduced himself, telling me he's from Dolan Springs - small world;

Tom had delivered lunch to me at the party pool: chilled watermelon and cantaloupe pieces that wouldn't quite fit into the watermelon shells last night.  I made the rounds of the pool, sharing with the crowd.  Not quite like when we used to bring a whole watermelon up to the swimming pool and share slices, but just as appreciated.

Clouds and thunder rolled in around 2:00, so it was time to get out of the water.  When I left, Tom was in deep conversation on the bench with another geologist.  He did make it back before it rained, and later we cruised up to the apple pool, where there were two Aussie puppies, Snow and Bela.  I know that puppies only come in cute - but it really is hard to top 2-month-old Aussies!

Delicious chicken/turkey soup for dinner tonight, and for dessert we were treated to a chocolate pecan pie Terry whipped up today.  She is really spoiling us!  After dinner we watched "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio" (I'd read the book when it came out years ago) which the guys enjoyed as much as we did.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


While I was In the apple tree pool this morning Graham was hand-feeding one of the does apples; I got some great shots, which his mom appreciated.  Bernie showed up for the weekend (Tom finally 'made me' get rid of my old Bernie's Breakfast shirt; I held out for a while, but have to admit it had gotten "somewhat" threadbare...) and he may help OLT out with the pancake breakfast Sunday.  He's been doing some interesting travel the past several years.

On our way back for lunch Tom and I thought we'd swing by the Pavilion and see how the silent auction was going.  I'd already been outbid on an item, but 'the other Doug' was still the only one on Tom's arrowhead, although he'd doubled the minimum bid.  Later, I saw that Terry had bid on it - and also that "someone" (later found out it was Tom) had added two zeroes to Doug's bid.  Terry figured no one was going to top that bid, so she added $10 to the true bid just so folks might continue to bid.  All the money goes to the Orient Land Trust.

While at the pavilion Tom and I ran into a guitarist who turned out to be one of the founding members of the band (ATOMGA) that's playing tonight  - although he's no longer with the band.  We chatted for a few minutes, and I told Nick he sure looked familiar.  All of a sudden his eyes widened, and he said, "I know who you are! You have a daughter who plays the flute, and I taught her the pentatonic (?) scale."  I remember them playing at the picnic table outside Sunset House and (no doubt!) even have pictures in her album to prove it.

This afternoon I watched the pool raft contest, and they broke the old record by piling 19 people on.  Brought back some memories of the time (25? 30? years ago) when a bunch of us decided to see how many people we could pile on a raft.  I was one of the first ones on, and as more and more people piled on top of me I was completely trapped with my nose just barely above the water.  As I was thinking that if another person got on I was going under (and how ironic it would be to drown on a raft at the hot springs!) of course someone else did pile on. I started struggling, and (thankfully) someone noticed in time.

Tom made up up a fancy fruit salad for the pot luck, and Terry roasted a turkey.  There was lots of food - I really liked the couscous salad somebody made, and the decadent chocolate cake! - but it was a big crowd and I don't think there were too many leftovers.  I got to meet John and Jan, and their 11-week old puppy Maggie (golden retriever?)  We had been expecting them last night, to stay with Neil and Terry, but they got in too late and ended up bunking elsewhere.  Maggie liked my low-rider chair... the plate in my lap was almost <g> floor level.

Plenty of time for a soak before the band was scheduled to play, and it was joke time. I heard a couple of good ones I'm really going to try to remember!  When we were sufficiently waterlogged we headed back to the house, and not ten minutes later the skies opened up; obviously we'd timed it right.  Both of us were tired, and when Tom fell asleep on the couch I went upstairs to stretch out on the bed.  Bottom line - I never did make it up to see the band, although I could still hear it faintly.  

SUNDAY, August 10

Great breakfast up at the pavilion this morning: fruit, pancakes (regular and gluten-free) with all sorts of toppings, eggs, etc. I ate with Amelia (who wants to adopt me as her mother) and Graham (who wants to hear Sam McGee again.) Then a morning soak, where I had a nice conversation with a woman who fosters and adopts dogs.  On my way back down to the house I ran into Tom, who was just on his way up to breakfast.  

The skies are nice and blue, so it looks like another beautiful day in paradise!  I've been here almost two weeks, but have been very careful about the sun.  The only day I got much was at the music festival in Crestone, and have a peeling nose to show for it. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

When I accompanied Terry on our morning walk to the mailbox (we were sending back last night's Netflix, "Before Sunrise") I remembered to bring my camera, and snapped 'a few' pix of flowers and scenery.  Also got a bit of a refresher on IDing some of the flowers.

Washed my new dress this morning.  Good thing I did it all by itself, because it did bleed a lot of color.  But it also shrank like I wanted it to (the armholes had been too big.). Now it's another perfect hot springs dress.  Tom even commented on it when he saw me in it later.

It turns out I could have soaked this morning - they didn't drain/clean the apple tree pools until late morning.  But I had a good time in the party pool this afternoon, where conversations can run the gamut.  

For example, today I chatted with two sisters (Susie from Denver, and her sister Carolyn, visiting from Chicago, who were first timers; Susie had heard about Valley View years ago, but somehow never made it up until today.) Anyway, Carolyn's daughter has just had a baby boy, and has been reading up on 'how to raise boys'. One book, written by the mother of four sons, talked about having to get used to them shedding their clothes as soon as they came in the house; she wrote of having to tell one of them at dinner to "stop wrapping your penis around your fork."

And Cheryl, a nurse in Denver, talked about 'getting in trouble' for running free CPR classes while others were charging $45/person.

It did cloud over, and actually rain a little - but there was no thunder so I waited and yes, by the time I was pruned enough the sun had come out again.  (No fun getting out of the water when it's rainy and/or windy!) Walking back something 'told me' to check out the plate on a motorcycle - and I scored South Dakota, which ramps us up to 42. And a little further along the road I got to meet Edward, a long-time Valley View-er who has done much of their artwork.

We had (delicious) leftovers for dinner; Terry was hoping to clear the frig of at least a few containers, but I don't think we finished off anything.  Still, she rewarded us by baking yet another batch of cookies. Then it was off to the pavilion to enjoy the fire and listen to the band.  They were a little late getting started, but once they got going the dance floor was mobbed.  About the time I was feeling left out of all the fun Tom decided he would dance.  Fun evening, though around 10:30 we started to drag and headed back.  I opened my window and could easily hear the last half hour of the set from the comfort of my bed.

Party weekend is off to a good start :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

THURSDAY, August 7

I had left Michael three chocolate chip cookies last night - and when I got up this morning I found he had (again) left me one.  😄 That (and a soak in the apple pool) was a perfect way to start the day.  

There's a tow-headed toddler here, and I heard how yesterday he was walking up to one of the does, grass in hand.  As he approached her she would move off a bit, and he would continue toddling forward.  At some point the doe gently took the grass from his hand. Sweet.

I walked down to the mailbox (about half a mile) with Terry when she went to mail off Karen's birthday present, and during the walk down and then back up I got a botany lesson when she Identified many of the flowers for me. (Not that I'll remember their names, of course!)

I got permission from Doug to attack that nasty root that's sticking straight up on the path to the Apple Pool, and he and Terry helped me find a rasp (my idea), a saw, and a mega-clipper.  So after I put in a load of laundry and had lunch (avocado, provolone cheese - and a FEW potato chips) I headed up, 'loaded for bear'. <g>  After soaking (first in the party pool, then in the apple tree pools) I did do some damage to that nasty root with the hasp (and a couple of folks passing by approved of my efforts.)  

Tom made it back (from his 3-day soujourn) in time for dinner (Terry roasted a chicken, and we also had rice and broccoli and cantaloupe) and we heard all about his travels. (Another correction: Doug and Jo live in Castle Rock - it's their vacation cabin that's in FairPlay.) Tom visited a museum one day (it wasn't scheduled to open for another 30 minutes, but the curator let him in anyway and he ended up giving her the tour) and also happened upon a gem & mineral show (in Buena Vista?) that was impressive - plus he ran into folks he knew from Quartzsite.

FRIDAY, August 8

This is the start of the annual party weekend; folks were rolling in all day yesterday, and I'm sure more will arrive today.  I hope to run into many friends from 'the old days'.  Tom brought back some strawberries and melons to make a fruit salad as our contribution to tomorrow's potluck; Terry will be cooking a turkey.  I'm looking forward to tonight's band, INTUIT. Another band will play Saturday night. Now we just have to hope that the weather behaves - had quite a downpour late yesterday afternoon and early evening.

I woke up early this morning and would have headed up to the Apple Pools - but Friday is the day they get cleaned (they were pretty mossy/slippery yesterday) and it's probably not warm enough yet (for me) at the party pool.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


(Correction to yesterday's post: Tim lives in Centennial, not Castle Rock)

Terry, Neil and Michael went to Denver today for Neil's PCA meeting.  I didn't hear them leave, but their plan was to get up at 3:30 and head out at 4:30 - so that's a good thing!  It will be a long day for them (naturally the meeting was on the other side of Denver, so it was more than 4 hours each way.)  I made up a batch of my 'famous' beef stew in the crock pot so dinner would be already done and waiting whenever they get home.

Both hummer feeders needed to be refilled when I woke up, and Shadow had left me a present outside my bedroom door (I appreciated the gesture, but dead mice are just not that appealing to me!) but once those chores were taken care of I was free to wander up to the pools and soak.

On the way up to the party pool I had a delightful discussion with Edna (she has just discovered Valley View), and Muffin was kind enough to 'wash' my yogurt cup.  At the pool I met some other first-timers, Wendy and Mary Ellen, from Santa Fe. They have worked together for years at a charter school, where Mary Ellen runs the Special Ed department. So we had lots of stories to share.  They loved hearing about my time teaching in Supai.

Around 2:00 I was headed down to the house for a bite to eat, and stopped to watch Katie painting some of the thistles by the little creek. (I do admire people who can make their hands duplicate what their eyes see!) Further along the road Greg (another first-timer) pointed out a doe who was resting in the trees close by.  He asked where the pools are, so I made a U-turn and took him on a mini-tour. On my way back along the road there was another deer munching, who let me get about 6-8 feet from her before she started thinking about bolting.  I took a picture and continued on to the house.

While I filled the smaller hummer feeder I was deciding what to have for lunch.  I'd forgotten about the pasta leftovers from last night's dinner, and they were just as delicious cold.  I am definitely going to make some when I return home!  I'd also forgotten that Wednesday is pool cleaning day; I'd originally thought that I might sit in the shade poolside this afternoon and work on my needlework.  

Heading back up the the party pool to soak I got waylaid by some pretty piano music coming from Oak House, and changed direction.  Not only did I get to hear some good playing, I also scored the Maryland license plate we needed from a car parked there.  However, I had miscounted our total because once I had so many plates it was easier to count the missing ones and subtract from 50 - except <g> I had forgotten to include Alaska and Hawaii among the missing.   I think with the addition of Maryland we're now up to 41, but will have to wait until Tom returns (the map is in the glove box) to say for sure.

I did eventually make it up to soak, and introduced Amelia to Sam McGee.  Then a man and I 'traded' poems for a while.  Leaving the pool a deer watched me walk down the path, and let me get within about 2 feet before she decided to walk off.  (One of the guys at the pool this afternoon mentioned that he'd hand fed an apple to one of the deer... NOT a good idea!)

When the gang returned from their long day in Denver, dinner (beef stew and cantaloupe) was ready to eat.  The cantaloupe rinds that I'd put on the ground outside the kitchen window were also appreciated, by a doe and her tiny fawn, who came to eat them while we were dining.  

It's a tired bunch tonight, but at least tomorrow, "no one has to get up at O-fuck-30"... LOL

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

TUESDAY, August 5

This morning I found a very large blister on my ring finger - and have absolutely no idea how I got it.  Strange!

I got in an early morning soak at the Apple pool before breakfast, and a mid-morning soak at the party pool after breakfast.  Around 10:30 Terry and I drove into Salida to do some grocery shopping while Tom headed off to visit a couple of rock friends (Tim in Castle Rock and Doug in Fairplay) for the next couple of days.

In Salida I saw a tiny 'library' outside someone's house (take a book, leave a book) and a woman riding what at first glance I thought was a unicycle but turned out to be something called an ordinary.  (Later I saw another ordinary parked in someone's yard.)  We dropped off the recycling and hit a few shops; Terry found a cozy jacket for Neil for his birthday next week, and I found a pretty yet inexpensive dress for me, but the real coup was stumbling across a store that carried exactly what Tom has been looking for!

In town we ate a yummy lunch (we both chose the day's special, a veggie frittata) and a bit later got ice cream before finally heading to Safeway.  On our short drive to the grocery store I noticed a fawn in a yard and watched its Mama jump over the hedge to join it.  

Driving home we saw some weather in the distance, but the rain was considerate enough to wait until we had all the groceries unloaded from the car and I had refilled the empty hummingbird feeder.

Dinner was a delicious pasta dish Terry whipped up (I helped) and it's a meal I'm going to try to recreate once I'm home; dessert was another batch of freshly-baked cookies.  During dinner a spotted fawn and mama were grazing right outside the window, and (of course) I had to take some pix.  Think I got a couple of good ones.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

SUNDAY, August 3

After a lazy morning and a soak, I went with Terry to the final day of the Crestone Music Festival.  (The guys decided they didn't want to go.)  We sat with her sister Elinor and BIL Richard; good to see them again after many years. The music was varied, and I enjoyed most of the groups.  We had sun for most of the day (we didn't get there early enough to score a spot under one of the three tents) but around 6:00 a storm rolled in.  While we had brought rain gear 'just in case', we did manage to squeeze in under one of the tents and stay dry (and reasonably warm.)

The festival was considerably larger than I expected; there were two stages, and lots of vendors (although all I bought was the last festival tank-top tee... Sorry, Elinor!) and food booths, plus several kid-friendly venues.  Terry had me psyched up for one of the crepes - but that booth ran out of food and closed long before we were ready for dinner, so we had to 'settle' for gyros.  I was lucky to get one shortly before they ran out of lamb.  Met some of Terry's friends (and even ran into an old friend of mine) and did a little dancing.  Another great day!

MONDAY, August 4

Not sure why I didn't post yesterday's entry yesterday; I was jazzed up from the day's festivities and was up late because I wasn't tired.

Lots of soaking today, in various pools.  Terry took a picture of Tom & me at my very favorite-ist spot in the party pool.  I also got a picture of camp host Kevin with some of his amazing artwork.

I did lunch, which happily got excellent reviews from everyone.  This afternoon Terry cooked up some bison for tonight's dinner (enchiladas), I watched her make yogurt (never seen that done before), and then we made up a scratch batch of chocolate chip/pecan cookies.   No one is going hungry here!

Today I got to see a Calliope hummingbird 'in the flesh' - so I can add that to my List.  But of the ones here, I have to say I like the colors of the male Roufus the best.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

SATURDAY, August 2

Sunshine and blue skies - for a change!  The Crestone Music Festival is this weekend, and they really got slammed (again) yesterday; we heard that venue (a golf course) is a mudbog today. No surprise after a week of rain.

Terry is trying to talk us into staying through next weekend, which is the big annual Valley View party. Fine with me! Plus her bookclub meets that Monday, so she's offered the book ("Someone" by Alice McDermott) to me to read beforehand.

I did a load of laundry (first time this trip) while we were sitting on the back porch as Neil got a shave and we watched Shadow watch the herds of hummers sucking the feeders dry.  (Even though they're large ones, we have to refill them several times a day.  Sound familiar, Marilyn?) I brought Terry a wonderful hummingbird book, and we think we can figure out how many hummers she's feeding by how much sugar water she's going through daily; the book said a hummer will drink 1/5 oz. each day.

It was perfect up at the party pool this afternoon - water had warmed up a bit - and when we'd had enough sun we cruised down to the swimming pool.  Terry spotted that rotund yellow bird she's been trying to identify, and I got a look at it also.  Some think it's a finch, some a warbler.  It does seem to be missing its tail, which may be the reason it looks so round.   Sure is a beautiful bright yellow.  I also took a picture of the berry bush Terry is trying to identify, which may help.

We treated Neil and Terry to dinner at the Steel Horse in Villa Grove.  The special tonight was ribeye kabobs - very good.  When we got home we 'went' to Scotland again (Tom had missed seeing the pix the other night when he was off soaking), finished off the leftover desserts (as good as the first time), and watched an interesting movie, 11:14, that I definitely want to watch again.  

Another wonderful day at Valley View.  :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

FRIDAY, August 1

Spent hours in the Apple Tree pools - it's such a delightful way to start the day.  I had my water and a handful of cherries so I was set for a while.  Neil made it up for a bit, and camp host Kevin, and I had a wonderful conversation with Amber (love her tattoo) and Roger (originally from the Netherlands) who live in Cold Creek.  By the time I returned to the house Tom and Steve were getting ready to head out to Bonanza and go point hunting.  

The weather was better today, so I was actually able to get into the big pool this afternoon and swim some laps.  Got some pix of Neil and Terry also enjoying the swimming pool.  I spent much of the afternoon soaking, and about the time I was feeling a little water-logged I heard the rumble of thunder, signaling to me it was time to head inside.

When I checked my e-mail and FB today I learned that a bear got into Dwain's garage Monday night; we left THAT morning, and 'my' bedroom was right inside the garage door! (Tom was sleeping in the camper right outside!) SO glad the bear waited <G> until we left...

I helped Terry put on another wonderful dinner and dessert (tonight she baked up a delicious upside-down peach delight.) When the evening was winding down and Tom started to head out the door to the truck he discovered a deer bedded down for the night just steps away.