Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This morning I saw the radiation oncologist and had my CT scan   I still don't know my start date - apparently other stuff still needs to be done at their end - but hoping for next week.  

At least I'm all ready: I got my tattoos.  (Suggested a ladybug, but that didn't happen... all I got were a couple of dots.)  The first one wasn't bad, but guess the second spot was more tender - it really burned!  Don't know how folks get those big involved ones (maybe there's some sort of topical anesthetic involved?)

Alex has made noises about getting a tattoo - I REALLY HOPE HE DOESN'T! - so I can relate to the name of this tattoo shop:

Nothing else on for today, so maybe I'll get some quilting done.  Yesterday afternoon I took a hard nap (haven't napped in a while!) so obviously I am still feeling tired.

Results of deep-sea fishing:
One fish, two fish,
Big fish, bigger fish

Monday, July 30, 2012

Not sure why I didn't blog yesterday - I was home, and feeling fine.  
Guess I just got busy with other stuff?

Today being Monday I'm used to heading to the lab first thing in the morning for a blood draw.  It did seem strange not to have to do that today.  But just to make up for the hiatus,
I've got a CT Scan on Tuesday, and and Echo Cardiogram on Thursday.

Lisa's time at Teacher Training in Flagsaff was well spent.  She said it was 'rigorous - but extremely helpful', which is always nice.  (I personally can remember lots of teacher 'training' that was just a waste of everyone's time!)  Lisa spent Sunday packing up and moving out of her room.  I will say that she did a great job, and now we'll have the full use of that room since she's 'officially' no longer living here.  No surprise that her car was pretty loaded up, although not quite this bad . <g>

Her original plan was to head out right after dinner so she'd get to Tucson at a reasonable hour and get all moved in there (she had to be at the school first thing this morning for meetings) but the storm delayed her.  (I'm glad Alex got the backyard mowed yesterday before the rain hit!) She did leave here around 8:00 - but was back again at 9:00.  At first I thought she'd forgotten something crucial (hey, it could happen....) but turns out that she'd spoken to Tom, who was on his way back from a fishing trip to Monterrey.  He was bummed that he wouldn't get to see her (plus he had a bunch of fresh fish to give her!) so she decided that since she wasn't that far she'd turn around and come back and surprise him.  (He actually would have been home around 8:00 if he hadn't ended up stranded in the big traffic jam on I-10 after a nasty fatal accident when a semi crossed the median and hit a mini-van head-on, killing a family of 7 occupants.)
How does their family even begin to cope with something like that?  I wish them strength in the days ahead.

Speaking of family helping us through things, on Saturday I got a lovely surprise from Mom, a penguin  pillow to 'keep me company' when I'm lying down on the couch or in bed:

I also picked up some Michael Miller penguin fabric over the weekend.  The small store right near me was having a sale, and I popped over for just a small piece of brown that I needed for a block.  But when she asked if I'd seen the new fabric that had just come in (nope) and pointed me in that direction, I just could not resist - it's gorgeous!

Now I'm off to the post office to mail Mom my Sony e-reader.  Hers died today, and now that I have the iPad I don't need the e-reader.  Plus I'm still pretty much a DTB kind of person.  :-)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I finished the top for the Foothills Challenge quilt yesterday, and am really pleased with the way it turned out.  Sadly I can't post the picture now because many of the ladies read my blog (and it needs to be kept secret, for fair voting in October) but will share it after October 10.  I did send the picture around to family and (non Foothills) friends, and have gotten very positive feedback.

This morning Mary and I went to Scottsdale to see Beasts of the Southern Wild.  It's very good, and I do recommend it.  
We had a bit of an adventure finding the theater, and (since we were early) another adventure finding the nearby restaurant to pass the time.  But Mary says she'll keep me on as navigator!

Lisa just got home from her 9 days of Teacher Training in Flagstaff.  
After a nap we're going out to dinner; I look forward to hearing all about it!

Here's a smile to start off your day.  
It's a perfect example of why parents get gray hair...  

Imagine trying to relax when the kids drag you outside 
to see the seven cute little black and white 'kittens' they found:

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm looking forward to watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies later today.

Have also found the schedules for those events I especially want to watch, 
like diving and gymnastics.  
Hopefully these will help me keep track of things, 
since this Chemo Brain still has me pretty befuddled at times.  

FYI - In 1992 Lisa and I were visiting family in Maryland, and (along with Mom) went to see the national trials for the US Rhythmic Gymnastics team.  It was pretty phenomenal to watch 'up close and personal', although Lisa was not quite 2 and was too young to really appreciate what we were seeing.  Of course I picked my 'favorites'  to watch and root for during the Olympics, but sadly most of that event was not televised.

The Valley is expecting weather this weekend; I've pretty much guaranteed we'll at least get wind by sweeping the front porch and driveway this morning.

This waking-up-for-the-day-in-the-middle-of-the-night is starting to get old.  

This morning it was 3:00.  I decided not to take anything to go back to sleep because I have an early morning appointment with the oncologist.  On the plus side, I do get to see Alex when he gets home.  Plus the 4:00 cat fight outside didn't wake me up.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Patti came over for 'lunch and a movie'.  I had offered to take her out tomorrow (it's her birthday) but she's going out with her hubby. 

 I think I surprised her with the delicious tuna salad I made - 
she's a great cook, and 

Then we enjoyed Big Miracle.

This morning I deposited a 'surprise' check (Lisa's college refunded the $175 housing deposit) and then this afternoon's mail brought another surprise check: a refund from my health insurance for $180! Since the mail usually brings bills it was a very nice change.

So it's been a good day all around, despite having been up since 2:00.
Been up since the middle of the night, and feeling quite energetic.  Have already done some laundry plus been to the bank and the grocery store.  And it's only 7:00!  I may actually get a lot of stuff done today.  Whatever bug I had that hung on seems to have finally been eradicated.  YAY!

Now I think I'll read the paper.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Of course I enjoyed myself at Busy Bees this morning.  The Margorp (that's 'program' backwards) was all about our birthdays.  (Which, by the way, Carolyn and I share, although 10 years apart.)  Carolyn brought Breanna, and the stunning quilt that she just finished for her:

I like all the colors in this quilt of Carla's.

Louise brought in a recently completed Hens & Chicks UFO.  Several ladies made sets of a hen, and an accompanying Hen & Chick block, then traded. It was started so long ago that some of the ladies who participated no longer recognize which blocks they made!

Sharon showed her basket quilt from a 6-month 'class' at Foothills; 
each month the ladies got a pattern for one pieced basket and one redwork.

This koala block was adorable.  
(And it's hard to tell, but the white around his ears is tufted.)

Lazy afternoon.  Patti came over; we had planned to watch Big Miracle (courtesy of Netflix), but the mail, usually here around lunchtime, didn't arrive until almost dinnertime.  You know what they say about the best laid plans... 
I enjoyed watching Breanna and Jenna enjoy the pool on Monday. I've only been swimming once this summer - just too much effort all around - so nice to see it getting more use.  Pokey made an appearance and (of course!) was happy to eat the fruit the girls offered her. Carolyn had hoped Breanna would get a chance to meet Pokey, and feeding her was just an added bonus.

Still, despite the five star accommodations and plentiful food, when Pokey found the gate ajar Tuesday morning she headed off to explore the Big Bad World. Good thing our phone number is still visible on her shell; some folks discovered her cruising down the street - toward 35th Ave! - and gave us a call, so Pokey was soon back home where she belongs.

Chemo went well yesterday, although folks who witnessed my Happy Dance last Tuesday were surprised to see me back.  I've still got 9 months of every-3-weeks Maintenance Chemo to go, but that should be a 

The oncologist was concerned about my recent symptoms, but at least all my bloodwork was good. Just as a precaution I need to go back and see her on Friday; if symptoms persist she will order several tests. She did offer to let me skip chemo, but I felt up to it and we went ahead, although she did add a bag of fluids to the treatment just in case dehydration (despite all the water I drink) is the culprit. The rest of the day went fine.  Many thanks to Patti for taking me to chemo, and spending her morning waiting there with me.  Aren't good friends wonderful?!  

I got a "Can you do me a favor?" text from Lisa yesterday afternoon.  Even though I was half asleep (she does seem to have impeccable timing for waking me from naps) 

I was able to locate the book she needed, scan the requested short story (from a rather vague description), and e-mail it back to her.  Always nice to be able to do something right and redeem myself.  
I'd hate to be turned into a bear...

Willie (and his mom) stopped by after dinner yesterday to invite us to Willie's 1st birthday party in a few weeks.  He had fun visiting, and playing with Alex.  Willie seems to have developed quite an attachment to
Alex, and Alex does seem to enjoy playing with Willie.  Wish I'd taken some pix so I could share them here.  

Have I mentioned that Willie is due to become a Big Brother the end of December?
(He's probably going to have a Little Sister.)

In a bit I'm off to Busy Bees. Looking forward to another Quilt Fix.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ironic... Finished up the 'hard' 6 months of chemo last week, with minimal side effects - then just had the sickest weekend. Yes, can add 'praying to the porcelain gods' to this weekend's list of 'fun'... NOT!

Although I was up much of the night (mostly just vertigo by then) I am feeling somewhat better this morning.  However, I am not willing to risk driving myself to the lab for weekly blood draw.  Tom will be taking me in a little bit.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What a day - basically slept the rest of the day! Still dizzy and also queasy, but did eat dinner. Tomorrow WILL be a better day!
Day has not started off well. 
 Phone rang at 5:00 - a robo call - which woke me up.

I probably would have woken up shortly thereafter, so no real biggie - except that I immediately experienced severe bouts of vertigo. 

What is going on?! Still 'indisposed', food/drink metallic taste is worsening, and now vertigo? Could be hard to get anything done today if this keeps up!

Main 'to do' on today's agenda is to clean up back patio; Carolyn and her granddaughter Breanna (visiting from Kansas) are supposed to come over to swim.  I hope the weather cooperates and it happens.... I am really sick of my own company!!!

Just for the record, have had some rather bizarre dreams the past couple of nights. Last night's involved a very tall ladder and heights (a 'minor' phobia of mine.)

Thus my entire climbing adventure was totally out of character (as if dreams were realistic, right?)