Saturday, January 31, 2015

More rain this morning (folks in town for the PGA Open must really be wondering about our Valley of the Sun moniker!) 

The crappy weather did, however,
make it an excellent time to get some sewing done.

Now that it's afternoon I think I'll shower and get dressed, and head off to the grocery store.  I'm doing dinner tonight, and the plan is to grill some salmon.  Here's hoping...!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Alex stopped in briefly - on his way to a concert tonight!  I don't see how he's still standing; he's been working around the clock for days now.  

When I asked him, he said he's "got it all under control"; turns out he "plans to sleep Tuesday"...!!!

In the Good News, Bad News Dept:

The bad news is that starting the day off with a Pap smear is never fun (though the day can only get better, right?)  The good news (which was a wonderful surprise!) is that this apparently is my last one; after 65 it's not done.

My next order of business was to call Verizon since I'm still experiencing the problem that was (supposedly) fixed yesterday.  I wouldn't mind making calls like this quite so much if it just didn't take so long to make my way through the maze of phone prompts just to actually talk to a person!

Unfortunately the bottom line is that as the account holder I am REQUIRED to receive alerts on data usage on all the phone numbers.  

I do, at least, have an address where I can mail a letter voicing my displeasure with this arrangement,  "suggesting" they change their requirements.

At least this is something I can handle,
having done my share of letter-writing!  

It's raining, as predicted.  

Certainly not good weather for the golf tournament, but great for other things

like getting sewing done.  Which is what I am about to do.

Looks like I'll be calling Verizon again today. 

 Guess what came through on my cell phone in the middle of the night?

I understand it's a given that I can't get technology to do what I want.  

But shouldn't the cellphone company have a handle on that?

Now I'm off to the gynocolgist for my annual Well Woman Exam.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

After our pedicures Carol and I lunched at Wildflower Bread Company where we split a turkey Waldorf salad.... and a slice of their to-die-for chocolate cake.  

As if that didn't make it a perfect enough day, we made a trip to 35th Ave.  I only needed some tone-on-tone, but somehow <g> found some other fabrics (most from the clearance shelves) that wanted to come home with me.  

Also played with an adorable white fluffy puppy
that was there 'helping' her Mom shop.

When Carol was getting out of my car back at her house she stepped off the driveway into a depression and almost went down; luckily she was able to grab onto the car and save herself.  Which reminds me: she told me that the other day in her house she stepped back, forgetting there was something on the floor behind her, and lost her balance.  What broke her fall and saved her? A stack of fabric! 

Just proves my point:

I finished the second placemat this evening, and now there's just the binding left to do.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get that done after I get back from the doctor (unless I end up going to the Rusty Barn show.)

I didn't see Alex when he got home around dinner time.  (Carlo grilled elk burgers tonight.)  But instead of going to sleep as I would have expected he showered and then headed off to bar tend tonight.  Plus he'll be back at the golf tournament tomorrow at the crack of dawn.  I have NO idea how he's staying awake!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Everyone (there were 10 of us taking Betty's class) seemed to enjoy the class, and by the time it ended this afternoon I had actually finished the first placemat (except for the binding.) It may not be perfect, but that probably makes it that much more likely to be used... <g>  Here are the 'front' and 'back' views: 

This evening, before I forgot the technique, I started on the second placemat, which - not surprisingly - is turning out even better now that I've gotten the hang of it.  Tomorrow afternoon (I'm taking Carol for her pedicure in the morning) I might even get it finished.

For some "reason"

Verizon feels the need to text me when the kids have used 75% of their monthly data allotment, when they reach 90%, and (of course) when they've used it all.  Alex especially uses his phone in the middle of the night, so that's often when he hits those milestones and the texts come in.  Since I use my phone as an alarm clock that means I have the joy (NOT!) of hearing those texts when I'd much rather remain in dreamland.  

Today I was notified about both of the kid's accounts, which finally prompted me to do something besides gripe; this afternoon I talked to a woman at Verizon and now (in theory, anyway) I should no longer get status reports on the kids' data usage.

Alex worked the big golf tournament today for RockStar, is doing his usual Wednesday night stint at The Mint tonight (until 2:00 am), and then has to be back at work again at the golf tournament at 5:30 a.m. !  I am really, really, really happy that I don't keep his hours!

 He's going to be one tired puppy tomorrow.

In other 'news', I have gotten hooked on a new (to me) game: Ken Ken.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Subbing went well this morning, or at any rate MUCH better than the last time I braved the high school.  The younger students (8th & 9th graders) were angels, the older kids not quite so much.  Lots of school spirit - and it's not even a Friday! I saw BGHS team shirts for football, soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball, cheer, etc.  That reminded me that when I was cleaning out my closet I found the over-sized BGHS-yellow fleece pullover and have been meaning to drop it off at the high school.  Today would have been a perfect day... IF I had just remembered to put it in the car!

Mrs. Sizemore (the math teacher I was subbing for today) recognized me as Lily's mom, and a couple of the students recognized me as the Walking Dictionary from their days back in the 5th grade.  

Afterward I made a trip to the library to drop off books.  There was nothing waiting for me on the Hold shelf, but I managed to find a couple of interesting possibilities on the New shelf.  Then since I was going right by I dropped off some stuff for Diane at Park Meadows, and lastly picked up a Rx at Walgreens.  

I still need to pick up some brown thread (so I can can pack up all my stuff for tomorrow) and also a few items at the grocery store.  

But mostly can just relax after my time in the trenches this morning.

It's sunny out now but must have rained some during the night (everything was went when I went out this morning.  but at least I didn't get caught in it today heading into school from the parking lot as I had figured.  Heard on the news that NY didn't get nearly as much snow as expected (I doubt anyone is complaining about that) though it sounds like Boston and points north did get slammed. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Yesterday I got a call to sub at BGHS in a math class for 3 hours Tuesday morning, and decided to brave it.  Guess it was on my mind last night because I dreamed that I was subbing at the high school for 3 hours, and it turned out to be somewhat of a nightmare.

This morning was spent cutting the batting pieces (22, in various sizes) and half of the required 22 batik fabrics for Wednesday's class. In the afternoon I selected the other 11 fabrics and got them all cut out this afternoon.  I'm really looking forward to the class on Wednesday.

No rain yet here (the prediction is a 50% chance today, and 60% tomorrow) though the day was overcast and cool - so it was a good day for sewing.  I finished hand-sewing the binding on my fish, and all my corners came out perfectly square; Dad would have been so proud of them. <g>

It became an even better day when Gracie delivered my thin mint Girl Scout cookies; I polished off one whole tube of them in short order. Good thing the cookies aren't available all year round!

Talked with Mom this afternoon, and got a glowing report of her visit with Pippa yesterday at Mink Hollow.  Pippa is the sweetest, smartest, most wonderful puppy, and has totally won over Mom.  

Saturday evening Tom was bragging about Echo and how smart she was, and that night I dreamed about Echo.  Sure was WONDERFUL to 'see' her again!

The mega-storm on the East Coast missed Mom's area (no complaints there!) 
though NY and points north are bracing for a blizzard.   

I plan to crash early tonight since I have to be at the high school around 7:30 in the morning.  Recently I've been sleeping in until 8:00 most mornings, but that can't happen tomorrow, and (obviously!) I'll be setting an alarm.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

By noon on Friday I'd gotten as much done as I was going to, and decided to see if Alex would clean the pool.  I texted him to that effect, and in a bit he showed up with Ahmed and Clay.  The three of them did a right fine job, not just skimming the floaters off the top but also getting all the leaves off the bottom. Then they "tested" my latest batch of spaghetti sauce. I was happy to feed them (great trade for not having to clean the pool myself) and especially thrilled that I hadn't had to argue and 'convince' Alex that he should help me out.  A sign my 'baby' is growing up?

Mark and Theresa had arrived by the time I returned from picking up my clean sewing machine late Friday afternoon, and as a fellow quilter she really enjoyed seeing all my quilts.  By the time we finished going through my stack of lovelies Grog had arrived from Quartzsite, and the six of us pigged out on spaghettii, garlic bread, and salad.  I was a little apprehensive when I learned that Grog is a chef and caterer (to Silicon billionaires, no less!) but he assured me that his favorite meal is the one someone else cooks! And Carlo is also quite a cook himself, so it could have been a tough crowd.

Saturday morning Theresa and I made a trip down to 35th where she spent most of her time drooling over their huge collection of Southwest fabrics.  While I picked out some batik fat quarters for the upcoming class on Wednesday she carefully selected some southwest fabrics, and was able to tell Mark she spent less than $100 (though 'neglecting' to admit to him just how close she came...) Back at home later I went through my southwest fabrics and added a few to her pile; I look forward to seeing what she creates once she gets back home to Oregon.  Then we popped up the street to Jeannie's to pick out the quilting pattern and thread for the wedding quilt, and Theresa got a mini-demo on how Ruby works.

The rest of the afternoon we pigged out by the shop (nice crowd had gathered by then) where the smoked beef brisket, venison and elk were their usual hit; despite hearty appetites and return visits to the grill there was more than plenty and no one went hungry! The new juicer that Tom had gotten me last month worked great, and fast!  I loved my mixture of 'naked' orange/tangelo/grapefruit, though there were quite a number of bottles of spirits that most of the others were adding to their drinks.  Wish I'd gotten a picture of the set up, but by the time I thought to do that (Sunday) it was pretty much put away.  But Tom says Tim took some nice pix, and when he gets them he'll share with me.

When the gang came inside for the 'museum' tour Woody noticed my penguin cabinet.  Which was when I found out that he spent a couple of years in Antarctica (with the Navy?) and when they would open the doors penguins would waddle in.  I'm jealous!

Saturday night after the party wound down I came inside to watch the Ladies FigureSkating Nationals. Even though I can't tell a salchow from a toe loop or an axel from a lutz I still enjoy watching. During the commentary I learned something about the scoring that really surprised me.  They were talking about under-rotated jumps (which cost dearly) and how possible under-rotated jumps are now reviewed after the performance before the final score is tabulated.  What amazed me (since I can't tell if a jump doesn't quite make it three full rotations, though apparently neither can the judges) is that skaters are better off completing the final rotation EVEN IF IT MEANS THEY FALL since a fall is penalized less (!?) than skimping on the rotation.  This makes little sense to me since a fall seems to be a much more blatant error... But obviously what do I know?

Lunch Sunday we had a smaller crowd, but the brisket was just as yummy.  (And the good news is that we still have more leftovers!) Then after everyone left for hiking/grubbing in the desert I turned on the Men's free skate while I made the wedding quilt backing (all ready now whenever Ruby is) and then quilted the fish.  I also got the binding made and attached, and was working on the final hand-sewing when they got back from their afternoon hike.  Eventually we all headed out to dinner at Valle Luna for one last hurrah.

And that was my weekend!