Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's warming up here these days.... supposed to hit 114 by this coming weekend.  No real surprise, though it's been a lovely Spring and we haven't really 'worked up' to the heat gradually.  The pool seems to be warming up nicely, and during my Target run yesterday (mainly  I needed to get a hose though somehow <g> I managed to spend $150 on 'this and that') I picked up this summer's pool float for that day in the near future when I venture into the water.

Looks like Tom is going to do some consulting for Doug.  As he says, spending time inside on the computer (under the cooler and fan) doing research (and getting paid handsomely) isn't a bad way to beat the heat!

We celebrated Memorial Day yesterday watching a couple of war movies (Midway and Heartbreak Ridge) and chowing down on yummy BBQed chicken and corn-on-the-cob.  I've definitely packed on some pounds lately, and would love to shed them before heading to the hot springs later this month. 

This morning I paid some bills, and then Tyga helped me take them out to the mailbox.  Wish I'd had my camera with me - there was a fledgling on the ground, and while Tyga gave it a thorough sniff he certainly didn't seem interested in hurting it.  I picked it up a couple of times so it could flutter to the ground and practice "flying".  

Monday, May 30, 2016

Yesterday I raked the jungle (yes again, because I'll probably never get it all done!) and easily filled up one of the cans.

I also wanted to fill the pool, but there was a problem with one of the hoses.  I tried to rob one of the hoses from the small front yard to replace the broken hose, but could not get them apart.  Of course with my limited strength in one hand that was not really a surprise.  What was a surprise was that neither could Tom, not even after getting a couple of pairs of pliers and really working hard at it.  

So before the water in the pool evaporates any more (it's definitely warming up here) and burns out the pump motor I need to buy another hose. 

Patti stopped by yesterday afternoon for a bit to visit - and to pet Tyga, who was very happy with that arrangement!  With school over for the year Patti looked a lot more relaxed than I've seen her in ages.  

She does have another week of work in the school office... 
but the worst is over.

Thought of Andy yesterday, and wondered how his "non" party with old friends went.  No doubt they all had a grand time reminiscing about their youth!

No real plans for Memorial Day today.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Friday's gym workout was cancelled because Jim was sick.  I still could have gone in and worked out by myself... though how many of you think that actually happened?

Instead I did a little house cleaning (mostly floors) before the exterminator came in the afternoon, but mostly did some reading since my eBooks were soon due back at the library.

Cheri also swung by in the morning to drop off her copy of the book for Wednesday night's bookclub, The Rainbow Comes and Goes by Anderson Cooper.  I just figured I wasn't going to get to read it, though after reading Myra's e-mail (below) I was sorry about that. 
I picked up my reserved copy from the library this afternoon. I finished it a few minutes ago. I had no interest in the book and wouldn’t have cared if the library reserve list never got to me. That is until I read the book. While I still don’t care about the details of their lives, I found myself experiencing emotions and asking questions of myself that I didn’t know were buried inside. I would love to figure a way to develop that level of conversation and sharing with my remaining family members, especially my kids. Thanks for pushing me to read this book.

And now I will get to read it.  "Downside" of that is that I have been tasked with presenting the questions and discussion starters at the meeting, so while I am reading it I am jotting down notes and idea.

Saturday was Sew Day at Colleen's.  I brought my flange project to work up, and actually got that done - and with more than 2 weeks to spare before my demo on June 15!  

Now that the track lights are back up at Colleen's it's a pretty perfect sewing area; her 13' conference table gives the four of us all lots of room to spread out.  Some women dream of a new kitchen, but I'd much rather win a Sewing Room makeover here!

I'd talked with Perri that morning about getting back the Sometimes I Miss My Sister pattern for Yolanda, and when I found out that Wanda was going over to her house for the day the gears in my head started spinning.  

After checking with the group at Colleen's I made another phone call, and the four of us ended up meeting the the two of them for lunch at Los Glorias (SE corner of 19th and Northern) near Perri's house.  (I was relieved when Yolanda approved of their food.) There sure was a LOT of major quilting talent represented at that table!

  Then it was back to Perri's house so 'my' three ladies could see her place and all the spectacular art (in so many different media) scattered around.  Perri had been cleaning out her quilting stuff and after scavenging through her Get Rid Of  pile we left there with lots of goodies.  Among my finds were a couple of clear project boxes, so one of these days everything (!) could have a real home?

Then it was over to 35th Ave. where I picked up the Baja bag pattern (there are about a dozen Penny Sturges bag patterns in my stash, but of course not the one I need for August when Donna is going to help me whip up one for Sandy) and snagged a couple of yards of backing fabric from the sale shelf.

Yesterdy Stepanie was using the tiny rotary cutter that Ellen had mentioned during her demo on Wednesday (they're especially good for cutting curves) but which I'd never seen, and Colleen was using these tiny (and sharp!) scissors Yolanda had found for her.  Too cute!

Alex called yesterday.  (Always glad to hear from him.... but yes, he did need something. <g>)  He's been working 13-hour days at the RockStar warehouse in California getting ready for the summer tours/festivals.  Since he'll have Monday and Tuesday off Aja is going to head out there for those couple of days, and he asked if we could watch Tyga.  Just that morning when I had arrived at Colleen's and Rosie greeted me at the door I thought about how I miss having Tyga around - and then it worked out that today he's coming to stay with us for several days.  

With triple digits in the forecast I'm not sure how much time we'll spend in the hammock out back, but he should still be happy staying with us.  Except at bedtime, when he's used to sleeping in the bed with them.  

While I was off sewing yesterday Tom worked on his To Do list.  He did (finally) fix the toilet handle (YAY!), but had the exact same issues with the kitchen sink window that everyone else did.  I am NOT sorry to have missed his frustration dealing with that, and it is just 'one more thing' that has been added to the ever-lengthening handyman's list.

And speaking of frustration - yesterday I'm sure the ladies had NO trouble hearing it in my voice (on the verge of tears) about wanting someone (anyone!) to come to the house and take care of my printer woes for me. Every time I've asked Colleen to print something for me I reminded her, and I figured she'd dig up that number; instead I had to keep nagging her for it! <g>  

Now that I have the name/phone of her computer guy I'll give him a call after the holiday weekend.  Hopefully Mike can work me in sooner rather than later, but at some point I should have a printer/scanner again.  

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Vacation Pix!
(better late than never, right?)

Mom's 89th birthday (also Cinco de Mayo) at Ray's.  There were complaints about "only one" candle - but we didn't want to set the restaurant on fire!

My gift (first bag I've ever made) seemed to be a hit.  
(Because you can never have too many giraffes?)

That Saturday was Sierra's First Communion.  She looked beautiful.

Sunday was Mother's Day.  Emily made Mom a giraffe frame, with a wonderful pic of the four kids!

And here's what Emily made for Sandy - 
flowers made from their 6 sets of fingerprints.

I had a couple of little things for Mom: a book "just for her"

and a silver giraffe.

Sierra opened her First Communion gifts (we'd had to blast off after Saturday's service) and this giraffe was a perfect gift from Bana.

Stand tall and reach for heaven
In everything you do
And know that there's a special spot
In God's heart just for you!

But the kids were really more interested in going downstairs to swim.

There were plenty of lifeguards on duty -

The following weekend Marilyn was in from Texas.

We watched Good Dog Pippa go through her paces

And of course there was plenty of play time.

I gave Andy his birthday present a couple of weeks early.  (My 'baby brother' turns 60 this coming Tuesday.)  He liked the way I wrapped it, with ears.

Gee, I wonder what it could be?

It's another elephant for his collection!

My cousin Gloria and Bert were visiting from Florida.

They'd spent the previous week visiting their son Matt (who lives in northern Virginia), here with girlfriend Sierra.

Mom and Gloria

This is (so far) the only pic of me from my 2 weeks in Maryland.  
(Thank you, Gloria!)

There was a lot of interest in a weather app for the iPhones.

And we did actually make it into the living room, 
away from the table and all that food...

Is it only moms who take pictures?

Nope. Andy's camera was out during my visit, 
so he may have captured one or two pix of me.

Then the next day were were eating again.  (Did anyone notice that the pix from the previous day were mostly taken around the table; we were there for hours!) Here is everyone (Emily, Ed, Andy, Allen, Bob, Rachelle, Jonathon, Mom, Marilyn, Harry, Charlie, Gordon, Sandy, & Sierra) at the Riderwood brunch on Sunday.

Back up at Mom's apartment: 
Cousin Rachelle (it was her birthday that day) with hubby Bob

Uncle Allen (Dad's brother) and Jonathon.  Allen is 94 and still going strong, though Helen's death a week earlier of course hit him very hard.

Later that afternoon, back at Mink Hollow, I could not resist handing over the gift I got for my sister at the fun store Mom and I checked out in DC earlier in my visit.

Andy & Marilyn

I think she liked it!

All good things must come to an end.  Here are Andy and Marilyn Monday morning right before she and I left for the airport  to return home.

It was a great visit (though the weather definitely could have been better) and I look forward to the next one!