Friday, September 30, 2016

I took Tyga over to PetSmart for a PAWdicure.  He was less than thrilled with the whole procedure, but (aside from watching me behind the glass with sad eyes) he behaved admirably.  

All my late nights and early mornings have finally taken their toll, and I vegged out this afternoon.  First I enjoyed reading on the back patio (a book Ann recommended, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, by Jamie Ford), then I watched some TV (hoping maybe I'd doze off, though I never did.)  This evening I watched a Netflix (Hail, Caesar) which was entertaining, and now I'm thinking about heading off to bed even though it's pretty early.

I forgot that Poolman would be here today.  Tyga was in the backyard, and as soon as I heard him barking I realized what was going on.  He went into guard dog mode, and did exactly what he needed to: alert me to an 'intruder' in the back yard.  

I told him he was a good boy, but then brought him inside, where he continued to monitor said intruder through the window, growling softly.  Once the man finished and was leaving, I let Tyga out again, whereupon he stood by the gate and (quietly) watched the man head toward his truck.

Finished up with OT yesterday, though of course I will continue on my own until I see the surgeon in a couple of weeks; he  can decide if I need any additional sessions.  The various grip/pinch/movement tests confirmed what we both knew, that I've made progress.  While that hand is still not as strong or mobile as the other, it's always nice to see the numbers rise!

Aja brought Tyga over last night (he was so excited to be here he was practically doing back flips) and we watched This Is Us together.  (I'd already watched the episode, but from now on I'll wait to view it until she can watch it with me.)  She's got a brutal work schedule this weekend, and I'm tired just thinking about it.

Aja did go through my bag of flip flops and found a couple of pairs that she liked.  I'm still bummed that I can no longer wear them, but my feet have finally had enough.  The only time they don't hurt is when I am wearing my shoes with the custom orthotics.

I was about 10 minutes late turning on the 10:00 news last night.  Just as I tuned in there was a "breaking news" blurb - about a fatal shooting at "my" gas station, the QT at 43rd and Union Hills!

I was up past 11 last night reading, and still woke up before 5 this morning.  So I should be able to swing by the estate sale June's family is having this morning (just in case there is something in her quilt stash that I "need") before heading to the gym by 11.

Until then I've been puttering around the house, doing this and that.  I also called the bank and cleared up a charge on one of my statements.  Miriam noted that "it's weird" that I was charged an interest fee when I always pay in full and on time - plus this month there were no charges on that card. (I rarely use that one, and was going to cancel it because I thought maybe <sigh> there was now a fee for not using it, which she assured me is not the case.)  I always check my statements, but I'm guessing a lot of folks don't, which may be what the bank is counting on?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

We've had clouds and cool(er) weather all week, though have yet to actually need an umbrella.  Still, on the off chance that it happens, I'm going to pack up Elinor's shirt and have it ready to mail after OT 'just in case'.  Gotta love it when there's no line at the post office, and the rain sure seemed to make that happen last Thursday...

Tom called last night, and apparently it's been quite warm up in Oregon.  At least this time there's been plenty of sunshine, a necessity when collecting fire obsidian.

I didn't get nearly as much done yesterday afternoon/evening as I'd hoped, but it's not quite 6:00 a.m. yet so I've got plenty of time to be productive before OT.

The plan for this morning is to finish dealing with several piles of "leftovers" in various rooms.  These are the harder decisions, because the items weren't obvious keepers OR 'throw-awayers'.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I got a good deal of binding done on the set of placemats at Foothills this morning while Joyce was giving her batik demo (which I've already seen a couple of times), and many ladies admired them.   It would have been nice to finish them today, but maybe I'll save them to work on next Wednesday during the Busy Bees meeting.  I am pleased with the way they turned out and would like to make some other sets... just wish I could remember who I loaned the pattern to!

Afterwards a group of us went out to lunch at a new deli near JoAnn's.  I enjoyed my pastrami on rye, with a pickle and side of cole slaw, so I plan to return.  Since I was so close I stopped in at JoAnn's and used a 50% off coupon (expiring tomorrow) to pick up a package of rotary cutter blades; they are now under lock and key because people were stealing them.  I gifted the remaining coupon, for 40% off, to a woman in line who was rather happy to receive it.

At lunch we talked about some of the new shows on TV, and when I came home I watched the premiere episode of Designated Survivor (which I missed last week) on the computer. The show's premise definitely has potential so I plan to keep watching.

I got brave <g> and installed the new printer cartridge today - but apparently not quite brave enough since I haven't yet tried to print something.  Why pop my bubble?

Yesterday I still was not feeling up to par, though I did make it all the way through my workout without much difficulty.  Did learn that my symptoms, not-a-headache-but-weird-pressure-in-my-head with occasional lightheadedness and dizziness, might be allergies.... which I've never had before.  Guess it's never too late to start?

Once I got home I took advantage of the cool(ish) overcast weather and did a bunch of yardwork (when I got sprinkled on) and then cleaned the pool.  Later I mucked out a number of bulging folders and shredded old documents.  I do keep flitting from project to project, but that's my prerogative, right?  At least I'm getting stuff done.

Last night I finally had a night where I fell asleep at a reasonable time - but also woke up around 4:00 this morning, earlier than I would have liked.  On the other hand, maybe I can get some binding made and attached to a set of placemats so I'll have some handwork to do at Foothills. I had planned to do that yesterday, but never quite got around to it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Alex, knowing I am home alone these days, gave me a call last night "just to check up on me and say hi." 

We only chatted for about 5 minutes (I needed to go because the debate was about to come on, and he needed to go because he was grilling dinner and needed to check on it) but it was heart-warming and sweet. 

Though he certainly gave me fits when he was a teenager (that's normal I guess, but definitely NOT fun) I'm proud of the man he's turning into. 

Another late night, reading until midnight, but this morning only slept in until 7:30.  Now it's off to the gym and then maybe run a few errands.  After that it's back to mucking and cleaning.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Donald whined and interrupted, while Hillary kept her cool. (I made it almost all the way through the 90 minutes before I finally lost my cool at some "fact" he offered, and found myself screaming at the TV.)  

No idea what my blood pressure currently is (though undoubtedly it rose after watching/listening to his garbage) but at least ALL the commentators agreed afterward that she won handily - so he is not likely to have gained any ground.  But the numbers of his supporters continue to baffle me; I just cannot understand how anyone could possibly trust someone like him to "lead" the country!  (Yes I do realize this is a photo-shopped hat.)

Among many of her points, I am very glad Hillary made the observation that he's way too thin-skinned to have his finger anywhere near the nuclear button!

Apparently I'm still on my new schedule; last night was yet another late one, when I was up until after midnight.  (Happily I did sleep in again this morning.)  That's 3 nights in a row!  Did have time to clean out the frig this morning before OT, getting in all the little nooks and crannies of the shelves and drawers.  My plan was to go to the grocery store after therapy so it made sense to do it while it was on the empty side. 

I have been really busy since Tom left, though most of what I've done (closets, drawers, all the outside windows on the west side) doesn't show.  But I am gets lots accomplished!

It was another good session at OT; Leonie upped some of my exercises to higher weights (I'm now back up to the 3# weight, where I was before my relapse the end of May) and there were no issues which is always a good sign!  I've also noticed progress on my own, when I've been able to hold "heavier" things in that hand.  

Thursday is my last scheduled session with her, and then she thinks I can just keep up my exercises at home until I see the surgeon on October 10.  Still can't press down enough with that thumb to release a seat belt, which is my 'ultimate' goal.

Ran a couple of quick nearby errands before the grocery store (at Walmart I ended up in line behind Mel), and then once I got home I decided to call COX and see if Tech Help could fix an annoying issue with the DVR.  Despite the box showing the correct time, when I set the DVR to record a future show somehow it doesn't quite match up.

It's truly only an issue when I record Jeopardy.  The DVR starts taping the last couple of minutes of Wheel of Fortune and then stops recording 30 minutes later... during the Final Jeopardy answers!  

That means sometimes, if the first contestant doesn't get it right, I can't find out if I have the correct answer or not.  And of course that's frustrating!

Stephanie tried several things from her end, but thinks I'm going to need a COX technician to actually come out to the house.  Before I schedule that I'm going to try recording again, and since tonight I will be watching the debate during that time it's a good time to tape Jeopardy and confirm the problem. 

And now it's time to return to mucking and cleaning.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I only made it through the first half hour of Boot Camp - was feeling a little under the weather - but hey, the only bad workout is the one that doesn't happen, right?

Later Patti and I watched the "imaginative allegorical tale" (aka The Lobster) this afternoon and it had its moments, but I can't say I'd actually recommend it (unless you like weird movies!)

Then we went out for dinner at Carrabba's (Gary is also out of town) and had a delicious meal.  Currently I'm stuffed to the gills.... but no doubt <sigh> will be hungry again tomorrow!

I did get a lot of cleaning/mucking done around the house today, but have let it go for so long that I've barely made a dent in it.  Still, as Scarlet said:

Now it's time to crawl into bed and read.

I got a lot accomplished around the house yesterday (though of course there's a LOT more still left to be done) before I hit a wall in the early afternoon and was done. As I was just stepping into the shower I realized that earlier I'd grabbed my towel and thrown it into the laundry, where it was currently drying with the (third?) load.  So luckily I only got my foot/leg wet before I exited and grabbed another towel. 

Patti and I watched her movie (Miracles from Heaven) over here, with Tyga helping.  Did I mention that yesterday morning I discovered he'd had an accident, maybe because I'd slept in, but more likely because it was some serious diarrhea. He was considerate, though, and left it on the tile (though less than 12" from the carpet) where it could be easily cleaned up.  So he didn't get any treats (which he loves) yesterday; think they're too rich.

Last night was dinner and Mexican Train over at Jeannie's with Perri, Ann, and Penny (quilters all) and of course we had a good time.  I did have to run home midway through the evening because Aja was coming to pick up Tyga.  She'd had a traumatic day at work due to a grabby customer who seemed to be stalking her, and was understandably quite upset.  I suggested she stay here overnight, but she decided to go home.

It was a second late night in a row for me; the party didn't break up until 11:30, and then I was up until 1:00 again!  First I wanted to look up the artist Perri had 'introduced' us to last night, Barb Lavalle, then I checked a few other things and discovered that Colleen's dog Rosie, who had been missing for 3 days, had been found.  Colleen called this morning to let me know, and says she tried calling the house last night; apparently the phone just rang and rang and the machine never kicked in.  

 Guess I've spent enough time at the computer and it's time to get more stuff done before I head to Boot Camp this afternoon. After I get home Patti is coming over to watch The Lobster with me.  

In a dystopian near future, single people, according to the laws of The City, are taken to The Hotel, where they are obliged to find a romantic partner in forty-five days or are transformed into beasts and sent off into The Woods.

And if Aja doesn't go in to work she may even join us.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tyga did end up coming over last night to spend the weekend, which was a nice surprise.  Of course that meant I had to walk him last night after irrigation and before bed, but turns out I was up late anyway; I watched TV and then read until 1:00 a.m., very out of character for me.  Still, I was beyond surprised this morning when I realized that I'd slept in until almost 9:00!  Tyga is used to Aja's late hours so he seemed fine with that.

Once I got going this morning I attacked my closet and got rid of a fair number of clothes - and a dozen pairs of flip flops!  Still have a number of things left on the bed that I'll need to try on before I make a decision on them, but the closet looks a whole lot better.  

However I still have not found the red/blue summer dress that I was looking for yesterday (and what finally pushed me to do the closet, Patti?)  I'm wondering where it could possibly be.  I don't remember anything happening to it so I would have needed to throw it away, and it sure was comfy, and I'll miss it.  Tis a mystery...  

This afternoon, when I've run out of steam, Patti and I are going to get together to watch a movie, and I can also hear all about her recent trip to Michigan (she got home on Wednesday, and looked extremely wiped out when I saw her in the school office yesterday.)  I'm so glad to hear that her sister Jeanette, who recently finished up chemo, is finally starting to get some of her energy back. And despite talking to her often, I'm sure it was nice for Patti to finally get to spend time with her and see for herself how well she's doing.

Alex's phone arrived in Texas overnight as scheduled, and was waiting for him when he got back to the hotel yesterday.  He called me on it mid-afternoon, within an hour of getting it (!) to let me know he was up and running again.  And speaking of running, below is the rig he and Brendon are traveling around the country in.  (Hard to tell from this angle, but that's a BIG trailer they're pulling.)  Not surprising to hear that he's having a blast, though I'm guessing that the allure of being on the road, eating out every night and moving from hotel to hotel every few days, may have lost some of it's glamour by the time the tour ends around Thanksgiving.  Or not, because what do I know?

Break time over - time to get back to work!