Monday, March 31, 2014

Shortly after I got home from the gym this morning the poolman came to drain the pool.  I had hoped that we could give all the water to the ailing cottonwoods (since we've had to cancel irrigation for this week they're going to go 4 weeks without their deep soaking) instead of just dumping it out into the Back 40.  But because there's a salt system my idea was out-voted by both Tom and the poolman.

During my morning soak in the hot tub I noticed that one of the 3 jars on the hummer feeder was empty, so when I finished soaking I took it off the feeder to bring inside to fill.  The S hook fell off - and disappeared into the grass, as if into thin air.  

I looked and looked and looked.  Later Tom helped me look, and about the time he decided we could just twist some wire and make a new hook he spotted it.  It was almost like looking for a needle in a haystack!

A few minutes ago a hummer came up to the window and hovered - and sure enough, the feeders on the back porch were also empty.  So I've refilled those.  I'm not feeding as many hummers as my sister Marilyn; and while she goes through a lot of sugar, I don't think she's feeding as many as these folks...

After a trip to the post office to mail off a package to Lisa, I headed across the street to Home Depot to look for suction cups.  And while I was there I hoped to pick up some cilantro plants (maybe the third time would be the charm?) but they were out.  

The woman in the garden department said it flies off the shelf and they just can't keep it in stock.  Not wanting to leave without something green <g> I ended up with chocolate mint.  What a great smell!  

As long as I was re-potting that, I also re-potted the baby tomato plants.  (And found another baby tomato!)  And then I watered all the plants. It's going to be 'cool' this week (try not to laugh, Mom - or cry!) and it's delightful working out in the yard.  Unfortunately, before we know it <SIGH>  it'll be too hot out there to enjoy it.

I talked to Anita today and confirmed plans to pick her up at the airport Thursday morning.  We'll head to Sedona on Friday afternoon, and Tami will meet us there later that day.  I foresee lots of gabbing over the weekend...!

I've continued to have jaw pain and difficulty chewing, so I'm back to consult with the dentist tomorrow.  At least I think I've finally figured out what's causing the problem, but have no idea what it will take to fix it.  However I'm pretty sure it won't be easy (or cheap!)

Lots to do around the house since I was gone all day Saturday and Sunday, so guess I'd better get to it.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just got home from spending the day at Picacho Peak with Patti Hong.  We rendezvous-ed there ostensibly to see the wildflowers, but mostly just to visit again after our reunion last month.  The sky was gray and the flowers weren't blooming yet (although some of the cacti were) so my new desert wildflower book wasn't needed, but we still had a delightful day hiking around and having a picnic lunch.  Here, I'll prove it. <g>

The ocotillo was in bloom everywhere, and this one was right by the trail 
which made it easy to get this close-up view of the blooms.

We took lots of time to smell the flowers...

This saguaro looked like it was looking back at us.

And this one looked like it was dancing and twirling.

And this one looks dead! LOL

I also found some WONDERFUL books in the (very small) visitor center 

plus a little something to bring home to Tom.

Patti and I hated to say goodbye this afternoon, but now that we've connected again (after 40 years of being 'MIA'!) we'll definitely stay in touch even though she's headed home to Seattle.    

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mary and I had a wonderful time at the AQG quilt show today.  (Patti begged off; her foot has been bothering her, and she didn't think walking/standing all day would help it any.)  We left nice and early, and got there just a few minutes after the doors opened at 9:00.  And didn't leave until close to 4:00!  We did do 'some' <g> shopping, and also sewed a couple of bags at the sew-a-thon.

The show wasn't nearly as crowded as in past years.  I'm afraid that the AQS show last month bled a lot of our usual attendees.  The smaller crowd, however, did make it easier to take pix of the quilts.  All 184 that I snapped are already uploaded to the computer (yes Bana, mere minutes after I got home) although I haven't really looked at them yet (much less cropped them.) But I do want to post my pick, I Remember Mama.  This is for you, Bana!

And here's a close-up of the quilting ladies in the center block.

My back complained a fair amount today, so I've been on heating pad pretty much since I got home and it's feeling better.  But I've got another big day tomorrow, so sitting at the computer and playing with the pix will just have to wait until at least Monday.

Alex came by for dinner (and brought some slacks for me to repair - again) and I gave him the bartending shirt I found in Mesa on Wednesday.  It should elicit smiles from his friends when he wears it to party.

And now back to the heating pad.

Friday, March 28, 2014

I mowed both sides of the front yard today, and easily filled up the big green can.  Sure makes a big difference out there! <g>

I also tackled my 2013 photos, culling out the not-so-good ones until I got the file small enough to (finally!) fit on a disc.  Which (finally!) enabled me to delete all those 2013 pix from my camera card.  I'm charging up the camera battery as I type, so I should be all set to take lots of pix at the quilt show tomorrow!

Still have a trip to the grocery store left to do... sigh.  Notice how I'm doing my best to keep putting that off?

Despite the on-going battle with the aphids (they're not bad, but I just can't seem to totally eradicate them) I have at least 4 tomatoes, and another several 'almosts', where the blooms are gone, but I can't quite see a tiny baby yet.

Mutt & Jeff continue to visit almost daily, teasing me.  Tom was NOT happy when Mr. Peacock set up shop outside the bedroom the other morning and woke him much earlier than he would have liked, so he's trying to shoo them away.  

They don't seem to take the hint.

And this morning, heading back to the guest house, 
look what I (finally!) caught in the shade in the Back 40!

I ran back into the house and grabbed my camera.  They will only let me get 'so close', so I stayed back and zoomed in.  Of course the color isn't nearly as dramatic as when he's in the sun, but at least I'm getting closer to the money shot!

They do make an odd couple, don't they?

Yesterday I finished Un-Remarried Widow, a memoir by Artis Henderson that I heard about on NPR.  She was a young bride when her husband was killed in Iraq in 2006, and is now an award-winning journalist.  The book is well-written and I think it conveys (as much as is possible unless you've been there) what she went through.  It was hard to put down.]

Tom had a new knapper from northern California over yesterday.  John and his family are in town visiting his in-laws way on the east side of the Valley, and he'd borrowed their car to come over.  The car barely made it here (died as he was getting off the 101) so we were a little worried when he left to head back last evening.  He'd barely made it a mile before it died again, so he limped back here and spent the night.  AAA came this morning and towed him.  

Our guest house sure does come in handy, Bana!  Of course I thought I had it all ready for Anita, who arrives in a few days,  but I should <g> be able to find time in my busy schedule to change the sheets.

Just not this weekend.  I'll be gone all day tomorrow at the quilt show with Patti and Mary, and all day Sunday rendezvous-ing with (a different) Patti at Piccacho Peak,

and (of course) Monday starts another week.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

This morning I had a routine appointment with 'new' PCP Dr. Anderson; I seem to be in tip top shape, and now am just waiting on results of routine bloodwork.  Mostly I'm curious about my cholesterol.

Since I was so close I stopped in at Home Depot, but they only carry small grommets, nothing large enough for what I need.  (And here I thought that place had everything!)  

Stopped in to visit Jeannie (and pay my AQG dues) and then after lunch headed over to Fletcher's to see why my car thought my oil was only at 15%.  (I just had it changed last month, and isn't leaking.)  It's an involved story so I'll just say the oil is fine, the light is now off, and leave it at that.

I headed to QUILTZ (said hi to Wanda before her class started, and also picked up a landscape quilt book) and also found Patrick Lose's studio.  (Next time I'll have to take my Brazen Bluebird quilt with me so he can see what I made with his fabric.)  Also hit a home decorator fabric store near there and found grommets (which saved me a trip to JoAnn's.)

Not sure what to do with the rest of the afternoon,
but reading sure sounds good!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wanda and I headed over to Mesa, where we rendezvous-ed with her friend Jo Ann.  After a quick 'breakfast' at the first Quindow stop (I had a chocolate chip cookie) we headed off to to hit the rest of the stores.  The quilts were imaginative, and always fit the theme of the business.  I'd share some pix, but I only had my phone with me and it's not letting me send any pix to the computer.

It isn't a SmartPhone - and it's sure acting like a StupidPhone!

There's also a picture of a painted block wall we saw that I really 'need'.  It's exactly what I would love to have painted on our wall along 37th Ave.!  Maybe the Verizon guys at the mall will be able to figure out what the problem is?

At the antique store I found Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and The Story of Ping, both of which were childhood favorites, and Wildflowers of the Desert Southwest which has great pix and will be a wonderful reference on Sunday when I head to Picacho Peak.  Also found a wonderful shirt for Alex there that I hope he will appreciate!

At the jewelry store I bought a pair of earrings, ostensibly as a gift  - but I like them so much I might just keep them for myself.  Because can you have too many earrings? 

Patricia was driving by and saw us, and we made plans to meet for lunch at The Grill.  There was another group of Quindow ladies there already, and we ended up putting our tables together and dining as a group.

When the owner of The Grill signed our Quindow forms, I noticed her last name (Froelich) and was stunned at how much she looks like one of the Busy Bees with the same last name.  They could easily be sisters... even though the names belong to their husbands.  <cue Twilight Zone music> 
After lunch Wanda and I talked Patricia into giving us a tour of her nearby shop, Fiber and Fire.  

Very impressive, even with lots of stuff gone to the quilt show.  Wanda and I were amazed to find out how involved her business is as we sat around and chatted - until it got close to rush hour and we headed back to our side of the Valley.  Back at Wanda's I got to see her Grand Canyon quilt (still in progress, but still incredibly impressive!) and many of the jackets she's made.  We swapped stories until almost 7:00, when I realized I really should be getting home!

Tom was at the dentist this afternoon getting two crowns made.  Happily that was not as big a production as he had expected.  However his back has been bothering him so much the past 10 days (different from a pulled muscle) that he's made an appointment with the doctor.  He's pretty worried about what it could be, so of course now I'm worried.

I was all set to make dinner, but he had a craving for Pollo Loco, so we did that instead.  When we got home I checked my e-mail and found out that both Linda and Sharon were notified today that their quilts won ribbons!  

Both are beautiful quilts, and very deserving of the honors.  Mazel Tov, ladies!