Sunday, July 31, 2022

Yesterday afternoon/evening I frogged more blocks, for a current total of 30.  I should <g> get the last 5 completed today, and then it'll be on to the sashing.

We received more heavy rain again last evening, so this morning I was back in the weeding mode; dug some dandelions and pulled more lantana.  While I can see progress, it's taking longer than expected.  

I'll get one more irrigation cycle under my belt before my trip, and will push it hard then.

This morning's update from Mary was encouraging: she took a walk around the block with Susan!  Though she admits that wore her out, it is a step in the right direction.

Tom has been working for months, trying out 'this and that' equipment and method, in order tofigure out how to photograph his fire obsidian himself instead of paying others.  While he's experienced considerable frustration along the way, I'd say he's finally made a terrific breakthrough!

Saturday, July 30, 2022

 I had a nice clean house as of yesterday morning - at least briefly, until Brownie tracked in some wet paw prints in the afternoon. 

While the ladies were cleaning I did more stitching on the frogs, 
and now half of them are 'outlined'.

Ran some errands this morning, or at least I tried to.  

PetSmart is out of Brownie's dry food (and many of the other items from that brand, due to trouble with the supplier) and Target, next door, didn't have any of the things on my list.

Also this morning I got a notice from the bank that someone tried to make a $4000 purchase on my VISA card.  Luckily it was declined, but obviously I need to look into it.

My day could be starting off better...

Thursday, July 28, 2022

 It's been 3 months since I started on cholesterol-lowering meds, and my doc wanted a blood test to see if they're working.  It's a good thing I'm okay with needles, because it was somewhat of a production at the lab.  The first phlebotomist, Codi, was experiencing serious difficulty, so eventually she called in Joe, the go-to guy for difficult draws.  He tried in the same 'regular' spot, but yesterday's colonoscopy IV apparently collapsed/plugged the scar tissue there.  After yet more unsuccessful tries he decided to go with the back of my hand (can't use the other arm for risk of lymphodema) and after several adjustments there he (finally!) got some of the red stuff to flow.  

But no, I didn't get a pretty wrap like this afterward.

Came home to great news from Mary's daughter Susan.

Mom just got out of surgery and everything went really well. Here is a more detailed description of what was done if you are interested.  She went in today to have a clip placed on her mitral valve (the valve that separates the Left ventricle and Left atrium). This valve was not closing securely so some blood would leak backwards every time the heart would beat which increases the work load on the heart and decreases the amount of oxygenated blood being sent out to the body. The procedure today was to go through a vein in the leg up into the heart and place a clip on this valve to make it easier for the valve to fully close. We were told that it could take up to 3 clips to do this and the goal was to minimize any any further leakage without causing it to be too restrictive. For mom they only had to place 1 clip and the doctor said he saw no further leakage. Hooray!

 Alex went biking yesterday afternoon, and after a 'slight' mishap <g> came over for some Neosporin - but it's not here.  He must still have it after he "borrowed" it the last time he crashed (noting that his scab from that had just recently come off.)

His pit bike also sustained injuries - which is apparently more worrisome for him.  This biker, however, doesn't seem to have many worries....

This morning I have my appointment with the eye doctor, and I hope to be able to schedule cataract surgery.  Of course it would be great to see better again... but there is some truth to this!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

 Alex arrived home yesterday, and the package that had come for him turned out to be a gift for us: a ring doorbell.  He and Tom got it installed in a perfect spot out front giving us a view of the front door, front walkway, and driveway.  After we got everything loaded onto our phones (no small process) Alex was walking us through how to use it when we got a 'real time' tutorial as the UPS man delivered Tom's new computer.

Today's colonoscopy is over and done with - hopefully for another 5 years. 

The doctor removed three "benign looking" polyps, and I have a follow-up appt in two weeks to go over the results of the biopsies.

I was home by noon, but (still under the influence of the anestheic?) napped all aftenoon. 

Tom's brother Jerry had his colonoscopy yesterday, which identified the source of his heavy bleeding - major hemorrhoids.  He's doing well (and already back home at son Jason's) but will need to have them removed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Yesterday I got two dozen more frogs cut at Ruth's.  Even 'questionable' fabrics look great.

We got quite a storm during the night, so (technically) it did rain on Tuesday, as I predicted.  It was accompanied by thunder and lightning, and our front porch was seriously running during my night-time run.   

This morning the evidence was clear, with big puddles everywhere - and around lunch time they actually did cancel irrigation.  

I was up early, around 4, and once it got light I did some weeding.  Sadly the leftover lantana patch has substantial roots and is not giving up easily.  

Then I worked on the frogs.  That early there wasn't much on TV (is there ever?) so I ended up with a couple of episodes of Leave It to Beaver, which I haven't seen in decades, playing in the background.  Which made it weird to learn this afternoon that Tony Dow, who played his brother Wally, has died. 

Not much on for today since I'm stuck at home doing colonoscopy prep.

Monday, July 25, 2022

 I missed Brownie's morning feed yesterday - but he never mentioned it!  

I only realized it 

when I went to feed him at 3:00 and the previous afternoon's (empty) cup was still in his bowl.  I have missed his 3:00 feeding a handful of times over three years (because for some reason my alarm was turned off, or I was out-and-about when it went off and then I forgot once I got home) but this was first time ever for missing his morning meal.  

I made up for it (a little) by giving his several bits of the salmon I grilled for dinner last night (which he absolutely loved) and then offered him some of the steamed broccoli (which, surprisingly, he liked.)  Then later in the evening I gave him his missed morning portion of dry, which he also ate.

Yesterday at TOQS I bought more steam-a-seam (so now I have a pile of about two dozen greens ready to 'frog' at Ruth's this afternoon) as well as some perfect sashing fabric.  I don't want to jinx anything, but the project is moving along so well that I could possibly get the top done and to Monica before I head to Colorado mid-August.

This morning I've already completed some yardwork (and showered),

and in a bit I'm driving Tom for a small procedure.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Yesterday afternoon Brownie and I popped over to Mary's for a visit.  I wanted to drop off her pre-surgery gift (the owl fabric I found in Flagstaff) which seemed to be a hit.  Got to see her elephant quilt after Monica worked her magic.  Now it is more adorable than ever, and just needs the binding.  

Mary 'reminded' me that now I have the pattern <g> but there are 'several' quilts in line ahead of that project.  Currently she's working on an owl quilt (really scored a bargain on the kit from Keepsake) and a llama.

Won't see her again until sometime after Thursday's heart surgery - when we both expect she'll be feeling much more energetic!

I took advantage of today's "cool" weather to do yet more yardwork.  Tom also took advantage, mowing once he got up.  Now we are in great shape in case it ever rains.  

We do get irrigation on Tuesday, so if I had to make a prediction... <g>

This afternoon I started stitching down the frogs.  

And while that step isn't taking as long as I feared, the "invisible" thread isn't so invisible.  I'm not sure what the problem is...

Maybe Sherri will have a suggestion when I pop over for more steam-a-seam.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

 First thing yesterday morning 'Brownie' mailed the black cat spoon rest gift to Shadow, and it should be in Colorado the beginning of the week.

I finally got around to making another eye appointment (getting in next Thursday!) to see about cataract surgery because my new glasses just aren't cutting it.  Also made a (too) long-neglected dermatology appointment.  Due to my procrastination I will have to schlep to Sun City West for that because the first available appointment at the (very) nearby office wasn't until the day I'll be heading to Colorado mid-August.

Tami swung by yesterday for a quick visit before heading back to Flagstaff.   She'd left there dark-thirty in the morning to be here for her father's surgery at the Mayo Hospital. (Her brother had driven him in from Lake Havasu on Thursday.)  Yesterday turned out to be the lastest snafu in a LONG on-going saga, as in the right hand doesn't seem to know what the left hand is doing.  

Despite Tami calling this person and that, several times a day, every day, to keep up with all the snafus and ever-changing arrangements, the surgery didn't happen, and cluster-fuck is really the only way to describe it.  She's been keeping me posted the past few weeks, and of course I was a witness to all of the latest wrinkles while I was there this past week.  Really expected better from Mayo...

And speaking of hospitals - A couple of days ago Tom's brother Jerry was released (too early!) to his son Jason's house, but in back in the hospital (a different one) with serious (internal bleeding?) issues.  Does NOT sound good...

I got started on Dan's frog quilt yesterday; Ruth has the perfect AccuQuilt frog die!  First I needed some steam-a-seam, and I thought it would be a quick hop over to TOQS.  But there had been a MAJOR accident at 43rd/T-bird (which made the news last evening) and the intersection was totally blocked off.   Though the accident had occurred around 2:00 am (and it was noon) they were just removing the lump that had been the car the teens/young adults (in a stolen vehicle) had slammed into.  It burst into flames, killing the three people inside, and all six inside the stolen vehicle are in the hospital with serious injuries. 


Now not only do I have frogs like this -

but since Ruth "suggested" I iron the steam-a-seam onto my fabrics before cutting out the frogs (outstanding and seriously time-saving idea, though of course I hadn't thought of it) I have these to use on my eventual border!

Used the last of my steam-a-seam to get the next 'generation' of frogs ready to cut:

I even have more rectangles ready and waiting for after I buy more steam-a-seam.

It was quite overcast this morning, so we were hopeful we might get some rain.  

That didn't happen, but I did get major trimmage accomplished, filling two cans.  Despite the shade it was still toasty, so I took a couple of dips in the bathtub - I mean pool