Monday, June 30, 2014

Not much energy at the gym this morning.  

So when I got home I thought I would relax and watch a movie.

But part way through I got really sleepy and decided a nap was in order.

Not sure how long I slept -
but at least it was a good phone call that awakened me. 

 Lisa leaves for Europe tomorrow, so earlier today I'd texted her to wish her a wonderful trip.  Obviously that reminded her <g> that she has a mother, and she found time to give me a call.

She loving her new life in San Francisco.  
Her only 'complaint' is that there's too much going on!

I spent yesterday afternoon with Carol.  First we made a stop at JoAnn's (sadly there was not a JoAnn's flyer in the Sunday paper and all of our fabric coupons had expired) where she got the Insulbrite she's been needing, along with some pretty blue fabrics.  MY only purchase was a spool of black embroidery thread (for which I did have a coupon.)

Back at the house I did a little Show&Tell, 
and Carol really liked my book challenge quilt.  

Of course she also liked my UGLY quilt 
(which now lives in her quilting room...)

After our pedicures (the main reason for yesterday's outing) when we were driving back to her place I suggested we might <g> want to stop in at 35th Ave.  Unfortunately on Sundays they close at 5:00, so that didn't happen.  But look at all the money we saved....


Margaret had posted a tutorial  (Trillium Design is sharing a really cute "Make it any size you want" fabric basket pattern) so I gave it a try last night.  It's a happy little thing (and isn't  nearly as wonky as it appears in this pic), and I may use it as my demo next week at Foothills.

Getting ready for bed last night I 
stepped on a scorpion in the bedroom. 

The exterminator was just here on Friday, and I had splurged and added the scorpion service (since it was such a mild winter we are expecting a worse-than-usual scorpion crop this summer.)  

Better go eat some protein and get ready for the gym...
because IT'S MONDAY!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Last night was an evening of Mexican Train (with Jeannie, Wanda, Gina, Patricia, Annaliza, and Vicki) and good food; that always makes for a fun evening.  Of course there was also alcohol involved...

FYI - The ladies all loved my Brazen Bluebirds quilt, and I eventually got a quilting pattern picked out for Ruby to use.  Of course I'll post pictures once Ruby has worked her magic - but if you're really curious there is a picture (over on the right) of the top before I added the two borders; just keep scrolling down until you spot it.

Jeannie came up with (yet another) bright idea.

Since we're all going to be 'stuck in town'* over the coming holiday weekend, 

why not get together and sew?  So we will, on Saturday.

*This time last year I was up in Show Low 'camping' with Jan in her RV over the 4th of July weekend.  Now there is a wildfire raging there.

Fire crews are still trying to get a handle on the San Juan wildfire burning in Eastern Arizona.  It's now burned 5,000 acres, and there have been some mandatory evacuations.  As many as ninety structures are now threatened, say fire officials on Saturday.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Need MORE proof?

I cut the yardage for the quilt backing in half - 
and then sewed it back together again right where I cut.

At least the eggs I boiled earlier this afternoon have peeled nicely.  (Sometimes that's not the case with fresh eggs.)  Maybe I can manage to finish up deviling them without encountering problems?

I really enjoyed myself last evening at Janey's in Cave Creek.  The band played out on the back patio, with the desert for a backdrop. 

I got to hear some 'new' songs in their repetoire, like I Want My Dog Back.  Peter said that there's less pressure when they play a small coffee house, which gives them more freedom in what they choose to play.  

The guys have a lot of concert dates coming up (mark your calendars for Pickin' in the Pines in Flagstaff the 2nd weekend in September, folks!) and also will be playing at the Handlebar J this coming Thursday.  So if you're in town...

I didn't get home until 11:30 but did manage to fall asleep without too much trouble (despite the not-Pepsi I drank to get me through the evening!)  When I got up at 3:00 to let the water go it didn't look like we'd gotten our usual complement of water; there really wasn't any in the front yard!  So I guess I'm going to have to water those trees (with the expensive city water) in the coming days.  The forecast for the coming fortnight (sigh) has temps clustering around 110.
July 2014
Jun 29
Sunny and seasonably hot
107° Lo 82°
Hist. Avg.
106° Lo 81°
Sunny and hot
108° Lo 82°
Hist. Avg.
106° Lo 82°
Jul 1
Sunny and hot
111° Lo 82°
Hist. Avg.
107° Lo 82°
Hot with plenty of sunshine
111° Lo 82°
Hist. Avg.
107° Lo 82°
Mostly sunny and hot
110° Lo 87°
Hist. Avg.
107° Lo 82°
Sunshine and very warm
108° Lo 84°
Hist. Avg.
107° Lo 82°
Partly sunny and very warm
110° Lo 88°
Hist. Avg.
107° Lo 83°
Hot with clouds and sun
111° Lo 89°
Hist. Avg.
107° Lo 83°
Turning cloudy
109° Lo 91°
Hist. Avg.
107° Lo 83°
Sunny and hot
110° Lo 88°
Hist. Avg.
107° Lo 83°
Very warm with sunshine
108° Lo 87°
Hist. Avg.
107° Lo 83°
Sunny and very warm
109° Lo 86°
Hist. Avg.
107° Lo 83°
Very warm with sunshine
107° Lo 85°
Hist. Avg.
107° Lo 84°
Sunny and very warm
105° Lo 87°
Hist. Avg.
106° Lo 84°

It was wonderful to sleep in this morning (thank you, Lunesta!)  
I'd tell you what time I opened my eyes this morning.... 

Alex did get the backyard mowed yesterday but Pokey was trying to 'help'.  I had to bring out some lettuce to distract her so she'd quit following Alex (and the mower!) around the yard.  Dogs aren't the only pets that beg...

Tom just called (from Glass Buttes, Oregon) where he's apparently collected 'too much' rock.  Didn't know that was even possible in his universe!?  

He said they've been experiencing cool, rainy weather, so he's 'not too concerned' that the A/C in his truck has recently stopped working.  I gave him our upcoming weather report, and reminded him that he WILL be concerned if he tries to drive home before getting it fixed!

Just talked to Jeannie, and I'd gotten my dates mixed up.

Mexican Train at her house is tonight (for some reason my brain had registered it as last night...) so I get to party with the ladies after all!  That means I'm adding "make deviled eggs" to my agenda for this afternoon.  

And if I really get 
 I'll also make the backing so I can bring my Brazen Bluebirds quilt over for Ruby.  Which means I guess I'd better get off the computer and get started.  

The day isn't getting any younger 
(especially since I slept in until a RIDICULOUS hour!!!!!!!!!!)

Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm off to Cave Creek tonight after all! 

When I commented that I would only be there in spirit, 
Peter offered to pick me up on his way.

 TONIGHT! - The Sonoran Dogs will be preforming at Janey's Cave Creek ($5 at the door)! Show starts around 7:30 - so come on out and enjoy a nice evening in the cool desert with The Dogs! 
  • Bobbi Levy-Dodge Bummed that I can't make it - haven't been able to find a ride up there! But will be there in spirit. 

  • The Sonoran Dogs Hi Bobbi, Let me know if you'd like me to pick you up on my way through Phx at about 6:00 or so

I had a very pleasant dinner with Alex last night.  (It's always nice to have an appreciative diner at the table!)  The menu was grilled salmon, corn-on-the-cob, salad, and honeydew melon.  And I even served dessert: Moo-llennium Crunch.

When I mentioned that I'd found a bunch of peacock feathers recently, he said he has also been finding and collecting them.  His plan is to pop them into a vase for house ornamentation.

During our dinner conversation he told me that his friend Jessica Harris has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  NOT good!  
Her situation sounds pretty bad, and of course the medical bills are also mounting quickly.

Alex goes in to work early on Fridays and Saturdays (I'd forgotten that, which is why I scheduled today's visit from the exterminator for late-afternoon instead of in the morning so as not to disturb his sleep) but then he also gets out early.  So he's planning to mow the back yard when he gets home at 3:30.  Of course it "may" be rather toasty then!

"It always seems hottest about 4 pm .... however, in the summers it's not like it's ever that "cool" regardless of time of day."

But at least he can always jump into the pool and cool off, which is a spectacularly wonderful option to have when doing yardwork in Phoenix in the summer!

He has also volunteered to do the gates on 35th Ave. at 12:45 tonight
(when he will 'probably be up anyway')

but is going to 'let' me get up at 3:00 to let the water go.  He has to be at work at 9:00 Saturday morning, so pulling an all-nighter isn't a good option for him.

I have nothing on for Saturday, so taking something at 3:00 to go back to sleep is an option for me.

  Otherwise Saturday will be a terribly wasted day!

I haven't (yet!) been able to find a ride to Janey's in Cave Creek tonight 
to hear Peter and the band play.  

So I'll probably end up having fun at the monthly Mexican Train game up the street at Jeannie's. And IF I get myself in gear and put the border on the Brazen Bluebird quilt, I could bring that top with me and get some input from the ladies choosing the quilting pattern to have Jeannie use.