Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My computer MAY have just bitten the dust. Rebooting (which I tried several times) has not solved the problem... it's stuck on the ACER home screen. Bottom line: no more pix from the quilt show until it's fixed (or I get a new computer.)

VERY sad phone call from Linda this morning. Elmo, who was just fine yesterday, woke them up early this morning, obviously not feeling well. As he rapidly worsened they decided to head to the vet and be there when it opened, but the little guy died en route. She guesses it was his heart. He was such a sweetie, and we loved dog-sitting for him. Always heart-breaking to lose our little friends, and Linda of course is devastated. 

Jim managed to put me through my paces at the gym this morning, though of course I didn't do anything that would require the use of my arm/shoulder (like using weights during my warm-up.)  And of course all leg exercises were done (one tweaked, another skipped all together) with my broken toe in mind. Yes, I'm a mess - but I did show up and work out!

On the way home I headed north on 35th to drop off a bunch of my books, and some of Patti's, at the library. The sky was so incredibly menacing in that direction that it was like watching an episode on The Weather Channel. And sure enough (anyone surprised?) 30 seconds before I pulled into the parking lot the skies opened up and it flat poured, complete of course with very loud thunder. As I made it to the overhang by the front door a mom was off to get her car, instructing her two little ones (dressed appropriately and adorably in rain gear) to wait there for her, and the little boy (maybe 4yo) announced to me, "I know what that is - funder." And yet when I left the library less than 5 minutes later the skies had cleared and it was barely raining.

Dinner last night was pronounced delicious by all, and afterward Alex and Aja headed over to the back house to get organized, with Tom's help.  Sam and Collin had helped them move most of Aja's stuff out of her second floor apartment and into a storage unit (which sounds like it is packed to the gills) and then stop by just long enough drop off her couch and a few boxes of essentials (like clothes) before Aja had to return the U-Haul to Scottsdale.  The rain (still coming down hard this morning, and by last evening the yard was already under water) had made traffic a mess, so they ended up an hour past the 4:00 deadline to return the truck.  Aja had been on the phone with them several times with a lateness update, and happily the guy there did not charge them extra.

By the time they called me to bring Tyga over, I was amazed at how homey it already looks over there.  

Sam and Collin had returned (Collin was glad to meet me in person after "knowing" me years ago when we all played Clash of Clans in the same clan.)  I brought over "Tom's" chocolate cake (that's it on the counter; the container "may" have been a clue that Tom was stretching the truth a bit?) 

Of course nobody complained, least of all these two happy campers after a very long, hard day's work!

Tyga seemed a bit confused to find "his" couch in a new setting, though the house of course is quite familiar to him.  He did (briefly) check out his own bed, tucked on the floor between the couch and the wall, but obviously prefers the couch.

I ended up reading until midnight (almost finished my current book, a novel that takes place in Oklahoma in the Dustbowl days of the mid-30s) so was not terribly happy to find myself awake a little after 5 this morning.  On the plus side I now have considerable time to post more quilt show pix before I have to think about heading to the gym this morning.  The good news is that my arm and shoulder are still feeling much happier after yesterday's (start of a) fix at the chiropractor. In the interest of letting that muscle heal more  (definitely in MY best interest!) I think it's a legs day!

Now for some more quilt pix from Saturday.  Brenda was the featured quilter, and (no surprise!) her quilts are stunning!  She was at the show, but I did not have the opportunity to meet her.

The quilt on the flyer was hung in front of a large window, 
which backlit it and made it difficult to get a good shot.  

Her Matriology: Yer Mudder Wears RED Underwear, was a hoot!

Basically it's shows the underwear of the times for the women in her family, 
from bloomers to bikini undies.This is her block:

And here are just a few of her many other quilts on display (at least I'm pretty sure all of these are also hers.  I did flit from here to there, snapping away!

I think these two are also part of Brenda's display - though not entirely sure.  While the sun pouring through the window washed out the color, you can still get the idea.

I did visit the vendor room, where PVP had a LOT of quilts, bags, placemats, etc. made by their members and up for sale. (Wish I'd snapped a shot of all the small wall-hangings up for sale!) While I admired many of them, I was actually able to leave without making a single purchase!  (I did, however, bring home a couple of ideas for placemats.)

Back in the main room, items hung in front of the stage were the easiest to photograph because there was room to step back from them:

Of course the smaller entries are always much easier to photograph!

Time for a break; absolutely don't want to piss off my infraspinatus 
by sitting in front of the computer for too long!

Monday, February 27, 2017

I never did make it to the gym yesterday.  Before I put my shoes on I stepped on a sliver of something (obsidian tracked in from the shop?) and by the time I dug it out of my foot I was decidedly late and figured I wasn't meant to go.  

Like so many I watched the Oscars last night, and definitely enjoyed all the digs at our current government (and I use that term loosely!) I also liked the idea to surprise that busload of tourists by "inviting" them to the show.  But the Best Picture snafu at the end was pretty mind-boggling; people are not likely to forget the 2017 Oscars for some time!

Today I saw the chiropractor, and it turns out that the infraspinatus muscle in my back is VERY unhappy; I have quite the massive knot back there. That muscle is connected to a nerve that runs down the arm which explains what has been causing all the pain.  In addition it's pulled on a rib, which is why that shoulder is so off kilter and has been painful to use.

He worked a long time on the knot (which despite very little pressure hurt a lot), and between that and the stim machine I do feel a lot better.  The bad news is that we still don't know what caused it; none of his possible scenarios seem to be things I have done.  In any event today's visit helped a lot, and I've got another appointment set for next Monday. 

Remember that perfect border fabric I found at the quilt store during last weekend's retreat?  I only bought one yard which turns out is not going to be enough, so I contacted them to have them mail me another yard - and there isn't any more of that bolt left at the store!  

Either I'll need to find another fabric to help out, or rethink my border idea.  Crap! 

I got new windshield wipers today (good thing, because it's raining again) and when I walked into the store the young woman behind the counter said, "long time, no see."  I thought she had me confused with someone else, but turned out to be Shelby (who grew up in the house behind us.)  She's around Alex's age, and I haven't seen her in many years; of course she's changed a little! <g>

It's 5:00 and we're still waiting for Alex and Aja to appear.  It's moving day, which is always a hassle to begin with, but of course the rain isn't going to help things any.  At least dinner (an elk roast) will be waiting for them, and it sure smells good!

Never did get around to posting more PVP quilt show pix today.  Tomorrow?

But I did get a number of things accomplished, including making my plane reservations for May.