Sunday, May 29, 2022

 I finished another couple more squares this morning, 

bringing the total to 12.


As usual I was barefoot  ~

so it was very lucky that walking between the sewing machine, cutting table, and design wall I missed stepping on this guy!  

He did a great job of blending into the carpet, but has been 're-located' to the septic tank.

Tom is currently visiting a friend in Idaho, where it's "in the 40s, windy and rainy."  He was invited up to a friend's cabin (where he's had great times over the years) for the weekend, but since it's snowing up there he's very glad he didn't go.

It's definitely not snowing here.

And Brownie and I are off to Sally & Dan's, to visit poolside with Marcela.

 Despite my late start yesterday I worked outside a little over an hour before I needed to come inside and cool off.  I was tempted to get into the pool, because the water does feel warm when I sit by the step and rinse off my feet/legs.  

Of course water 'might' feel different if I actually got all the way in.  I tossed in the thermometer to obtain more objective readings, though haven't actually checked it yet.

Kathy called yesterday needing some advice on binding a quilt, and it was tricky to explain things long-distance.  But as I told her, without Alex here to help me it would no doubt be faster for me to drive there (she lives in Canada...) than to access something on the phone/iPad to 'be' there visually. 

At least I figured out her problem (I think!)

She really did not want to backtrack and rip, and I so understand that feeling!  Also she was "less than thrilled" about my suggestions for adding some extra steps to fix another problem.

I was waiting to hear what she decided to do -

but as I was writing this post this morning she messaged me a photo of the bound quilt.  I attempted to figure out how to save the pic so I could share it here.  Not only did I have no luck doing that - 

but the message itself has totally disappeared.

I did venture outside yesterday afternoon to plant the two pots of Wandering Jew (one for Kathi and one for her mom), and they are currently sitting on the front porch awaiting pick-up.  There was a nice root system started from the stalks sitting in water the past couple of weeks, and of course they will continue to get thorough waterings as they adjust to their new environment.  

As a bonus I can see their tops from my recliner, a view I am enjoying.    

Once they go to their new homes I will definitely set a pot of something else in that spot (over Tom's objections.)  I miss plants in the house (the lighting is just not good) and do not understand why he doesn't want anything by the window in front of his recliner...

This is how far I got on Mia's blocks yesterday:

This morning I called Rachelle to check on her sanity (the big move for her dad is imminent) and she said that things are going "as well as can be expected."

I also wanted to run an idea past her, which she loved.

Once the baby quilt is completed, instead of mailing it directly to Mia I will mail it to Rachelle instead.  Then she and her dad can deliver it to Mia personally, "in case they need an excuse" <G> for him to visit his great-granddaughter! 

 Now it's time to get off the computer and get some 'real' things done around here.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

I did organize much of fabric on the couch yesterday, so even through it isn't all "disappeared" the pile is much smaller.  After an hour or so I was taking a break from that (outside!) and noticed a big black truck in Alex's driveway.  So of course I went over to check, and a guy was looking at the Razor.  Turned out to be James; it's his 'toy', and it was his boat that lived here for a year or so.  (Usually Alex lets me know when he's not around but someone is coming over.)  

The guys will be going camping next weekend so he needed to check the battery.  Later, Brownie alerted me when James was hooking up his truck to the big trailer that's right outside our fence, and luckily before he tried to drive off I noticed the flat tire on it.

Mary "rescued" me later when she asked if she could swing by. 

It was another silly question, right? 

I got to see her (semi)completed elephant top; it still needs its borders.  It's such a cute pattern, and it turned out great.  Upon inspection Brownie also gave it his stamp of approval ~ and happily he wasn't inclined to lift his leg!  

Mary brought along the Stomp pattern for me, even though I had stressed that I won't 'need' it until the Fall, and also a couple of her extra plastic pots so I can plant some of the requested Wandering Jew for Kathi and her mom.  

Mary's DIL Kathy retired from teaching this week, and now needs to find something else to fill her days.  Apparently her 'dream' would be to work at an elephant sanctuary, which reminded me about the current situation with Happy the elephant.  I learned about it from a segment on NPR, but it was the first Mary had heard about it.

We watched the portion of Columbia - Wild and Free 
with the (always adorable) burrowing owls.

I'm making progress on the blocks for Mia's quilt, 
and it is moving along faster now that I've worked out a system.

Unfortunately it is not a fool-proof system - 
as evidenced by the fact that I still had to do some frog-stitching. 

Tom checked in last evening.  He's done collecting rocks, reporting that it was a reasonably successful trip despite the nippy temps and overcast skies that make it impossible to see any fire.  He is now at Carlo's in Idaho, where the plan is to relax and spend a week or so fishing.

Brownie and I took a leisurely walk around the neighborhood this morning, and had a nice visit with Chewy.  His 'dad' was also in the yard, and I learned that Chewy was a rescue found dumped in a box by the side of the road (and guessed to be only six weeks old) twelve years ago. 

I'm getting a late start (9:00) this morning to my outside work, but hope to accomplish some serious hedge trimming.  I'll just have to see how far I get before the heat sends me back inside.

And maybe I'll have to intercept Pokey again when she's rearranging furniture...

Friday, May 27, 2022

 Puttered outside (up too early) and took care of a fairly long list of quick things.  As a bonus I got to say 'Good Morning' to Alex when Uber arrived out front to shuttle him to the airport.  (Yesterday he had declined my offer to do that, when this trip came up.)  

He's flying to CA (for a 'stay' of just hours) because they couldn't find anyone there who is qualified/available to drive the Penske a 40-mile hop from Point A to Point B today for an event this weekend.  

We both found it pretty absurd... 

Tom sent me this photo from Oregon, where he's rock collecting.

I sent him back a couple of my pix from here: the weeded strip out front and the mucked sewing area.  HE was impressed!

Everything on today's agenda is sewing related (at least so far... unless someone rescues me with a 'better' offer!)  Not only to I plan to sort and stash the numerous piles of fabric on the couch (wouldn't Alex be surprised by that when he gets back later today if I accomplish it), but during breaks from that chore I want to whip up a bunch more blocks for Mia's quilt.

Since it's only 8:00, with the entire day ahead of me, I have no excuse, right?

Thursday, May 26, 2022

 Alex called from Vegas Tuesday afternoon to let me know he was heading for home, and arrived as predicted around 8:00.  He said he would stop for dinner on the way (and he did, grabbing a burger in Kingman) but still had room for some of the split pea soup I'd been crocking all day (and which I'd been enjoying throughout the afternoon and evening.)  

The afternoon/evening was spent in horror after learning of the Uvalde slaughter of a class of 4th graders. TEN YEARS since Newtown, and despite fact that vast majority of Americans (and majority of NRA members) want sensible gun legislation, still nothing has happened. 

Of course there are the usual idiotic 'solutions' being put forward, like arming teachers.

 Police officers were initially unable to stop the gunman who was wearing body armor when he killed 19 children and 2 teachers at Uvalde elementary school, officials say. This is exactly why arming elementary school teachers is folly. If the swat team can’t shoot through some maniac’s body armor, what chance does Mrs. Crabapple down the hall have? Until these weapons of war come with some responsibility attached to them, nothing will change. There is absolutely nothing we can do after a shooting has already happened. Deterrence comes before.

And speaking of hypocrisy...

at the NRA convention, which starts tomorrow, guns will not be allowed.

First thing Wednesday morning Alex checked on baby birds.  They haven't seemed to be very vocal, so I wasn't sure how they were doing.  But they look okay.

On my way to quilting I filled up with gas, and it cost me over $75 for 3/4 tank.  Prices are high everywhere, but for some reason gas in Arizona is higher than in most other states.

At Foothills I finally connected with Ellen (the third time's the charm) so she now has VOS top. Marlys had brought the sewing machine lights we'd all ordered, though I haven't put mine on the machine yet. 

Marlys, Ellen and Carole were making up block kits for the Opportunity quilt.  I love the fabric choices, and look forward to making up a block (or two.)


Barb was there, so I put in a request for a 'spider' baby next time she trims her plant.  Sadly mine (photo from 2014) is no longer with me - and look how tiny the Wandering Jew volunteers were at that point. 

 Kathi wants some Wandering Jew for her mom (who has a green thumb) and wants to try one herself despite her brown thumb.  

Made a quick stop at Winco on the way home, and got more compliments (from strangers) on the  purple/black dress I was wearing.  Several of the ladies at Foothills had commented on it. 

In the afternoon I did a little sewing yesterday on Mia's baby quilt, having figured out a pattern where I don't have to square up the center portions.  'Crisis' averted!

I also started going through stack of quilt books/magazines.  A growing pile of books is slated for donation, plus I ruthlessly tossed ALL the magazines!

Marcela called to let me know that she's coming to town for the holiday weekend, and Plan A was to get together at Sally's on Saturday.  Brownie went with me last year, but his attendance this year depended on how Dan's current back yard construction project (involving cement) progressed.

Tim sent an update Wednesday evening, letting me know he's hoping to locate the motor/pump replacement today; just not sure in which work truck it ended up, and of the crew take those trucks home.  If he can locate it he thought might be able to come by and install it Thursday.

Paola was happy to hear yesterday that we at least had had someone come by to look at the equipment, and said maybe next time she comes to clean the pool Creepy will be running?  

That is definitely MY hope!

Mary is also seeing very slow progress with regard to fixing her current problem.  

Next step is to meet with the surgeon on June 20, and assume at that point they will schedule her surgery.  Obviously there doesn't seem to be any hurry to fix her heart, which I guess is a good thing since means they don't think it's an emergency situation.  Still she isn't going to start feeling better until after her mitral valve is repaired, and so would like that to happen yesterday.

Thursday I got an especially early start to the day.  I'd finally gotten more bird seed yesterday so was able to fill the feeder out front, trimmed another salvia plant since the ones I'd cut back just last week are now full of the bright red flowers the hummers like, and then tackled the lower portions of vitex out back.  I swear it channels bamboo with regard to speed of growth, so the organic can is filling up.  Alex will get to trim the upper portions.

My new trainer, Antoine, had me do a variety of things to see where I am, and was duly impressed with my capabilities.  Now he can set up an actual program, which we'll start next week.  He says he'll be sticking around; we shall see!

Alex (and I) gave Brownie a bath this afternoon so he looks/smells better.  Now if the medicated shampoo would just eradicate his itching!)

My get-together with Marcela this weekend has been moved to Sunday, which is fine; the weather should be somewhat cooler and more pleasant for sitting around the pool.  And Brownie will be able to come; apparently there won't be any wet cement!

I had to do some ripping today, which slowed down my progress ~

but block construction should move along faster now that I've figured out the malfunction.