Monday, August 31, 2020

 Here's a picture from last evening:

I packed up my main suitcase this morning, and it's already stowed in the trunk of the car.  Amazing how much roomier it is back there without the three cases of RockStar I brought up here for Michael!  

As long as I was out there I adjusted the front seat for Brownie's bed tomorrow, and while tidying up I discovered my "missing" second thermorest in the pocket behind his seat.   

Now if I could just find my MIA water bottle koozie!  It doesn't seem to be anywhere in the house, or at the Apple or Party Pools.  I've had it a long time, and will miss it.


But as long as I was up at the Party Pool I took time to enjoy an hour's soak.  Brownie needed to hang out in this new spot because there was already a dog in his usual spot.

(FYI - be sure to notice where Brownie is "theoretically" tethered...)

Katie had usurped Brownie's spot.

Just like Brownie, she was also very interested in the squirrels.

And parked over by John Lennon was the mellowest Aussie, Mobley.

Even when Brownie lunged the full length of his leash (accompanied by ferocious barking) Mobley just stayed put (and silent), apparently wondering what the fuss was about.

Now notice in this picture where Brownie ended up attached to the bench;
that 'original' leg on the left sits off the ground, allowing the leash to free itself!

Enjoyed chatting with Mike and Mick, 
and then once clouds started to obscure the sun I headed back to the house.  

After lunch (more birthday cake!) I dropped off Karen at Elinor's, and didn't quite beat the rain back.  Had planned to drive the loop to measure how far Brownie and I travel on our walks, but didn't feel like getting out in the rain to get a token for the gate.

However a rainy afternoon is a perfect time to read - 
and I would like to finish Juliet before I leave.  

We'll be having an early dinner so we can be ready to Zoom bookclub at 6:30.

 Sunday brunch was scrumptious!  Our menu included a French shortbread (should have taken a picture of it) and a crab fritatta, as well as some pineapple agua fresca to drink.  Pretty sure we all over-ate!

As if the day couldn't get any better, I enjoyed a pre-birthday party in the evening.  My angel food cake (all made from scratch, of course, even the frosting) turned out truly delicious.  We did have to compromise a bit with regard to the candle - which represents decades.  

I even learned that there is a correct way to cut an angel food cake: not with a knife (which always smooshes it) but by using two forks instead.  

Always good to learn something new, right?

Of course some things are more useful than others.... <g>

There were even presents!

Started off my last full day here with a soak in the Apple Pools, where the squirrels were out in full force chattering away as they ran up and down the trees teasing Brownie.

This morning I'll start the packing process -

and if the weather cooperates I'd like to hit the Party Pool this afternoon.

And speaking of weather, 
here's what I have to look forward to when I get home on Wednesday.