Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The hot tub repair man arrived this morning, which is good news.  Unfortunately it needs more than just a tweak, and <sigh> some parts need to be ordered.  I did mention to Tom that I found the perfect new hot tub in Lake Havasu a few weeks ago..... but that idea did not go over very well.  So not sure when this tired old hot tub (which was here when we moved in almost 20 years ago) will be up and running, or how much it's going to cost.  I'm just ready to be soaking already!!!

For lunch today I finished off the last of the still-yummy turkey soup (it was exactly one bowlful) and in a few minutes I'm off to the chiropractor.

Once I get home I need to get organized for tomorrow's holiday party pot luck at Busy Bees.  I'll be picking up Carol (and taking her to the store afterward), and then tomorrow night is Book Club at Cheri's.  Busy day!

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