Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dave & Trisha surprised us this afternoon, 
and we enjoyed a delightful sing-along!

Got to watch more hummer tongues flickering out to lap up nectar during the next feeder refill.  While that was never actually on my bucket list (who'd've thunk?!) it could have been!

In case anyone wonders, their tongues seemed to extend out about 1/4 the length of their beak.  Here's a great video clip!

I am NOT getting tired of feeding the hummers.  And then this afternoon, during the refill, I experienced yet another exciting first.  

While I didn't have the hordes visiting, but instead mostly solo visitors...

I got to see hummingbird tongues!

Also had a doe stroll right past the window, but by the time I grabbed the camera she was just getting ready to hop back over the fence.  I'm guessing she thought there would be "better pickins" in the yard, but that isn't the case.

The hummers slammed down all 4 cups of nectar in the kitchen feeder in under 3 hours!

No rain yet, and morning duties done, so I'm heading up to Party Pool for a dip (and to the scrub the steps before swimming pool drain/clean tomorrow.)

We did need to refill the feeder last night shortly before the dusk:30 frenzy, so there should have been plenty to get the hummers through much of the morning.  However, by 7:30 we were needing to feed them again.  

This time, for the brief time the mega feeder was out of commission for rinsing (yes, we're still bothering with that) and refilling, I tried something different. 

The hummers have not been doing well with the small feeder I tried, even through I checked each of the four feeding stations to make sure none of the ports were clogged.  

FYI my search online of feeders does not bring up ANY pix of that kind, 
so it would seem nobody else has had any luck with them either!

It took all of a second (two at the most) for business to appear, and I barely managed to plant myself in the chair as they were zooming all around me.  First I had one customer at a time...

Then there were two....

and three....

and four (noticing a trend?) 

Obviously word spread quite rapidly -

and shortly after the peanut-butter lid buffet opened its doors (so to speak), there was a mob scene jockeying for position.  However at some point they did seem to realize that there were unlimited seats at the bar, and the fighting and chasing off lessened dramatically.

It didn't take long for Terry to refurbish the large feeder (I had the nectar already made and ready to go) so I truly was only hand-feeding for a few minutes this morning, snapping all these pix. 

It was sure fun!  

We guesstimate that we'll be refilling out back again before lunch, around 11:00.  (Not sure what the feeder situation on the front porch is; that's Steve's domain.)

Monday, July 16, 2018

Mid-afternoon we got real (aka heavy) rain - along with pea-sized hail for possibly ten minutes - all accompanied by the requisite thunder and lightning.  It definitely soaked everything, and created serious puddling.  The hummingbirds seemingly disappeared, and wherever they retreated to during the worst of the storm we hoped they all managed to stay safe from that life-threatening hail! 

Once the hail stopped, and the rain let up some, they came right back.

Cate (and Eileen) came down in the late afternoon, and we enjoyed a wonderful concert.  Cate has an incredible blues voice, and plays the guitar quite well.... especially considering she didn't pick it up until she was in her 50s!

A couple of young fawns (maybe only a couple of weeks old, according to Terry) showed up in the early evening, sans the doe.  We hope the kiddos didn't "get into trouble" for having left where Mama stashed them!