Sunday, December 10, 2017

I finished the Evidence Exam this morning! 

Texted Andy to let him know (and see what a passing score would be.)  I'd forgotten that he's grading on the curve.  So maybe I'll be helping out the rest of the class? <g>

I'm actually feeling pretty confident (at least that I didn't totally bomb it!) but of course won't know for sure until after Andy checks it and I get "official" results. 

I should have put the 25 pages into a manila envelope and had it weighed for postage when I was at the post office on Friday... but of course <sigh> didn't think of that until I was already there and it was too late.  

Popped over to Patti's this morning for a haircut.  My hair had gotten so long it was really bugging me, but now it looks much, much better.

Cesar stopped by this afternoon to see about doing the baseboards.  Sadly the reason he'd been MIA was that his grandfather had died so he'd gone home to Mexico. 

We're still not sure if Dennis is painting Monday or Tuesday, so scheduling a firm date for Cesar is still up in the air - though it should happen this week. At least we did get a couple of boxes out of the garage (he was thrilled with the old lights we took out of the kitchen) and he's also very interested in the recliners that just got relocated to the garage today.  Muck, muck, muck!  

Wanda and I had fun at Modern Quilts yesterday; certainly no surprise there! I restrained myself by only buying one yard of fabric (of this happy cactus print)

and she found two perfect fabrics to coordinate with a panel Mary had gifted her.  These colors figured predominantly in her panel, and she found just the right grunge to go with them.

We looked at the of the display quilts to get some ideas of how to cut up the panel.  Of course whatever she decides (my suggestion was "too easy"!) will turn out wonderful.

After a very filling lunch (I never did eat dinner last night!) we headed up to her daughter Sue's interior decorating store in Carefree.  It was packed with lots of lovely things (though most out of my price range) including several that Wanda had created.  The stunning Sedona quilt (which she and five other very talented ladies created; it has traveled to many shows and captured many, many ribbons) is currently there on display - and for sale. 

IF I could find that basement door Dad used to joke about <g>
I'd head downstairs to print up some money and buy it!

Hoping to make more headway on the Evidence exam today, and of course Tom and I need to empty all the furniture out of the dining room and family room in preparation for Dennis to paint (tomorrow?) 

Then there are several things I must do before heading to California: rebook my hotel reservation for February's quilt retreat (turns out that the "special" price they gave our group is almost twice what is charged for booking online!), order a gift or two for Logan, etc.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Checks we have been anxiously awaiting arrived safely in yesterday's mail, so that's one less thing to worry about... but of course also one more errand to add to Monday's ever-growing list.

Speaking of Monday - that looks like it may be the day Dennis is coming to paint the kitchen, etc (unless his early-morning appointment runs longer than expected, and we get scooted over to Tuesday.)  Of course it means lots of furniture moving on Sunday - and naturally Alex is out of town working. 

I have my re-scheduled chiropractor appointment for Monday,
and also need to pack for Tuesday's flight to California. 

This morning I need to run a few errands, and then am off to Modern Quilts with Wanda, where she's dropping off her red/white top for Jessica to quilt. After we lunch we plan to pop up to Carefree so I can finally (!) get a peek at her daughter's store.

Will try calling Mom (again), and if there's still no answer (maybe she's out playing in the snow?) I can always work on some more of my exam.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Worked on my exam before the gym, and I'm making progress, though as expected the problems with regard to Hearsay have presented me with the most difficulty.

After the gym I headed to the post office, where (not surprisingly) the parking lot was pretty full.  What was surprising was that they actually had every window open, so despite the line I was out of there within 20 minutes.  All packages now in the system and on their way.

Tom and I made a visit to the library; the poor man has run out of things to read - at least until he opens his gifts! On the drive home we saw LOTS of smoke billowing from a house on 35th, but at least the fire department was already there.

Visited Marcie this afternoon (saw lots of progress with their pool and landscaping) and used her AccuQuilt to cut up some of Tom's old jeans for my next jean quilt.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

All went well with today's mammogram and ultrasound -
I got the "all clear" for another year!

FINALLY finished up the placemats, and then got everything wrapped and boxed and ready to take to the post office tomorrow.  

It was windy and cold today, and tonight they're predicting a low of 42 - a temperature we haven't dipped to since February!  Alex is currently in Utah, heading to Colorado, and reports that it's only 16 degrees where he is, so I guess we really can't complain!

Today we received a perishable gift from, so of course I had to unpack it and transfer the contents (which turned out to be steaks) to the freezer.  Strangely there was no card enclosed with it, but since the paperwork did have an order number on it I figured it should be easy enough to find out who to thank.

Despite the (brief) paperwork clearly identifying it as a delivery from, their computers did not recognize that type of order number.  I talked to several different people (moving up the chain of command) and wasted a lot of time on hold - but no one was able to help.

Ultimately I guessed that it was from Andy and Sandy -
and an e-mail to them confirmed my 'suspicions'.

Had hoped to tackle some more of the Evidence exam -
but it's getting late and I'm too tired to think.  

Haven't posted in several days.  In fact yesterday I got an "are you okay?" e-mail, so at least people have missed me. <g>

There's just been lots going on, and (like everyone else this time of year) I seem to be way behind on everything.  Will try to catch up!

Tuesday afternoon Tom and I spent the afternoon in Scottsdale at a lengthy meeting with our tax advisor.  In November we learned that our current financial advisor was closing up shop in early December (thus had virtually no advance warning!) and of course there are looming deadlines, particularly with regard to the IRAs, that need to be met to avoid major tax penalties.

The final exam for EVIDENCE was Tuesday.  Of course I got my copy via e-mail that day, and wasn't constrained by the same 3-hour time limit as the "real" students.  I got about halfway through it Tuesday evening before I set it aside, and never found time to get back to it yesterday - but would like to finish it up before I forget everything!

Wednesday morning was the annual Busy Bee party, so Tuesday night I also needed to "cook" what I'd signed up for: Waldorf Salad.  It was a festive affair, and everyone dressed for the fun; I loved Sharon's Santa headgear!  

Hope everyone noticed the adorable stocking wall-hanging in the background. It was not yet quilted when Louise showed it to me on Sunday as I was dropping off a few things at her house, and in fact I think she mentioned during the party that she was actually finishing up the binding that morning!

Monica, our Queen Bee this year, seemed to like the blocks we gifted her.

Here are the center block and label that Louise made:

The bee blocks that have come in so far are adorable.

Here's the one I made; my background fabric looks like honeycombs.

There were gifts for the Board Members, and also for those who had taught classes.  I was surprised to hear my name called (forgot about my September bag class) and here's what I took home.

The ladies had created some adorable table decorations -

and cute silverware holders.

The mistle-toe exchange was fun to watch.  All the bags had adorable, snuggly socks - and most included other goodies such as foot creams, pedicure sets, toenail polish, etc.

When I got home the new dining table had been delivered, as well as my "marshmallow" recliner. (Pictures later!)  But Cesar had not come to do the baseboards.

Now gotta run - mammogram fun!

Monday, December 4, 2017

My friend Steve passed away on Saturday.  I'm relieved that Marcela currently "has a houseful" there, of family and nearby friends, to help her through these difficult first days; she said "It’s been great stories."

She has asked if I can come out and be with her next week.  So that's the plan.