Monday, February 19, 2018

I was surprised by the early morning rainburst.  It didn't last long, but did give me added impetus to "de-dandelion" another section of the jungle.  At that point the wind wasn't yet blowing, but the day soon turned extremely blustery.  

As the temperature fell I needed to bundle up more, so I changed into the new snuggly fleece top Mom brought me.  (She'd "accidentally" ordered it, not realizing it was very similar to one she already had.)  It fits perfectly, and kept me nice and comfy during today's wintery weather.

We decided not to do the MIM today, guessing it would probably be especially crowded due to both the holiday and the weather.  Instead, we played some Rummikub (Tom and Mom both won games, but not me) and then mid-afternoon visited Marcie and Latina.

Late afternoon I did find time to get the third column of the t-shirt quilt sashed (making progress!) while Mom relaxed with a little reading.  Then after dinner we watched the impressive Ice Dancing finals.  

Of course I basically judge on how much I enjoy the routines, since even with the commentary I can't really evaluate the difficulty of some moves or how deep the edges are.  The choice of music, and the costumes, shouldn't matter - but I have to admit they do affect me.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

It was a lazy morning while Mom and I watched the ice skating that I had taped last weekend.  Once we finished up, after lunch, I was able to delete all those hours of Oly coverage; I certainly wanted to make sure there's enough room to tape tonight's and tomorrow's, when the Ice Dancing will be aired.  At that point we decided it was (finally) time to play some Rummikub. 

But the game was MIA from the game cabinet, even though I knew it had to be there (and so checked a second, and then a third time, even emptying out everything.)  "Just in case", I checked the cabinets to the left and right, but of course as expected the game wasn't in either of those places.  Next Mom and I walked to the back house (she hadn't seen Alex's redecorating efforts yet) and the game wasn't over there either.  So I made a run to Target (a happening place on a Sunday afternoon) for a new set, which (as Mom pointed out) means the old game should turn up shortly.  When Tom came in he looked in the same cabinet(s), and Alex did the same when he showed up.  Just another one of Life's mysteries...

I mended Alex's snowboarding pants, and "as long as I was in the neighborhood" I also reattached the torn pocket of Pauly's jacket.  Still haven't quite finished blind-stitching the sleeve onto Marcie's quilt (worked on that while everyone was still abed this morning) thinking we might wander over today and deliver it.  But we got "busy" <g> and that didn't happen.

We pigged out on dinner (Tom whipped up his signature meal of fried chicken and mashers) in preparation for watching tonight's Ice Dancing.  

Mom arrived yesterday, and despite a snafu with her iPhone (which I hope to get sorted out today) all went smoothly picking her up at the airport.  We got so busy talking and catching up on stuff (both on the drive and once home) that we forgot to let Andy & Sandy know of her safe arrival!

It was only the three of us for dinner (I'd been simmering a batch of spaghetti sauce in the crockpot all day) since Carlo is still under the weather and does not want to pass on whatever he has to Mom, and Alex was at Tyler and Taylor's gender reveal party.  

Alex had kept forgetting to find out when the baby is due, but I had guessed July (since the grandma-to-be made her excited FB announcement in November) and that turned out to be correct.

Like everyone else, Mom approves heartily of the new kitchen - though the tall table/chairs are a bit of a problem.  Since it's taken me a while to get used to them (and I was the one who pushed for the purchase!) I will not be surprised if that turns out to be an issue during her entire visit.

Not sure when Mom actually crashed last night, though she did retire to her room early.  Of course it is a couple of hours later on the East Coast - and traveling is always tiring.  She did 'warn' me that she most likely will laze in bed this morning before appearing. 

I was up a lot during the night, and woke for good this morning quite early.  So I've been up for many hours (it's 8:00 now) and there's still no sign yet from either her or Tom.

Friday, February 16, 2018

While depositing my coffee mug in the kitchen sink this morning (it was still dark) I bumped into the drying rack, sending a glass corning ware loaf pan tumbling onto the unforgiving tile floor.  It promptly shattered, noisily, into a zillion shards that went skittering everywhere the full length and breadth of the kitchen and dining area.  So much for being quiet this morning, after I got 'in trouble' yesterday morning (at 9:40!)

I started sashing the t-shirt quilt, and despite a rookie mistake on the last block (necessitating some dreaded frog-stitching) I did finish the first column of shirts before heading to the gym.  It was a reasonable workout, and I even did some cardio on the stair-stepper afterward.  

Not the most productive afternoon - even tried to take a nap!  But did get the second column sashed, and started on the third.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

I enjoyed a long lunch at the Olive Garden in Casa Grande, catching up with Patti. She looks great, but we both forgot about taking a picture today so I have no 'proof'. 

Neither of us can believe that this spring it will be 50 years since we graduated from high school.

Due to traffic the drive home in the afternoon took half-again as long as the drive there in the morning, despite the fact that I had rain on the drive down and none on the drive home.

Alex had a great couple of days snowboarding in Flag - 

Here he made it over the 'cactus' with no problem, though at one point he did have a run-in with a tree.  As a result he's now sporting a very large bruise on his thigh ... plus I get to repair the resulting hole(s) in his pants.
Wednesday at Foothills I showed off Ami's quilt, and (of course!) the ladies loved it. Ellen gave a demo on selecting fabrics for the Mystery quilt (a different one than the one she did at the retreat) which was quite helpful for the 30 ladies who are going to participate. (No that does not include me because I have way too many other projects I need to work on.)  I've only done one mystery quilt, and probably would have been happier with my finished top if I'd used my "stained glass" focus fabric for a different section of the quilt.

A number of the ladies are also participating in the new UFO challenge.  Instead of just finishing up projects of their choice, they brought in three possibilities (which cannot be a top only needing borders or quilting) yesterday and we got to vote on which one they should attack this year.  Someone asked when the completed project is due, and the answer was October.  At which point I piped up "what year?" - which of course elicited quite a bit of laughter.

Yesterday dawned gray, and basically we had a 'heavy sprinkle' throughout day.  It was quite the dreary day, and in fact once I got home from quilting I changed into my warmest sweatshirt. In the afternoon I received notification that irrigation (ours was scheduled for later today) has been cancelled. That was somewhat surprising since we really haven't really gotten much rain, but more is predicted for today.

Try not to worry, Mom, since I've arranged <g>
for the weather to clear up before your Saturday arrival!  

The house cleaners returned yesterday to spruce up the back house. Alex is snowboarding in Flag for a couple of days (6 inches fell in last 24 hours, making a total of 15" since Monday) and will return to a cleaner house (though I must admit he has been doing a reasonable job on his own these days.)

Last night I watched more Olympic skating - some "live", some taped - and have been disappointed to see virtually every pair falling.  Announcers explained that skaters score more points for attempting difficult moves even if they fall, but personally (not that they care what I think) I'd rather see a clean skate of less difficulty.

I'm off to Casa Grande today for lunch with high school friend Patti, who is currently visiting Tucson.  Too bad she's scheduled to return home (to the Seattle area) tomorrow, because I know it would have been fun for Mom to see Patti again after 40 years!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My gym session yesterday morning was so-so.  Of course it had been a week since I last stepped foot in there, but didn't help that I just wasn't "into" it.

Before showering I did a bunch of yardwork (mostly raking, getting ready for Thursday's irrigation) and the sun did peek out from the clouds for a bit.   

 I walked up to check on Marcie, who I'm happy to report is doing much better.  In fact she's going to drive to quilting this morning, which means Tom will be able to borrow my car for his dentist appointment; Alex is taking Tom's truck to Flag for a couple of days of snowboarding.  I'm glad he's going to get a little more use out of the season pass I give his each year for his birthday, though this year (for the first time) it doesn't look like he'll get "his" money's worth out of it this season.

Visited with Alex later in the afternoon, and tried my hand at the car soccer game he was playing on line with friends.  It should come as no real surprise to anyone (except him) that I wasn't the least bit adept at it.   He also solved the mystery of why I was having difficulty locating my queue on the Netflix app I had managed to load onto the new iPad earlier in the day... that option doesn't exist since the app is only for streaming.

I have been binging on Doc Martin (currently watching the 4th season) and had recommended it to Marcie.  She's only watched the first episode, but loved it and appreciated me turning her onto it.

For dinner last night Carlo grilled up quail, pheasant, and chicken.  Tom made the garlic Brussel sprouts and mashers after I peeled and diced the largest potatoes I've ever seen from the bucket of spuds Carlo brought from Idaho; just 3 filled our big soup pot to the brim!

Yesterday we watched Oly figure skating - some I'd taped, some "live" last night - and half-pipe snowboarding.  Alex prefers the downhill over the half-pipe, but it was still impressive.

Another good night's sleep (YAY!) until 6:00!  Guess I'd better get ready for my day.