Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone is able to spend the day with family and friends!  Most of us are likely to be eating (MORE than!) our fill today, and for  that fact alone we are luckier than so many around the world.  

For all the additional blessings in my life I am also grateful.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I tried to sync up my new phone today with the Bluetooth in the car.  (Alex had agreed to do it, but when it hadn't happened after one request and one reminder I wanted to avoid the Nag Mode.) Despite following the directions and making numerous tries, it's probably no surprise to anyone that it didn't work. 

Each time I enabled the Discover Mode (which apparently only lasts for 3 minutes) I still kept getting a "no device found" message.  So during my errand loop I stopped in at our neighborhood Verizon store for help, where unfortunately it was quite busy.  Every agent was already with a customer, and I didn't want to wait.  (Last time I was there the place was empty!) 

When Alex got back from lunch he went out to the garage and (naturally) got the phone to sync up, but when he called me out there to show me how to make an outgoing call (naturally) it didn't want to work.  After 4 tries I did not want to deal with the aggravation any more.  When technology doesn't work it drives me nuts, and I fully admit that I have no patience with it. 

Alex, of course, does not understand my frustration.

I was much happier when Latina (and Marcie) stopped by and we hung out in the backyard.  Marcie approved of the colors in the jellyrolls that had arrived in today's mail, and Latina had fun dragging one of the (wrapped) rolls around. 

Pokey was more interested in the cauliflower scraps that Marcie had brought for her (and Latina nibbled on her leftovers.)

Tried something new last night. But though I fell asleep early, I woke up at 10:30 and unfortunately remained quite awake.  Tried a couple more things, but wasn't able to fall back asleep until sometime after 2:30.

I'd like to get Monday's class (and the reading for it) done today, and of course have to finish up the tabouli (chop the cilantro, cukes, and tomatoes) for tomorrow.  My list of phone calls includes one to Spencer's to arrange for the installation of the stove and dishwasher (ideally on Dec. 1) and I also need to arrange for someone to look at the hot tub next week.  Maybe I can get everything done before my 2:00 appointment with Luisa. 

Later in the afternoon I expect a visit from Marcie and Latina, who have been making us their destination on their daily afternoon walks.  Though we live just a handful of properties away, it's definitely exercise for her tiny little legs which can only walk so fast.  But after less than a week of the regimen she's definitely getting the hang of being walked on a leash.

Our regular pool guy was just here, and I talked with him about the gate.  While he wasn't the one who left it open last cycle (a temp replacement was) I figured it didn't hurt to let him know what had happened.   Surprisingly he says he's never actually seen Pokey, but since we're rather early on his schedule I assume she's still been in bed.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Wanda stopped by to deliver the chocolate-pecan dessert - which is not likely to last long here!  She also brought along the heart blocks she won to get my opinion on sashing/borders.  I'm always happy to offer opinions!

Marcie and Latina took their afternoon walk up here.  As they came up the driveway a sizeable flock of birds in the front yard swooshed up, really scaring little Latina.  (She was braver with the chicks, who were out in the Back 40 with Alex and Stephanie.)

Despite adjusting the dial in the hot tub this morning, when I checked this afternoon the temp had risen to 120!  Sounds like a thermostat issue, but until someone can deal with it we've turned it off.  I already miss my hot water!  Though sometimes, like today, it feels like I'm always in hot water...

We have a window!  It's not finished (maybe next week?) but is absolutely a major improvement over the boarded-up hole!

We had pizza tonight with Alex and Stephanie.  (Who ever thought there could be too many toppings loaded on? But that was the consensus!)  Tom is off to a Brand X (jazz fusion) concert and I'm going to crawl into bed and read.

Hot tub was WAY too hot this morning (about 115?!) so I wasn't able to soak, just take a brief dip for a couple of minutes. 

Certainly I had not moved the dial from where it had been since Saturday, and Tom and Alex know not to touch it (severe penalties!)

I'm wondering what the issue is?  <sigh> In any event I did nudge the dial down. When I check the temperature later this afternoon I certainly hope the temperature is once again 'just ducky'!

Chatted briefly with the fellows who were loading up the old fridge and dishwasher onto their trailer around 7:30 this morning.  They were glad to get them, and we're equally happy to have them gone.  Knew they wouldn't last long out by the street!

Time for breakfast and getting ready for the gym.  Need to work doubly hard today (in theory, anyway!) since I won't be going in on Friday.

Other things on today's agenda (in addition to 'supervising' Bill's work installing the kitchen window) is to catch up on reading for class, where we're still plowing through all the 803 Hearsay Exceptions.  Wednesday night's lecture did include a brief mention of the time, many years ago, when Andy represented Mom and Dad in a jury trial when they sued an RV company for not honoring the warranty on a lemon they had recently purchased.  Andy did win that case for them (and as a result, is "still welcome at family functions") despite being "somewhat green".   The reason he mentioned that case is that his inexperience resulted in him not making full use of the 803(5) hearsay exception to use Mom's travel diary from that trip, which naturally had thoroughly documented all their trials and tribulations with the RV.

Monday, November 20, 2017


After the chiropractor I headed for Winco, but as long as I was in the neighborhood I stopped in at the cabinet place to see if they had a date for our counter top install.  Kenny made a call, and James called me back shortly with the good news: we will be getting our granite counter tops on Wednesday, November 29.  YAY!

This evening I called Bill to let him know about that (because he needs to texture the drywall below the window before then) and he's going to come over tomorrow.  More progress!

I got all my grocery shopping done, and think we're pretty well set for Lisa & Logan's visit on Friday. However I was surprised (and disappointed) to see a sign at Winco's entrance that they are going to be open on Thanksgiving!  While I understand the need for medical and emergency personnel to work on holidays, it seems to me that everyone else should have the opportunity to send time with family instead of working.  IMHO there is no need for a grocery store to be open when people have had plenty of notice (ya think?) that Thanksgiving is coming.  If they have forgotten to buy something, maybe they should just do without it?  Actually talked with the store manager to voice my disappointment about making people work on the holiday... and don't even get me started on retailers who can't wait for Black Friday, and are open on Thanksgiving.  THIS is what I want to see:

Dropped off the stool at Marcie's, admired the progress she's making on her latest quilt, and ended up staying for lunch - yummy soup.  While I was there the pool store called to let me know the hot tub filter was in, so I popped over to get that.

This afternoon Alex and Benny hauled the old frig off the back porch (will make for a much nicer view through that window when it's installed tomorrow) and deposited it out by the street.  Currently it's our bulk trash time, and since people are cruising the neighborhood to see what goodies they can find I expect it to disappear shortly.  At least I hope so! (Paul never called back, even though I left him a voice message, and then a few days later a text.)  

STUNNING sunset tonight; it looked like the entire sky was on fire!

We ended up going out to dinner with Alex instead of staying in.  Now I really have lots of leftovers for tomorrow night!

I was busy "attending" class yesterday morning when Patti called with a thread emergency. (What? You've never had one of those?) She's trying to get six gifts done (the cloth bowls that go in the microwave so you don't have to handle the hot bowl getting it out) before they fly to Michigan on Tuesday.  Though she was in the home stretch, she was in danger of running out of the 100% cotton thread (no doubt she has plenty of "regular" thread) and wondered if I had any.  Of course - that's all I have (and in lots and lots and lots of pretty colors!) So I saved her a schlep over to JoAnn's, and she gave me a break from my studying!

I 'managed' several soaks in the hot tub yesterday, and I'm happy to report that the dirt that show up while we were refilling it (maybe it had been hiding inside the jets?) had all been taken care of by the filter.  Could be interesting to see how gunked up they are when we take the filters out (today?) and clean them off.

Bill called yesterday, and I assumed it was to set a time for his arrival to install the kitchen window. 

However <sigh> it turned out that he had double-booked Monday, so we are in a holding pattern.  The window may - or may not! - get installed before Lisa and Logan's visit.

There were only three of us at Boot Camp yesterday; two of the regulars had surgery and will be down for the count for a while, and none of the others showed up either.  With the hubbub of the holidays - people traveling or having company - we may remain a smaller-than-usual group for a while.  A small group wouldn't be bad - except that while virtually all of us are "of an age", one is a very fit and athletic young woman in her mid-20s.  Need I say more?  While I'm not competing against anyone but myself, and joke that I'm there to make everyone else look good, it is a tad discouraging to work out next to her!  For example, she can plank indefinitely, while I'm just getting to the point where (sometimes!) I can do it for a count of 20... but definitely do feel like I'm dying!

Marcie and Latina came over in the afternoon to look at the quilt pix from Wednesday, and also to check out the two stools I offered to loan.  The taller one should work just fine for grandson Silas' visit next month when he will definitely need a boost to reach the sink when it's time for him to brush his teeth.

Dinner at Touch of Thai, and we brought home enough leftovers for a rerun tonight!  

Will be nice to eat in for a change!

I got another good night's sleep since I didn't read too long after I got into bed at 9:00, but more importantly also went back to sleep after my nightly bathroom trek.  (Guess I was tired from trying to find the NJ airport with Myra on our way to Hawaii? Where do these dreams come from?!)

I see the chiropractor later this morning, and then need to do my grocery shop for Thanksgiving (luckily we're only tasked with bringing a few easy things) and also what we need to have on hand for Lisa & Logan's visit on Friday.  No doubt the store will be busy since everyone who didn't have to shop over the weekend will likely be there today.  Hope I don't end up in line behind this woman!

Yesterday I finished last Monday's class (and most of its reading) so I just have Wednesday's to catch up on today.  The good news is that despite the length of the various Hearsay Rules (and some of them run PAGES long!) I am feeling much more confident about them (unlike some of the students in class.)  A few times I felt like shouting out the answer to a student from whom Andy was having difficulty eliciting an answer.  And for some reason <g> he never calls on me in class...