Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Yesterday morning I put together 10 batches of pictures from my Maryland trip (no, that's still not all of them...) and e-mailed them to ten family members. I do realize that not everyone checks their e-mail every day (and it's also entirely possible that some of the recipients weren't even interested in pix of my vacation with some of their extended family?) but here it is, more than 24 hours later, and only two people have acknowledged them.

Took it a tad easier at the gym yesterday (because pretty much the only exercise I got for the previous three weeks was rushing for trains, and bending my elbow during meals) and as a result don't seem any-the-worse-for-wear today. Afterward I stopped in at Winco, and filled my basket with fruits and veggies and a few other essentials. 

I knew that Alex had gotten home from the EDC festival in Vegas sometime Monday night because his car was parked out back.  He slept most of the day (possibly for the first time since he left?) and appeared late afternoon.  This year he had an Artist's Pass, courtesy of Rockstar, which gave him full access everywhere, including backstage where all the DJs/musicians were hanging out.  Not only did he get to rub elbows with a lot of big names, but there was free food and drink!

I invited Alex to dinner, where my plan was to BBQ chicken on the grill; that sounded good to him.  Too bad I ran out of propane and had to finish up in the oven.  Originally he thought he would be around for a week or so after EDC, but now they want him to fly to Atlanta tomorrow (I will probably shuttle him to the airport early in the morning), and after that to Ohio.  He wasn't sure of his schedule after that, but doesn't think he'll make it back home, just head straight into his mad summer schedule. 

Wanda didn't catch my cold after our day together on Friday - which made us both happy.  She called last night to give me a Heads Up on the Great American Read on PBS, so I was able to catch all but the first few minutes. I've read the vast majority, about 80%, of the 100 nominated books, and for the most part (with the notable exception of Moby Dick - which is another story, one for which I give full 'credit' to my parents) I can understand the selections.  So many of my favorites made it onto the list, so it's nice that we can vote every day. There are some books on the list I've never heard of - but will add most of them to my reading list!

Today I went to work wielding the electric hedge trimmer.  Same old story: while I got a lot done  (the trimmage totally filled one of the big green cans) and made quite a visible difference, there's still a whole lot more to do.

This afternoon Alex dragged all of the bulk trash out to the street for the upcoming pick up next week.  There are other things it would be helpful to have him do, but obviously he has things to do to get ready to head out of town for an indefinite time.  

Monday, May 21, 2018

It's done!  After all my hard work today <g>
I am SO pleased with how it turned out!

Cindy found the perfect pattern for the quilting, and the gray thread blends well. Mary had come over to check out the Flying Pig studio (she was quite impressed) and even tried her hand at doing some of the basting.

Patti stopped by after work to see the final result (by then I'd trimmed it up, and removed the basting), and she definitely approved.  Last time she'd seen it (during construction) I was having a particularly frustrating time - and she was a big help.

And now I can "play" with some other projects.

At the very end of the last seam of the backing (naturally!)

But at least now I'm

So I'm a happy camper!

After I got the last border on the t-shirt quilt, I still needed to make the backing.  I thought that two pieces would be enough, and the yardage did allow for the necessary extra on the top/bottom. But the quilt is so wide that there was not the required fabric on the sides.  I had just enough left to make a 15" strip to add to one side, though have not yet attached it yet. 

Plenty of time this morning <g> to do that one last seam, because even though I read until almost 11 last night I've been up since 3:30.

Upon her arrival at the park each afternoon, Latina always checks out leftovers from Pokey's salad bar.  Over time she's become less skittish (and more curious) about Pokey, but yesterday was definitely a first!

I think Mary is going to come over to the Flying Pig
and watch "me" quilt this morning.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

STILL on a roll!

Was watching one of the (few) Jeopardy Teacher Tournament episodes that taped.  (Yes, as a matter of fact I did program the DVR to record all first run Jeopardy shows, but then again it is a computer of sorts...)

Final Jeopardy category was Cities In Literature, and the clue was

In "Gone With the Wind", Rhett Butler says this city
named for a monarch "is the South, only intensified"

Of course it was Charleston - and yet none of them got it correct?!  With this recent string of successes, I think I've actually moved into the double-digit category!

And in other wonderful news, it's ready for borders!!!

It's also looking amazingly possible to have that done by 10 am today -
a full 24 hours before tomorrow morning's deadline!

I'm on a roll!

Working on the last of the sashings, I'm watching another taped episode of Jeopardy. The category for Final Jeopardy was Film & War, and the clue was:

The New York premiere of this film was on Thanksgiving,
15 days after the liberation of its title place

Of course it had to be Casablanca (right, Mom?) yet none of them got it!

While I did get some sewing done yesterday (the operative word being some), I still didn't quite finishing sashing the top. 

Mostly I vegged on the couch and watched TV. 

Last night there was a wonderful documentary on PBS about hummingbirds.  I not only learned several more things about them, but also enjoyed a lot of amazing footage.  Watch a clip here:

While I seemed to have slept through the night, this morning I woke up at 4:44, while it was still dark.  On the plus side, I seem to feel considerably better than yesterday.

Of course I 'may' fade some as the day wears on. 
Like so many of us, I don't seem to bounce like I used to!

So my plan is to make a concerted effort to finish the t-shirt top
first thing when I get off the computer. 

While I also have to piece together a backing,
in theory <g> that shouldn't take long at all!