Monday, June 18, 2018

Sunday morning I had some prints of Bailey's quilt printed up for Ann, and they are currently out in the mailbox for today's pickup.  While I was at Walgreens I also found the travel-size sunscreen that Tom needed for his trip.  I scored the last one left in the bin, so it would appear that he's not the sole person who is toting only carry-on luggage.

I gave Mom a call yesterday.  Hadn't heard from her lately, 
though just assumed that she was busy as usual:
"Maybe next week things will slow down.  This is a recording."  

Turns out that she had been sick all week - 
though happily seems to be over the worst of whatever bug laid her low.  

She had received the pix from our trip to see Suzanne in NY last month, 
and of course enjoyed the tangible reminders of our trip.

Yesterday morning I got Bailey's label "corrected" (took three whole stitches to create a hypen…) and then affixed to her quilt, and in the afternoon finished binding the t-shirt quilt!  That quilt still needs its label, but I'm going to consider it (finally!) finished.  Alex and Tom balanced on the couch and held it up for me yesterday so I could take a pic and give it its 15 seconds of fame here:

Our electricity blipped out in the early afternoon yesterday, though just for a few seconds.  Of course it was still enough to set all the clocks flashing (and some of the new appliances were harder to reset than others) but also worrisome to boot.  Our house is old, and thus so is much of the infrastructure. However, a few phone calls to neighbors confirmed that happily it was not our problem to deal with... others had the same brief electrical episode as well, so whatever the issue was it belonged to APS.

Tom and Alex did a little last minute shopping, getting Tom a sun hat for the trip, and also lightweight SPF pants.  Those needed to be hemmed about 3 inches, and guess who got to do that?

  Marcie came over and helped; she's quite a seamstress, having made clothing all her life.  While Tom didn't really care how the pants looked (just that they wouldn't drag in the surf and sand) I got many helpful hints on the process.  Yes she was somewhat stunned and amazed at how clueless I was... and stressed over the process.

The hems actually turned out quite nicely, 
so maybe next time I'll be more confident and relaxed?

I whipped up a traditional Fathers Day feast, grilling steaks (with sides of corn-on-the-cob, ranch beans, potato salad, and melon) and got no complaints from the guys.  

Hopefully it sustained them on their red-eye flight, which left a little after midnight last night.  Not sure if they were able to get much sleep since it was not a direct flight.  Even though the plane was scheduled to make a stop "somewhere" along the way, I don't think they had to actually change planes until they landed in Florida, which was somewhat of a plus.

Tom and I played a couple of games of cribbage in the evening while Alex finished packing.  Despite being quite tired (wasn't even sure if I'd be able to stay awake to see them off around 10, when they left to park the truck at a friend's house near the airport) I won both games.  Then I got a second wind and ended up reading until almost 11 last night.

Tyga is back with me for this week, and actually woke me up at 7:00 this morning (haven't slept in like that in ages!) barking at something.... most likely Pokey.  Here's that "intruder" enjoying some grapes for breakfast today, next to the water bowl that Tyga seems to not be inclined to share with her!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

It was amazingly cool yesterday, with lots of cloud cover.  Some places in the Valley even got rain, though (of course) we didn't. I was a little jealous after friends posted pix of this happening in their neighborhoods.

However it did try to sprinkle here.  I actually felt a drop or two when I was cleaning the pool in the afternoon, but could see no evidence on the pavement or in the water.

My hair, however, showed definite signs of high humidity, 
with some extra "body" to it.... aka frizz.

After some Show & Tell yesterday (Wanda's cheery kid quilt, with prairie points in the blocks, was adorable!) Wanda and Marcie and I had a delicious (and filling) lunch at the Claim Jumper.   In fact I ended up so full that I didn't eat again for the rest of the day!

And I came home with an adorable label for Bailey's quilt - 
thank you, Marcie!  

After I add the hyphen to my name (the happy font didn't have one!) I can sew it onto the quilt, possibly later today. Then it'll be ready to pop into the mail for the birthday girl - after I show off the happy quilt at Busy Bees on Wednesday.  It is actually reasonably rectangular... and would look so if I still had a design wall on which to photograph it!

On the day you were born, the world became a brighter place

This Laurel Burch panel, like all of her fabrics, is happily bright - 
though unfortunately my photo doesn't capture its intense brilliance.

I did take advantage of the cooler weather yesterday to work some more on the binding of the t-shirt quilt, and finally am approaching the finish line.  Just need to round the last corner!  

I don't mind blind-stitching binding most of the time, but it's a lot less fun shvitzing under a quilt during hot weather!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

After the gym yesterday I stopped off at the Flying Pig; I wanted to give Cindy some of the fabric I "rescued" Wednesday to pass along to Denise.  I didn't care where it ended up, and as I was emptying the four bags of my rejects onto the table that morning I realized Denise would most likely appreciate it.  And Cindy said she would.  My reward for that good deed <g> was getting to see a couple of beautiful quilts that the women were working on.

Cindy has a beautiful plant blooming in her yard.  (The color reminds me of our wisteria in Kingman.)  I asked her about it, and she said it's plumbago - and needs shade.  Hers was certainly happy on the north side of their front house.  I actually had my camera with me but didn't realize it (leftover from when I thought I might take some pix of the snakes at the library on Thursday) but here's a generic shot from someone else's yard.

Didn't have to pick up Alex yesterday after all.  Turns out that Paulie had some errand to run on this side of town and dropped him off.  Tyga, of course, was beside himself with joy to have his boy home! 

We got hear all about Alex's wonderful trip,
and see more pix and video clips.  

Alex had met the owner of the venue at Pats Peak, and Tom and I were proud to see the letter that man sent to Rockstar praising Alex and listing specifics of why he was so pleased with him.  

Finally got my Mothers Day dinner at Tokyo Lobby, 
which was as good as I remembered from my first visit in April.


Last night Tom and I started watching The Handmaid's Tale.  (I was surprised to learn that he had read the book.)  Tom bailed during the second episode, which means that when I get the next disc I won't have to wait for the guys to return from their fishing/snorkeling trip in Bimini to continue binging.

Wanda doesn't need to go to 35th Ave. today after all because a friend had the perfect backing in her stash, and neither Marcie nor I "need" anything.  So the three of us are just going to do lunch today at the Claim Jumper and not have to battle the Black Bag crowds.  Wanda is looking forward to seeing Bailey's quilt and the t-shirt quilt - and my nice neat mucked out sewing area "before it gets cluttered again."

Tom and Alex plan to get in the pool today and "test out" their new equipment before the trip.  Their flight leaves a little after midnight tomorrow night.  Hope they can sleep on the plane.  I never have been able to.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tami called this morning, and I'm relieved to report that all is well there.  They've just been out of town every weekend so she's been trying to play catch-up during the week (while working full time.)  I'm hoping that it works for her to meet me in Prescott for the bluegrass festival on June 23 - and then instead of heading right back to Havasu maybe come back here to spend the night and learn how to quilt her table runner the next day.

Got a bit of a late start this morning with my yardwork because first I dealt with yesterday's quilt pix to put on the Foothills site.  I did a whole bunch of raking (though I finally think I see a light at the end of the tunnel!) and filled one of the big green cans before calling it a day in that department.

When I got to the Agave library this afternoon, signs were posted that the reptile program was full.  Apparently people had gotten there an hour early to wait in line for their tickets.  Should have known that it would be crowded.  It was disappointing - but maybe I'll have better luck when they replay the program at the Juniper branch on Monday? 


Marcie invited me over to check out the patterns on her machine; she's going to make up a custom embroidered label for Bailey's quilt.  After I chose one I liked (and also three bright thread colors from her vast collection) I helped her do some ripping on her last batch of blocks.  About the time I she had resewn the strips going the right way, Costco called me to say my glasses were in.  So guess what we did next?

After dinner I finished watching Loving, Vincent (only had about 20 or 25 minutes left to go when I crashed last night) which both of us found quite good.  Unfortunately, there were no subtitles available (strange for a new movie...) but otherwise I'd recommend it. Very creative and well done.

Brought the four bags of fabric to Foothills yesterday, and as expected much of it found new homes.  Helen asked if she could have what was left for Charity, which was fine with me.  That meant so I didn't have to schlep the homeless fabric back home and try again next week at Busy Bees.  

During the meeting I worked on binding Bailey's quilt (and almost finished that up at home later in the afternoon), and both it and the t-shirt quilt got the ladies' approval during Show & Tell.  

Alex called yesterday; he'll be arriving home tomorrow afternoon, and asked if I could pick him up at Paulie's.  Of course.  

And he's promised my long-awaited sushi dinner at Tokyo Lobby for that night. 

He's been having a great time on this job, at mountain biking and dirt biking events.  The guys finished and packed up yesterday, and today are going to do some riding of their own.

in Vermont

in New Hampshire

Wanda needs some backing fabric for a project and invited me to join her in that search (and for lunch?) but of course I can't on Friday.  So she moved the trip to Saturday - which works for me!  Now that I've mucked out my fabric cabinets (and gotten rid of a fair amount of stuff) I do plan to be good at the fabric store...

Hadn't heard back from Tami since I got home from Maryland (had phoned and sent an e-mail) so was getting a little worried.  Then I had a dream about her Monday night, so sent another more "urgent" message Tuesday.  She did text back Wednesday morning , but was heading out the door and said she'd call last night.  Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well by then so we put it off until tonight.  I am a little concerned and hope there isn't anything going on at her end!

Last night Tom and I started watching Loving Vincent.  He hadn't sounded too enthused when I told him what it was about, but he agreed to start it - with the proviso that he might not watch the whole movie.  So it was somewhat surprising that when I got too tired to concentrate (and my eyes kept wanting to close) at 8:30 and opted to finish the movie today, he kept watching!  The artwork, hand-painted by a staff of 100, was impressive, and perfect for the movie.

Last night I dreamed about the hot springs, 
where everyone was enjoying a delightful concert at the Party Pool.

The property looks spiffy since Tom mowed everything yesterday morning, and nice and green since our last irrigation.  Once he's awake (I've been up since 4:30 again) I can do some more raking in the used-to-be-jungle for a finishing touch out there.  I'm hoping that the orchid tree is finally nearing the end of shedding its sharp leaves/pods.

This afternoon there's a snake/reptile program (for kids) at the library  and I thought I'd pop over to return some books then and stay for the fun.  It didn't say who was doing the program, but there's always the chance it's the Reptile Rescue where Mouser went, and he'll be hanging out at the library this afternoon!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Yesterday afternoon I actually got another side of the binding blind-stitched on the t-shirt quilt - until I had to stop because I got too warm with it on my lap.  Too bad it won't be complete for Show & Tell at Foothills later this morning - but I'm pretty sure they'll be able to get the idea!

Up at 4:30 this morning, and got my day started around 5:00.  Tom also got an early start, to do some mowing, so I also played in the yard and did some trimming.  It was delightful outside when I started, but of course that didn't last long.  Yesterday we hit 111, and today it's supposed to reach 113.  Then it'll "cool off".... LOL

Not sure if complaining about the 'summer' heat is allowed 
before June 21st....