Monday, June 26, 2017

Tom made it home last night a little before 11, having driven all the way from Twin Falls.  He was (understandably) quite tired, and didn't want to bother with the cooler of frozen fish (packed in 30# of ice) out in his truck  - until I reminded him how disappointed he'd been about losing his last batch of fish, caught in Rocky Point.  So the cooler did at least make it into the house last night with my help.  That sucker was heavy

This morning the fish got transferred to the freezer, and the ice went into the pool -

where it immediately melted. 

Like I told Estera, it would take massive amounts of ice
to make a difference...

especially now when the pool is likely 90 degrees. A general rule of thumb is that the pool temp is the nighttime "low" - which these days isn't very!

I worked on my jelly roll quilt today while catching up on a bunch of taped Jeopardy shows.  (Tom alternated between going through his accumulated mail, and taking naps.)

One half roll was colorful polka-dot fabrics (bought years ago with Lisa in mind), and the other half roll had the same color palette, so I thought they'd mesh together well.  But I have to say I am not entirely pleased with the way they came together. 

On the plus side, Irene is going to swing by on Friday and pick it up (I do still need to do borders and backing) and then get it back to me all quilted in time to bind it and pop it in the mail for Lisa's birthday before we head off on vacation next month.  Of course I still need an address...

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I stayed in all day (did not even open the door!) and got a fair amount of sewing done while I watched old movies on TCM. I added the sewing machine panels to the spool quilt, and also added white squares to all the jelly roll strips in preparation for Wednesday.  Did not get any mucking or cleaning done, but still felt productive.

In the early evening Tom called from Kingman.  Since "it's too hot to sleep in the truck" he was going to grab a bite to eat and then push on home.

While watching the news tonight it appears that apparently we're in for a "cool down" - their words, not mine - over the next few days.  Sadly it just means temps below 115.
Last night I had a little "adventure" in the middle of the night.  When I reached for the TP I felt a sting on my hand - and even though we don't buy the most expensive TP, somehow <g> that just didn't seem right. So I turned on the light, and sure enough now there was a scorpion on the floor below the TP roll. 

That was my first scorpion sting,
though of course it could have ended up being much worse...

Nothing planned for today, so hope to get some cleaning/mucking done,
along with a bunch of sewing.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

I'm home from a wonderful day in Prescott at the bluegrass festival. 

Since I got there later than planned I had to park farther away than I would have liked - though I did capture a wonderful spot to sit right in front of the stage.  (It may have been vacant because it could have used a little more shade during the morning.)  Since I couldn't find my sun hat this morning before I left I ended up getting a fair amount of sun on my face.  I drank a LOT of water throughout the day, but possibly still not enough since Nature only called once! 

There were lots of dogs in attendance (and if the festival had been last weekend I would have had Tyga with me) and even a couple of parrots!

I got to hear The Sonoran Dogs play a set at noon, and another one at 3:00.  Really liked one of their new songs (written by Peter?) titled something like "Just Another Dog at the Pound."  

We got irrigation late yesterday afternoon and it went well, at least until it was time to let the water go.  Sometimes I find it quite difficult to open the main gate with all that water pressure against it, and yesterday I really struggled.  First I was worried about putting out my back big time, but when my 'wiggle and rock' method didn't seem to be making any progress I began to think that I might have to call in the cavalry for assistance.  Just about the time I was ready to give up and call zanjero Terry I met with success.

Pokey was definitely enjoying her swim

and was busy flipping water (and mud) up onto her shell.  It was pretty funny to watch!

On the mornings that I workout at the gym I eat oatmeal for breakfast because it's a good source of energy that will stay with me.  But this morning I came across an article that lists a whopping 41 reasons to eat oatmeal.   

In a bit I'm off to Prescott to enjoy the music on the courthouse square.  It should be considerably cooler there than the 115 predicted for here today!  

For a variety of reasons I could not find anyone to go up with me this year (though several friends will be able to join me in Flagstaff in September) so it won't be quite as much fun.  But I'm pretty sure I'll manage!

Friday, June 23, 2017


Seems Tom took my advice not to rush back to the heat and is still up in Idaho; his current plan has him leaving there Sunday and arriving here Monday.

The weather up there definitely sounds so much better than here...!

Yesterday I tweaked something (most likely while raking and sweeping) which made my neck and shoulder rather  unhappy.  When the headache started (and made one eye weep) I called the chiropractor to see if he could squeeze me in - and discovered he's on vacation this week.  So I used my massage machine to loosen the knot, which helped (along with some Tylenol.)  But during this morning's session at the gym I had to stop one exercise when my back objected.  

Perri came over for another Sew Day, and we had another great time.  When I got to the zipper step I realized that I didn't have the right color in my stash, so we took a break and popped over to The Other Quilt Shop - where Sheri had at least 5 different browns to choose from.  Also picked up her Row By Row pattern, which I might actually make.

Marcie took a break from unpacking to pick up her labyrinth quilt at Jeannie's, and then stopped in for a visit. A former seamstress, her handy hints turned out to be a big help with several steps in the purse construction. 

And I finished it!  Pretty sure Marcela will be happy with it, but I'm not going to send it until I can take it to Show & Tell.

A peek at the lining (which have pockets on both sides) 

All of a sudden this morning
my laptop decided it was no longer connected to the internet.

 I was on the phone with tech help at COX for about an hour troubleshooting, and we did finally get it resolved.  I've cancelled the service call she was able to make (for later this afternoon!) when it looked like it might be the splitter.

And as long as I had her on the phone we also addressed the printer issue - so now my laptop talks to the printer again.

Of course there were multiple items in my printing queue from when Alex was trying to get it to print for me - and before I could locate the printer settings to cancel everything lined up and waiting I used up substantial ink printing that same quilt idea over, and over, and over. 

But at least NOW I've got the settings icon on my taskbar,
which should make things easier from now on!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Karl arrived at 7:00 to mow, and since I had already finished catching up on e-mail and FB while I sipped my coffee I decided it was a 'good' time do needed to be done before tomorrow's irrigation.  So I raked the jungle (it does help that's in full shade in the morning) and did a some trimming while it was only <g> 100 degrees outside.  But unfortunately it won't stay that 'cool' for long today...

I've also done some house-cleaning, and the computer room (though probably should rename it since there is no longer a computer living there) is looking pretty spiffy.  Unfortunately (as always) there is no shortage of mucking/cleaning that should be done, though I do have the additional 'motivation' of Tom due to arrive back home tomorrow.

But first I needed to get into the pool to cool off (and rinse off) and maybe swim a few laps.  I'd only done a few when I saw something struggling in the water near the steps.  By its size my first thought was that it was a hummingbird, and of course I immediately rescued it.  

Here's my finger for scale:

Once inside I did a quick search of moths in Arizona, and it appears to be something called a Rustic Sphinx moth.

Manduca rustica, the rustic sphinx, is a moth in the Sphingidae family. The moths in this family are called hawkmoths and the caterpillars are often referred to as hornworms, due to the horn-shaped protuberance found on their posterior end. Hawkmoths are nocturnal visitors of a wide variety of night-blooming flowers, pollinating these flowers while feeding with their long proboscises. It can be easy to mistake these moths for hummingbirds due to their flower visitation, relatively large body size, and fast, agile flying behavior.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This morning at Busy Bees I shared my purse and wall hanging.

Monica brought in her landscape from the recent class.

Donna got a laugh when someone pointed out the mistake in her quilt. 
Do you see it?

(Hint: one B/W 4-patch is turned the wrong way)

A couple from the stack of the colorful charity quilts Peggy brought in

as well as this cute Beads of Courage bag.

This is the purse Sharon had today - love it! 
But then I love all the bags she makes....

Ada is going to be doing a class on this "pole dancer" pattern at the next Sew Day.  I've been wanting to make one since I saw one displayed at Sheri's shop. 

We'll be making one panel, like this.

So yes, I'll be starting yet another project. 
This is why there are so many UFOs living at my house...

Afterward I did pop over to 35th Ave. (gotta use my coupons before they expire, right?) and bumped into Sandy Steele.  While there I picked up the first Row By Row pattern (they became available today.)

On the way home I made a quick stop at Walmart, mostly because tomorrow the guys will be here for the pre-irrigation mow and I needed some cash.  Then spent the rest of the afternoon/evening inside.  Did not watch the news tonight, so don't know what the official temp got to today.  Just know that it's hot, hot, hot!