Thursday, June 1, 2017

Obviously 11:00 is a great time to go to the lab;
I was in and out in about ten minutes!  

Then I picked up a couple of books at the library. I knew another couple should arrive in the next few days, but I was out of reading material so I decided not to wait.  Sure enough, later today I received notice that two more books had arrived.

In the Good News Dept: Terry likes the wall-hanging so much she plans to bid on it at the auction in August. And that was after seeing a pic of only the basic project, before appliqueing or quilting!

I did get the appliqueing done today; my next step will be to get advice from Wanda on the best way to stitch down the hair.

More good news, from Marcie - they finally got their Certificate of Occupancy, which means they now can schedule getting the power turned on. Once that happens (hopefully sooner than the 'usual' three weeks quoted by APS) they can actually move in. Their current house sold just two days after they put it on the market, and is set to close in three weeks. So they need to get moved out by then!

In not-so-good news: Linda and I have been trying to get together since I've been back, and we considered her bringing Zahn over to swim on Saturday. When it turned out that wasn't going to work, we decided on a dinner date at McCallister's, early enough (5:00) so I would be home well before dark.  And even though we scheduled it for tonight (as proved by checking my e-mails), I obviously had Saturday on the brain because that's where I wrote it on the calendar. So I was cluelessly sewing when she texted a little after 5:00 to make sure I wasn't lost, I was pretty embarrassed about my foul-up and offered to zoom right over, but since she was pretty tired (she's been recovering from a bug) she decided we'd just reschedule.

While most people are probably interested in the first game of the NBA Finals tonight, I'm watching the (90th) Scripps Spelling Bee.  So far I have yet to see a familiar word, and of course the words are just going to get harder each round.  (Bana - remember that evening in Ocean City - almost 20 years ago! - when we had to wait to go to dinner because Lisa insisted on watching the entire thing?)  Fun fact: "17 of the last 21 winners have been of Indian descent", and by the time I tuned in all remaining contestants fit that ethnicity. 

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