Saturday, June 24, 2017

We got irrigation late yesterday afternoon and it went well, at least until it was time to let the water go.  Sometimes I find it quite difficult to open the main gate with all that water pressure against it, and yesterday I really struggled.  First I was worried about putting out my back big time, but when my 'wiggle and rock' method didn't seem to be making any progress I began to think that I might have to call in the cavalry for assistance.  Just about the time I was ready to give up and call zanjero Terry I met with success.

Pokey was definitely enjoying her swim

and was busy flipping water (and mud) up onto her shell.  It was pretty funny to watch!

On the mornings that I workout at the gym I eat oatmeal for breakfast because it's a good source of energy that will stay with me.  But this morning I came across an article that lists a whopping 41 reasons to eat oatmeal.   

In a bit I'm off to Prescott to enjoy the music on the courthouse square.  It should be considerably cooler there than the 115 predicted for here today!  

For a variety of reasons I could not find anyone to go up with me this year (though several friends will be able to join me in Flagstaff in September) so it won't be quite as much fun.  But I'm pretty sure I'll manage!

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