Monday, June 12, 2017

Always glad to report a good visit to the dentist.  

It seemed to me that the hygienist didn't have to chip away at the plaque quite so much, and turned out that was not my imagination.  She commented to the dentist how good my third molars (always difficult to keep clean) were, and he told me that whatever I've been doing, my teeth looked better than most of their patients' - so keep doing it!

As I was getting ready to leave there, Colleen called.  She's back from the trip to Disneyland with the grandkids - but instead of getting to rest up after her 'vacation', she has all five grandkids this week.  Since her house is right on the way home from the dentist I stopped in for a bit - and finally remembered to drop off the car booster seat that Aja was getting rid of; it was much appreciated with the extra kids this week!  Also 'borrowed' some polyester thread, in a variety of colors, so now I can get to work on my samples for the mesh bag class.

Stopped in at the nearby dollar store, mainly looking for some toy boats for Zahn's next visit, and also picked up a much shorter Super Soaker that should be a lot easier for him to handle.  In addition I picked up  a few other items, such as envelopes, which I've been needing for some time.

Lunch was yummy leftovers from last night, and afterward I was going to call Estera and set up a swim date for the kiddos now that I'm feeling human again.  But she beat me to it.  They'll be over later this afternoon after nap time finishes up.

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