Sunday, June 18, 2017

Alex called last night to see how I was doing, and reported that (as expected) he and Aja are having a great time at EDC.

Perri came over today and we each made a London City Bag. It took me about 5 hours, but I actually finished it.  Here's the turtle focus fabric I used (and which would make a wonderful stack 'n whack!) 

And here's the finished product, which not only has outside pockets on both sides but also has multiple pockets inside.

Unfortunately when I was struggling to pull everything through the lining gap to turn it right side out I heard a very distressing ripping sound; turns out that the gusset I had struggled with had torn.

Of course that means I have to turn it inside out again <sigh> to fx it... and then reverse the process <double sigh> to again turn it right-side out.  But I am probably going to wait to do that until sometime after Show & Tell at Busy Bees on Wednesday.

And here's the one Perri made:

We had so much fun today (and she really likes my sewing set-up) that we are gong to do it again on Friday.  Since we both have morning commitments we will rendezvous around lunchtime.  (Speaking of lunch, today's was a hit.  I served yummy chicken salad that I made last night, hard-boiled eggs, and cantaloupe & strawberries. See, I can 'cook'.)

Since Perri has another machine at home (her fancy new one has about 1000 decorative stitches!) it made sense for her to leave hers here until Friday instead of schlepping it back and forth. I'm also going to see if Wanda wants to join us then -

It turns out that Marcela and Steve are in town this weekend, and we've made plans for me to swing over to Sally's tomorrow morning (before I have to head to the doctor for my bone density test, and they have to get on the road heading back to California.)  I've been following Steve's progress since his pancreatic cancer diagnosis the end of last year, but it will be really reassuring to see for myself how well he is doing.

Marcie called today - their big move is tomorrow! It would have been nice if they'd been able to do that a couple of months ago as they had hoped (especially considering that tomorrow it will be around 120 degrees!!!) but at least the day has finally come. She wanted to know if I could dog sit Latina during all the commotion.  I really wish I could (and so does Tyga!) but unfortunately I won't be around. 

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