Saturday, June 17, 2017

After the gym yesterday I went grocery shopping.  I always feel (justifiably?) 'proud' when everything in my cart qualifies as healthy.  Last night's dinner was baked tilapia and steamed snow peas.

Other things to feel good about: I actually got my quilting table mucked off yesterday in preparation for tomorrow's bag 'class' with Perri.  

Then last night I dreamed that we sewed at 'her' place (though it bore no resemblance to her actual house) where I experienced all sorts of crises.  Here's hoping things actually go better tomorrow!  I do need to swing over to TOQS today to pick up a little Michael Murphy black (called yesterday to check, and Sheri has a full bolt in stock) and also need a couple of zippers because my stash does not include the correct colors or sizes.

Last evening I binged on the next four episodes of Orphan Black (bummer that each Netflix disk only holds four) so I can mail that back today.  Too bad I can't stream the series... though if that were the case maybe <g> I'd get nothing else done?

Regrettably I did not sleep well last night because I kept waking up to cough out the tickle in my throat.  Haven't taken any meds in the past couple of days, but may have to start up again.  Sigh...

Not only are we in for record-breaking heat, but <SIGH> sadly expected to break the record for the longest streak of days over 115.  Obviously we are going to pay big time for getting to skip cold winter weather.  Who feels sorry for us?

Other woes lately have to do with grabbing pix for my blog.  It used to be that everything shown during a Google search was a JPEG or PNG, which worked fine.  Now all of a sudden everything seems to be a JFIF - which does not work.  Alex tried to help me with the issue, but we did not have much success.  I wonder if this is the result of some sort of copyright issue?

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