Monday, June 19, 2017

SO good to visit with Steve and Marcela this morning!

Although Steve is quite fatigued (and misses his 'before' days: "running around at Mach 3 like his hair is on fire") he is dealing with the current medical nightmare as best he can, and with a smile on his face. 

At least everything 'waited' until Marcela had recovered from the major stroke she had a little over two years ago!  

Steve's hair has started to grow back, but that's not really good news; it's because his platelets are not recovering quickly enough for him to have chemo every other week so they've had cut back to every third week.  Good for his hair, but the down side is that it gives those nasty cancer cells more of a chance to wreak havoc throughout his body.  

Marcela loved my new purse, so I offered to make her one. When I asked about colors/themes, she suggested something Arizona-y, like Kokopelli or lizards.  I should be able to whip up something cute on Friday using these fabrics from my stash.

Perri also has an "order" (from her sister) for one of the purses,
so once again we'll be working on the same project.

I popped home for a quickie lunch (and to give Tyga a chance to water the lawn) before heading to my bone density scan.  Unfortunately I forgot the recycling can was out front and backed right into it, getting its wheel jammed between the bumper and one the exhaust pipes.  Wrestling it free in the heat was not my idea of fun!

After my scan I stopped in at JoAnn's to pick up more fusible fleece and d├ęcor bond so I'll be all ready on Friday, and then popped across Bell Rd. to get more protein powder (I was out) before going to pick up Latina. 

The pooches seemed glad to see each other - but are not cooperating with regard to having their picture taken having fun together.

One day Marcie and Bob may laugh
about moving on one of the hottest days of the decade -

but it certainly isn't funny today... especially since one of the A/C units doesn't seem to be working! 

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