Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Forgot to mention yesterday that I had a little mishap with my rotary cutter, right after I had put in a brand new blade. 

I was sliding the cutter over to rest against the ruler, but (for the first time ever) it "slipped" over the ruler and sliced right through the top of my other hand. 

Sharp as the new blade was, it slid in like the proverbial hot knife through butter - though so sharp it didn't even really hurt.

But my hand bled like a stuck pig. 

Wanda and I debated whether I needed stitches, but since holding the edges of my skin together seemed to do a good job of stemming the flow we just used a whole bunch of band-aids like a butterfly bandage. 

This morning they seem to still be holding quite well so I have no intention of removing them to see what's going on underneath.  Instead I will just leave everything alone so as to give the skin a fighting chance to "meld" itself back together.

Last night I got the rest of the Dopey Dots borders onto the quilt.  So while everyone else is working on their Jelly Roll quilts at Foothill's 'race' this morning, I can show off my top since it will be long gone by the official Reveal at October's meeting.

Afterward, I plan to stop by Mulqueens and see about some extra-wide fabric for the backing.  I do actually have enough of the Dopey Dots fabric, but hate to use it all up.

Last night I was relieved to see that - for the moment at least - Trump(Non)Care is DEAD.

It's my fervent hope that all the Senators get such an earful of complaints from their (justifiably) unhappy constituents when they're back home during the upcoming Fourth of July break that they come back to DC ready to do the right thing. 

It's not like they haven't had years (and years and years!) to figure out something "better" than the current Affordable Care Act with which they're so unhappy!

And (maybe?!) instead of working in secret behind closed doors (!) they decide to accept help from all comers about how to improve ObamaCare.  Remember, 8 years ago Obama asked for input and help from everyone with regard to his plans!!! NOBODY says the current plan is perfect, and any sane person (so maybe that explains it?) would like to improve it... NOT TRASH IT!

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