Wednesday, June 7, 2017

No surprise that I didn't feel well enough to go to the gym yesterday. I rarely cancel, but sometimes I feel like I just have no choice. 

My routine follow-up appointment with the oncologist in the afternoon was just that: 'boring'.  My bloodwork, as usual, was good, so except for the fact that I'm due for my annual bone density test (one of my meds could possible affect that) I'm good-to-go for another six months.

Paul came by to look at the jungle, but as much as the oleanders need to be whacked back he recommends waiting until after the worst of the summer so we don't fry the undergrowth and possibly kill the plants.  I will schedule that once I'm back in September.

Alex joined me for dinner (grilled salmon and rice.) Today he's off to Vegas for a few days with a group of friends to celebrate Cameron's life.  They are going to 'do' the trip he had planned but was ultimately unable to make.

I went to bed early last night, and then slept in this morning. At the risk of jinxing my recovery, I do seem to be feeling somewhat better today, and am coughing less. Not sure if it's due to one (or all three?) of the meds I started on Monday, but I definitely welcome any and all improvement!!!

Also got a call this morning with the results of Monday's chest x-ray. The radiologist deemed it "stable", confirming no pneumonia.

Currently watching CNN where I thought Comey would be testifying before Congress today, though from the countdown clock it appears that he won't be doing that until tomorrow. So far it's been the Intel Chiefs testifying, though they don't seem to be answering much.

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