Monday, June 12, 2017

Linda brought Zahn over yesterday for a morning of "swimming".  Unfortunately, a recent beginner lesson somewhere else has left him absolutely terrified of the water (and he had SO much fun here last summer!) that he screamed bloody murder at just the thought of Linda getting in and holding him in the shallow end.  He did (eventually!) get brave enough to stand on the top step with us, where had a good time playing with various toys like a super squirter.  So there was some progress.  And in even better news, when they were driving home he was jabbering away about wanting to come back today.  So maybe (!) with enough time we can get him over the fear that the instructor caused from that one session?  Sure hope so!

Alex ended up returning from Parker yesterday (most of the group had to leave in order to be back at work today) tired but happy.  (And yes, with a full tank of gas in my car.) 

We went out to dinner, and he suggested Carrabba's since Tom was not around to complain. <g>  I'm glad I remembered that I had a $10 'refund' card because the last time we were there Tom's steak was really not acceptable.

This morning I slipped on some wet tile after my shower, and (after doing quite a St. Vitus Dance) went down fairly hard on my left side.  That buttock (sadly nicely cushioned) took the brunt of the fall, which was also broken by the outside edge of my left wrist.  So that's rather sore, though happily I don't think I did any real damage. But will not be surprised if a bruise shows up. 

Now off to the dentist.


Dentist - get to drive own car

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