Saturday, June 3, 2017

My cough got particularly bad yesterday afternoon/evening, making my lungs ache and my voice try to disappear.  At least the cough doesn't seem to interfere with my sleeping.  And by taking a lunesta when I got up at 1:30 this a.m. I finally 'slept in' this morning until about 5:30.

Tyga hung out here yesterday while Alex and Aja went to the funeral.  When the bunny that's been cruising through the yard lately ran across the deck past the arcadia door (where the pooch was on duty inside surveying his acres), Tyga insisted it was part of his job description to go outside and chase it.  Since he never catches them (and of course this bunny had a very good head start) I let him outside for a little exercise, and he took  off around the corner in hot pursuit.  But before I could make it around the corner, here came the bunny racing back this way from the jungle, obviously in a panic even though there was no sign of Tyga chasing him. 

To my horror the bunny fell into the pool, but happily turned out to be a surprisingly good swimmer.  Unfortunately he could not get up over the lip of the pool and escape, but luckily I had immediately run for the net to scoop him out.  Of course he didn't understand that I wanted to help extricate him from his current predicament, so he was considerably less than cooperative - but on my second try I was able to get him up and out.  He immediately sped off for the gate (and still Tyga hadn't appeared from the jungle, where he was no doubt still conducting a futile search for his prey in the hedge.)   

I'm guessing Peter Rabbit had quite the tale to tell last night!

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