Wednesday, June 14, 2017

At Foothills this morning I showed the hot spring auction quilt. The ladies seemed to like it.

Picked up Linda's packet on resizing blocks (from last month's meeting) since she wasn't feeling well enough to attend today.  I also missed that meeting last month because I was in Maryland, so I might make a copy for myself.

Show & Tell is always the best part of the meeting.

I liked Janie's colorful braid.  She needs to find more of the blue before she can finish it, so I'm going to look in my stash and see if I've got anything close.

This quilt top was made by Joni, and Sharon finished it up.

Jan's applique is quite colorful!

Donna and her husband just celebrated their 50th anniversary - and she offered to share this table runner for anyone else hitting that milestone.

Shortly after I arrived at quilting Estera called to see if she could bring the kids over to swim.  I told her that I wouldn't be there, but she could certainly use the pool anyway.  After the meeting broke up I had to do some grocery shopping, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were still out back - though they were winding down from swimming. 

Pokey had been 'hiding', but I knew where to find her, and coaxed her into view with an apple.  That made everyone happy.

After lunch (ate the other half of last night's sandwich from Jersey Mike's) I made a library run.  This time the book was on the Hold shelf where it was supposed to be. 

On the way home I dropped off the latest batch of spools and coffee tins at Kathi's (they've been in the car and in the way for several days), and the phone was ringing as I was putting the key in the door.  It was Patti, checking to see if I was done running around. 

She wanted to swing by for a visit before she leaves to visit her Mom on Friday. Just as she was coming in the door (when she got a very warm welcome from Tyga) Alex called; he'd dropped off his car for an oil change and needed a ride home.  So I was off while Patti read the article I had for her on acupuncture. Once I got back we did eventually get to catch up on stuff.  When she gets back from Florida she'll have a month before school stuff starts up again, so we're hoping to get in some fun stuff.

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