Thursday, June 22, 2017

Karl arrived at 7:00 to mow, and since I had already finished catching up on e-mail and FB while I sipped my coffee I decided it was a 'good' time do needed to be done before tomorrow's irrigation.  So I raked the jungle (it does help that's in full shade in the morning) and did a some trimming while it was only <g> 100 degrees outside.  But unfortunately it won't stay that 'cool' for long today...

I've also done some house-cleaning, and the computer room (though probably should rename it since there is no longer a computer living there) is looking pretty spiffy.  Unfortunately (as always) there is no shortage of mucking/cleaning that should be done, though I do have the additional 'motivation' of Tom due to arrive back home tomorrow.

But first I needed to get into the pool to cool off (and rinse off) and maybe swim a few laps.  I'd only done a few when I saw something struggling in the water near the steps.  By its size my first thought was that it was a hummingbird, and of course I immediately rescued it.  

Here's my finger for scale:

Once inside I did a quick search of moths in Arizona, and it appears to be something called a Rustic Sphinx moth.

Manduca rustica, the rustic sphinx, is a moth in the Sphingidae family. The moths in this family are called hawkmoths and the caterpillars are often referred to as hornworms, due to the horn-shaped protuberance found on their posterior end. Hawkmoths are nocturnal visitors of a wide variety of night-blooming flowers, pollinating these flowers while feeding with their long proboscises. It can be easy to mistake these moths for hummingbirds due to their flower visitation, relatively large body size, and fast, agile flying behavior.

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