Saturday, June 10, 2017

I did drag myself to the gym yesterday, but it was a very half-assed workout.  Still, better than nothing, right? 

Afterward Jim and I discussed the meal plan, and I discovered that I need to be eating more carbs (though only earlier in the day) to keep my energy up.  I've got the list of fruits/veggies that fit that bill, and picked up a few of them (along with some chicken) afterward at Sprouts yesterday.  Mostly I went because Patti had given me a 'heads up' that they had the golden mangoes (3/$1) so of course I stocked up on those.

Alex made it back from Vegas, not surprisingly <g> quite wiped out since they did not 'waste' any time sleeping.  They had a really, really, really nice place (at the Mirage?) with a huge wrap-around deck and quite the view of the city.

I grilled the chicken while we watched another episode of The Hunt and waited for irrigation.  Unfortunately the water did not appear as scheduled.  Sigh...  At least when I called Terry (the zanjero) he tracked down the issue, which turned out to be that the folks who were supposed to do the gates on 35th Ave. had not.  Double sigh! 

Terry took care of that, but of course it meant that we got our water about an hour later (though still had to release it on time.)  We will be credited $15 for that lost hour (and those folks will be fined.)  But with our high temps we'd really much rather get the water!  The south-facing front yard with our wonderful shade tree is the last to get water so it's definitely a bummer to get less than we expect - and need!!!

Alex "needed" to head off to Parker for the big tube float this weekend.

But he also needs an oil change in his car before he can drive it much of any place.  So I've loaned him my car for the weekend (I have no plans to go anywhere) and do have the use of his BMW in the meantime.  I will need to drive it to the dentist on Monday morning, but otherwise expect it to just sit and chill in the garage until then.

In the SAD NEWS Dept. - I got yet another shock this morning when I was on FB.  Again we have unexpectedly lost another Busy Bee, Pati Cook, from what is assumed to be a heart attack.  I think she was younger than I am, which is always a shock to the system - though she had struggled with weight issues which no doubt stressed her heart.  

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