Friday, June 23, 2017

Yesterday I tweaked something (most likely while raking and sweeping) which made my neck and shoulder rather  unhappy.  When the headache started (and made one eye weep) I called the chiropractor to see if he could squeeze me in - and discovered he's on vacation this week.  So I used my massage machine to loosen the knot, which helped (along with some Tylenol.)  But during this morning's session at the gym I had to stop one exercise when my back objected.  

Perri came over for another Sew Day, and we had another great time.  When I got to the zipper step I realized that I didn't have the right color in my stash, so we took a break and popped over to The Other Quilt Shop - where Sheri had at least 5 different browns to choose from.  Also picked up her Row By Row pattern, which I might actually make.

Marcie took a break from unpacking to pick up her labyrinth quilt at Jeannie's, and then stopped in for a visit. A former seamstress, her handy hints turned out to be a big help with several steps in the purse construction. 

And I finished it!  Pretty sure Marcela will be happy with it, but I'm not going to send it until I can take it to Show & Tell.

A peek at the lining (which have pockets on both sides) 

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