Monday, June 26, 2017

Tom made it home last night a little before 11, having driven all the way from Twin Falls.  He was (understandably) quite tired, and didn't want to bother with the cooler of frozen fish (packed in 30# of ice) out in his truck  - until I reminded him how disappointed he'd been about losing his last batch of fish, caught in Rocky Point.  So the cooler did at least make it into the house last night with my help.  That sucker was heavy

This morning the fish got transferred to the freezer, and the ice went into the pool -

where it immediately melted. 

Like I told Estera, it would take massive amounts of ice
to make a difference...

especially now when the pool is likely 90 degrees. A general rule of thumb is that the pool temp is the nighttime "low" - which these days isn't very!

I worked on my jelly roll quilt today while catching up on a bunch of taped Jeopardy shows.  (Tom alternated between going through his accumulated mail, and taking naps.)

One half roll was colorful polka-dot fabrics (bought years ago with Lisa in mind), and the other half roll had the same color palette, so I thought they'd mesh together well.  But I have to say I am not entirely pleased with the way they came together. 

On the plus side, Irene is going to swing by on Friday and pick it up (I do still need to do borders and backing) and then get it back to me all quilted in time to bind it and pop it in the mail for Lisa's birthday before we head off on vacation next month.  Of course I still need an address...

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