Friday, June 30, 2017

Tom, who suffered through the worst of growing out his hair until it became long enough to contain in a ponytail, decided that he no longer wants the hassles of dealing with long hair.

Here he is today, post-shower and pre-haircut.

And just a little while later, after being shorn.  Now he definitely looks less grubby (his own take was that he was "looking like someone who lived under an overpass") and considerably younger.

When Irene came over to pick up the jelly roll quilt (I should get it back at the Foothills meeting on July 12) she brought along her quilting portfolio.  Marcie, who has been needing a new quilter, was able to break away from the service guys at her house and see pix of some of Irene's handiwork.  And she was so glad she did!

Some of Irene's quilting -

The woman who made this patriotic quilt found (!) the embroidered state blocks.

and Irene spruced up the quilt with this eagle.

It's easier to see her  quilting on the back of this one.

This quilt is not my style, but I do like how she echoed the doilies.

Her hibiscus coordinated wonderfully with the floral fabrics.

Cute Boots

Check out the Monument Valley and Redrock 'landscape'
that she incorporated into this background.

Irene did this dragonfly free-hand to complement the dragonfly fabric.
Too bad Patti didn't get to see this one.

Some of the quilts were just plain cute! 
Did you notice that these plant stems are rickrack?

Adorable bugs for Rodney


The wedding quilt Irene quilted for me wasn't in her portfolio -

but the elephant wall-hanging I made for Andy was!

So many beautiful quilts to admire - we all enjoyed going through her book.

Wanda pretty much got her London City Bag finished this afternoon - but for some reason <sigh> I did not take a picture of it.  Maybe when it's all done....

Perri, who was feeling under the weather today (she brought her oxygen with her) visited and lunched with us, but wasn't up to doing any sewing.  Patti got busy at home and never did make it over.

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  1. I had a great day, bag almost finished but. Ran out of steam by 4:30. I'll get the bag finished today d send a picture. Bobbie was a big help since I had trouble following the directions 😁