Thursday, June 15, 2017

Here are just a few pix from Wanda's trunk show on Tuesday evening.

This is one of her most recent quilts from a class she took.  The background kitty fabric is a crack-up, and wish I'd taken a close-up to share. FYI: I have a (different) pattern from that designer... but it would not be wise to hold your breath waiting for me to get around to it!

This pattern has been on my list for a while. I certainly have plenty of scraps that would work great!  Wanda used polka-dot fabrics, but of course pretty much anything will work.

Hard to go wrong with Kaffe Fasset fabrics...

Photo quilts always make a wonderful gift!

Not 'my' style, but definitely a pretty quilt. 

This is the quilt I borrowed not that long ago to show Carol K (another cat lover) at Busy Bees.  It's usually draped over one of the chairs in her living room where the kitties like to hang out.


Made for a (2011?) Rock 'n Roll challenge - 

This was a Round Robin effort.
Wanda made the center cat and then passed it along.

dramatic Southwest design/colors

Beautiful fabrics - but unfortunately photo doesn't do them justice!

I think this quilt currently graces her bed.

This pic does NOT do her Grand Canyon quilt justice. 
No surprise that I have always drooled over this creation of hers!

Wanda was working on this Two Gray Hills quilt when we were roomies at Quilt Camp in Flagstaff this past winter.  If I'd known she was willing to sell it I would have bid on it first, but somebody else spoke for it before I could.  The good news <g> is that Wanda is willing to make another one for me (despite all the aggravation it seemed to give her.)  In fact it was the gray fabric that had come in for her when we made the recent run to 35th Ave.

Nothing official on my agenda today, so I hope to get some sewing done (after I muck off the table!)

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