Friday, June 2, 2017

Jim keeps racheting up the difficulty of my workouts, which proves I'm making progress.  And I do admit to feeling better, with less back pain.  Since those were my initial goals, I'm pretty happy!

Going grocery shopping after working out (and being hungry) probably isn't the smartest move, except WinCo is basically right next door.  And surprisingly, everything I bought (with the exception of ginger ale) would qualify as healthy food.

I was just finishing up my post-workout smoothie when Alex (and Tyga) showed up.  Since he was hungry he whipped up a chicken/cheese quesadilla. It smelled yummy, and he did offer to make one for me - but I was pretty full after the smoothie and had to pass.

He's got some fun stuff planned while he's home for the month.  Here's what he was up to yesterday, boarding at Bartlett Lake.   It also sounds like he's been making progress on his surfing abilities while he was in California recently.

Alex has a couple of sewing 'jobs' for me (one of which is making up a new bandana for Tyga), which made it easy for me to segue into my list for him.  For starters he changed one of the porch lights that was out, and also cleaned out the basket in the pool since I can never get it closed again.  He did comment on how clean I had gotten the pool this morning.

Sadly later today he's off to a funeral for a good friend's twin brother. 

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