Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Estera and the kids did not make it over yesterday afternoon because Tommy was not cooperating.  This afternoon won't work because Gail will be picking me up for Wanda's trunk show at Nightowls, so we're going to try for Wednesday afternoon.

A lovely bruise by my wrist had appeared this morning (as expected), but otherwise feels fine except when I push on a door.  So I had planned to do upper body at the gym.  However the first time I tried to push at one of the machines, my wrist definitely objected.  No problem - I'd just do a legs workout instead.  The good news is that the leg extension machine usually makes my quads burn, but I got through all 3 sets (at my usual 40#) without the burn.  So we'll be upping the weights next time.

I made (what I thought would be) a quick stop at libe to drop off, but mostly to pick up The Accidental Empress by Allison Pataki (our next Book Club selection) which came in on Saturday. (Sure wish  my branch wasn't closed on Sundays and Mondays.) It wasn't on the shelf (I even checked all the "L" section), and then after I reported it MIA the librarian also checked the "D" section, and in the back, and then the shelves again.  As she said, "It's supposed to be there," - but it wasn't. I needed to go, and they said they'd keep looking.

Got home in time to watch Sessions testify. Pretty much sounded like he was either denying everything, or fell back on, "I don't recall." Guess I'm not really surprised.

This man (with severe amnesia?) is the Attorney General... a top level government position.  What does that say about the current administration?!

Alex dismantled the desktop computer today, giving me lots more usable space on that desk, and then tried to figure out why the printer (again) won't print. Everything seems to be hooked up, and all lights (including the wifi) are on - but after an hour he gave up. I wanted to print up the pattern for my next landscape quilt and have Donna blow it up, but obviously not today.

Alex and I worked on several hedges with the electric trimmer, and (as always) they look a whole lot better after their trim. Even though it's only going to be in the 90s today (though quite hot by the weekend: Friday 112, Saturday 114, and Sunday 117!) it sure felt good to hop into the pool afterward and cool off.

I took the wall-hanging over to the quilt shop, where Sheri "helped" me square it up (okay, she did it for me) and of course it looks much better. Then I took it over to the copy shop to show Donna how 'her' pattern worked up. She was appropriately impressed.

Now that I'm back home I've got an e-mail from the librarian, saying they found the book (and put it on the Hold shelf) and apologizing for the inconvenience. Wonder where it was hiding.

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