Tuesday, June 20, 2017

After dinner last night (I grilled another batch of chicken - though possibly <g> could have just left the meat sitting outside and it still would have cooked?) I took Latina home. 

I had invited Marcie and Mike to join me for dinner, but she'd planned ahead and cooked double the night before so they had leftovers to zap in the microwave. They were on a roll and didn't want to stop unpacking.

  Latina was thrilled to return to her new house and be reunited with her Mom and Dad; it was definitely a stressful day for her yesterday, seeing everything disappearing from the only house she'd known.  I was impressed with how much unpacking and organizing Marcie and Mike had already gotten done.  

And I absolutely LOVE the stunning quilt that graces their bed. 
I think Marcie should enter it in next year's AQG show! 

When I got back home I whipped up the new bandana for Tyga that Aja requested from a (Belvedere vodka) bandana she liked. The tree design is not printed, but 'melted' on (which I hadn't realized at first!) so it didn't take to the iron very well.  (Actually, it took to the iron too well!)  I had a difficult time getting Tgya to pose for a good pic, but since Aja will be picking him up today she can see it up close and personal.

The only thing on my agenda today is the gym this morning, so I should be able to find time to cut out the fabrics for Marcela's Kokopelli purse - and then maybe even get started sewing.

It's supposed to hit 120 today (and possibly again tomorrow?)
so definitely a good time to stay inside whenever possible!

Even Pokey has been hiding from the heat.  Last night I finally spied her out and about, and rewarded her with strawberry tops and cantaloupe rinds.  The past few days she seems to have preferred keeping cool(er!) by remaining in one of her burrows. 

According to the news last night, more people die from heat than from all other weather-related issues (cold, tornadoes, floods, etc.) combined!

I apologize if I laughed at your blizzards this past winter....
so does anyone feel sorry for me now?

No update from Tom (last time I talked to him he had been planning to return home today - until I apprised him of the forecast!) so I assume he has put off his home-coming and is remaining in Idaho until after this week's heat wave!

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