Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wanda's trunk show last night was wonderful.  Of course I had seen many of her gorgeous jackets and quilts already at her house, but there were also some 'new' ones to admire.  Maybe <g> later today after I get home from Foothills I'll get the pix transferred from the camera to the computer?  

I was surprised at how many familiar faces I saw last night - possibly as many as a dozen.   Night Owls is a large group (over 100 members?) and there is a lot of talent represented - but just the fact that they meet in the evening makes it "not for me"...

I sat next to Perri (and Cheri), and we've set a date (Sunday) to finally work on the London bag.  She's been wanting to whip up a new one because hers (which I've always loved) is well worn, and I "need" one. Choosing which fabrics from my stash to use should be fun!!! 

Our original plan was to sew at her house, but I found out when I got home last night that I will be dog-sitting for Tyga starting tomorrow when Alex and Aja blast off for the mammoth EDC music festival in Vegas.  Obviously I cannot leave Tyga out in the backyard all day even with all our shade (temps are projected to hit 117 Sunday) so I'm hoping that Perri will agree to schlep her stuff over here!

Yesterday I mentioned the bruise on my left wrist (which already seems to have faded some by this morning) but neglected to mention the large (and quite dark) one currently adorning my left "cheek" on the spot that obviously took the brunt of my fall Monday morning.   The excellent news is that when I landed on the unforgiving tile after my little dance I (somehow!!!) managed NOT hurt my back.  And for that I am very, very grateful!


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