Thursday, June 8, 2017

Currently watching Comey testify.  For some reason yesterday morning I woke up thinking it was Thursday, obviously a tad befuddled from feeling so crappy for so long.

Once I realized it was Wednesday, I also realized that Book Club would be that evening.  So I managed a quick trip to the store for strawberries and cantaloupe to "cook" for my contribution for the evening.  We had a smaller than usual group last night (maybe others have caught the crud that's going around?) but still managed a good discussion about America's First Daughter.  However since I read it back in early April (and have read several books since then) some of the details were fuzzy.

Yesterday I felt better (though that is a relative term) than I had for quite some time, and certainly hope that trend continues. Besides watching TV and napping a lot I haven't gotten much of anything done, and am definitely looking forward to being productive again.

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