Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I should have realized that my band-aids would not make it through this morning's shower unscathed.  The good news is that the slice seems to have stayed closed after yesterday's bandage "construction", with no sign of infection. 

I re-bandaged it myself, and hope that my singular handiwork holds
until my next shower.

Even though I wasn't going to participate in this morning's jelly roll race at Foothills, I popped in to take a few pix for the website.  Did bring in my completed top to show, and Laura liked my connecting squares so much that she decided to do the same thing on hers.

Next I swung by Mulqueen's to check out their stash of extra-wide fabrics for the backing, and discovered that they had totally rearranged the store (yesterday!)  Despite their numerous bolts of extra-wide, running almost the entire length of the back wall, I did not find anything I liked - until I checked out the sale rack, where I found something in a 'regular' bolt which I think coordinates perfectly -

because not only do the bolts of fabric create "stripes" which mimic the jelly roll strips, but also the fabrics are polka dots!

I also picked up a copy of their Row By Row of an eagle in flight - what a stunning block!!!  Wish I'd snapped a pic, but unfortunately my camera was out in the car... and I wasn't inclined to make a trip out to the parking lot for it even though it's 'only' going to be about 108 today. So I'm stuck with a lesser-quality pic from the pattern itself.

Next I decided to stop in at the Quilted Country Bear store just for their Row By Row - but where I found the perfect backing for my spool quilt.

So of course I bought it!

Shortly after I arrived home Alex and Tyga stopped in for a visit (and to pick up his package.) He shared some more pix of yesterday's swim with Tyga. You KNOW it's hot when Tyga willingly goes swimming!

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