Thursday, June 29, 2017

Alex and I went for a swim yesterday afternoon while Tom was busy making dinner - though Tyga was less enthusiastic about the water <g> than the pix from the previous day's fun at Stevie's would seem to indicate.

Aja shared more pics from that pool party:

The dinner party last night (with Wanda, Alex, and Aja) was wonderful

We all raved about everything (the fried walleye was beyond delicious, and I think the zucchini & squash dish Tom whipped up was the best I'd ever tasted), and pretty sure we all ate way too much - but it was so tasty none of us wanted to stop eating! 

Aside from setting the table and tossing the salad (my contributions) it was all Tom's doing - though I did have the 'honor' <g> of cleaning up the greasy mess afterward.  But it was definitely worth it!

Tyga was busy enjoying his own treats
so we were spared his sad puppy dog eyes during dinner.

After dinner (when the kids left to pick up Alex's car) Tom and Wanda enjoyed reminiscing about their time in wonderful Bisbee some 50 (!) years ago, when Wanda was raising her family there and Tom was in the army and stationed at Ft. Huachuca. 

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  1. The evening was wonderful, Tom did a fantastic job with the fish fry. I'm so grateful to have such special friends.